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    Who is your absolute favorite character from a television show or movie (visual media, specifically).
    Why do you like them so much?
    How are they characterized without being able to read how they are feeling and what they're thinking?
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    In any one of his forms, I adore The Doctor. 3 actors playing one character in completely different ways.

    He's the only character that I've come across who can pull off being so zanny and wacky and just hilarious, then being able to completely switch gears and turn into a serious, and almost sorrowful character. Because his story really is a sad one. And each actor brings a new spin to the character.

    Each actor are very expressive with their faces. Even the most subtle of changes in their expression just tells you a million stories. And following through their stories, you just gain this connection with them. You know exactly what they're thinking, and their past is written in their expression.

    I could say the same about the Doctor's companions, but this is about my favourite character :P
  3. Right NOW, I am absolutely in love with Nick on the New Girl. At first I really liked Jess, cause she is pretty much the kind of character I really love to roleplay, and a drastic over exaggeration of myself. >>; But Nick really grew on me, cause he's just a really amusing grumpy guy. ....I really just adore ALL the characters in that series. XD

    I also like Temperance in Bones. D: It's another character type I really enjoy playing, so it's fun watching it on TV. The little quirkiness is what gets me.
  4. I've stopped watching TV and movies pretty much all together, for some reason or another. I just haven't much felt like watching them. But my favorite characters are the ones who go through the biggest changes. Like, they're a total asshole and go through some event that changes them into a better person.

    So. Draco Malfoy. Is one of my favoritest characters of all time for this reason.
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    Ever since I first saw the live action movie of Death Note I fell in love with L. (And yes I've seen the anime as well, read some of the manga.) He reminds me of how Sherlock Holmes is currently portrayed in movies and t.v. shows... But yet, he's so different. The guy eats candy 24/7 for god's sake. He is very subtle and doesn't let people know how he's feeling unless it's for strategic purposes, and yet the sacrifices he makes are so dramatic and flashly.

    I dunno, I think I just have a love for the quiet, awkward, but extremely brilliant characters. XDD *fan girl squeal*

  6. Do animated films count? If so, Joseph Korso from Titan A.E. I love his expressions, the way that he really does move like he has combat training, his little gestures and the way he holds things. That movie was masterfully made, but Korso is definitely the gem for me. Oh, I also love his array of bad shirts.
  7. I am torn between choosing Kyon from the Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi and Lelouch Lamperouge from Code Geass. I love Kyon because of his hilarious narration, and because of the fact that he seems to be the only one capable of retaining his sanity in the sea of insanity and shenanigans. He makes for a hell of a narrator, not to mention that he is an excellent viewpont characters. He is also very easy to identify with as he seems to be the only one who is normal from the cast of the show.

    Lelouch Lamperouge because he is a magnificent bastard of an anti-hero who rarely lets his emotions to get the better of him and almost literally plays chess with the whole world at one point. He can be logical and cold, he is not afraid to take the steps to change the world, even going as far as creating his own rebellion. He does extremely well on the field of war, but even though he has so many seemingly negative qualities, he can be identified with.
  8. Doctor House! He's such a boss! He has flaws, which every good character needs, and he overcomes most of them one way or another. He is very good at what he does, he's witty, intelligent, and funny. His rather abrasive personality is somehow charming and I simply can't think of a reason to hate him.
  9. Simple.


    Marvin. He's so grossly perfect all the way down into his little bitty diodes. Or very big diodes. Whichever you choose. He's so paranoid, sarcastic, depressed, and moody, all by being very witty and important. Torturous, isn't it, Marvin?

    My favorite lines had to be:

    Zaphod: "Marvin. You saved our lives."
    Marvin: "I know. Wretched, isn't it?"


    "Not that anyone cares what I say, but the Restaurant is on the other end of the universe."

    Marvin is absolutely magnificent. You have no other choice but to understand him. He reeks of depression and bluntness. Real men do exist.