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  1. I'm pretty sure we all have characters we can relate to on an emotional level. It's probably one of the reasons why we roleplay. What are some of your choices and why do you relate to those characters? Here are some of mine:


    Elsa from Frozen: I'm pretty sure everyone has heard about why many people can relate to Elsa in some way or another due to Frozen's well-deserved popularity. To explain why I love her so much would be quite redundant but I might as well say it anyways. Frozen came out several months after my mother's death and I was still reeling from depression and loneliness and Elsa's behavior was very similar to mine. To me, Anna represented the people that were trying to get me to open up and I was pushing them away just like Elsa did to her. When I heard Elsa sing Let It Go for the first time, it literally brought me to tears because I could relate to the song so much. Basically Elsa's struggles are very similar to mine and I highly relate to her on an emotional level. I'm glad Disney created an amazing woman like this!


    Mulan: Before Elsa came along, Mulan was pretty much the only Disney Princess I could relate to the most. Nothing against the other Princesses of course. Just like her, I didn't fit in very well with my peers and was more of a tomboy. I was even teased and made fun of for it. Reflection is definitely a song that sings to me. Ironically, I was also in the military (National Guard to be more precise) and in between drills, I would work out while listening to I'll Make A Man Out Of You. Sadly I was medically discharged from reception due to having anemia. In a nutshell, I relate to Mulan because we're both tomboyish outcasts who don't belong in this cold, shitty world.


    Chloe Price from Life Is Strange: After playing this game for a straight week, I've come to the conclusion that Chloe is my favorite character from said game. I relate to Chloe for many reasons. She's a Pisces like me (her birthday is March 11th and mine is March 2nd) for starters! The major connection I have with her is that we both lost our fathers at a young age which lead to our lives becoming shit since then and we pretty much dealt with it in the same way. Except I'm not as wild and rebellious as Chloe of course. I feel her pain and her issues and I also love her style of clothing which I wish I could rock as well as she does. In short, Chloe is relatable to me because we've dealt with the same things and had the same reactions to them.
  2. As a kid I really loved Belle from Beauty and the Beast, because she was a nerd and a bookworm with dreams much bigger than were practically feasible for her, and people talked shit about her dad and she wasn't interested in boys and she just rocked her own thing anyway <3
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  3. [​IMG]

    Eddard Stark I relate to not in any real strong way, cause I could never relate to the burdens of running a Kingdom of anything. But rather I relate to him as a man who tries his best to uphold and stay true is his morals and code of honour, when so many others are quick to resort to manipulation or just simply breaking their own codes when it suits them. And the pressures of having to stick true to something when few others seem willing to do the same.

    I'll add some others when I think of them.
    Right now I'm drawing a blank though.
  4. Shirou Emiya.
    I want to help others like he does... I know that it will drive me to ruin... However I don't give a fuck about that. It's not a concern of mine. I'll add more later... So sleepy...
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  5. To all well-constructed tsundere characters like Kagami Hiiragi. I totally get the feeling of wanting to express a genuine feeling, but projecting something else out of the fear that the genuine article is unwanted, inappropriate, or completely impossible to articulate.
  6. Pretty much my current set, which is Handsome Jack.

    Which probably sounds fucked up at first, but really, the guy is more sympathetic than I initially thought, plus we are both very self-centered and find our own brand of twisted, dark humour funny to ourselves. So yeah I somewhat relate to him.

    Kingpin - I know, I know, a Villain, sue me. When you see your home become a breeding ground of puss, scum and bile, and you just want to help make it great again? Yeah, I understand and agree with him, but not on his methods. Though, if I was in his shoes? I'd probably do the same, probably with less emotional outbursts though.

    Megatron - see the above, same reasons.

    Quan Chi - The guy just wants to toy with people and plot nefarious shit. I can dig that.
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  7. [​IMG]


    Shirou Emiya, Fate/Stay Night (top)

    Ruby Rose, RWBY (bottom)

    Because being an idealist is awesome. Being a badass is better.

    And who's heart didn't melt just a little bit when Ruby replied, "Well...that's why we're here. To make [the world] better."
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  8. Cause sometimes you gotta say 'fuck risks lets make a sandwich'.
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  9. [​IMG]

    Twilight Sparkle

    Ok, real talk: this show is seriously good at making complex and relatable characters. Nearly all the main characters have some aspect of their personality that I find super-relatable, but Twilight's probably the strongest in that regard -- more specifically the Twilight we've seen in more recent seasons, when the "friendship?? i don't understand???" part of her is pretty much completely gone and she's now very good at the whole friend thing, and cares about her friends a lot. More than that, though, she is a complete workaholic, and constantly takes on even more responsibilities and manages all sorts of different projects even when she really shouldn't be able to. And I feel like this has become especially noticeable after the end of season 3, when -- wait, should I actually give a spoiler warning about this? ...Nah, it's been more than long enough, and no one outside the fandom gives a damn, I'm sure -- when she became a princess. Now here's the thing about this show, for those of you unfamiliar: contrary to what you might expect, the princesses in this show aren't just pretty little things dolled up to sit on a throne and look cute. They have actual responsibilities and actually come across as the ruler of whatever country (or abstract concept) that they're supposed to be the ruler of.

    So when you take the already-workaholic Twilight and give her that kind of responsibility? You get an episode that opens up with her friends finding out that she hasn't slept in several days and that she doesn't want to sleep because there are too many other important things she has to do. Oh, and there's also an episode where she freaks the fuck out because, when making her schedule for the month, she realizes that she didn't leave herself any time to make next month's schedule. ...Yeah, that, that's me...

    But!! Being the "Princess of Friendship", she's also totally devoted to her friends and helping her friends solve their problems (and helping other people solve friendship-problems!), and that is also definitely me. I hate seeing people fight and I hate seeing friendships fall apart, so I'll always try to help people find a solution if I can, and seeing as how Twilight's role has practically always been to solve friendship problems... yeah, there's a lot to relate to, there, as well.

    ...But seriously, it's the whole workaholic thing that I can really relate to. XD
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  10. The closest a character has ever gotten to my personality is Zaeed Massani from Mass Effect.
    Not afraid of violence, operating in a morally grey area, painfully nostalgic, rough around the edges, an above all: a survivor. It's a shame he's treated as a minor character, cause he's the closest to me and with my thinning hair and growing collection of scars, in starting to look like him too.

    Something I enjoy doing is looking at movies and games to find characters similar to me. I've kinda spent a stupid time thinking on this, and here are some of my favorites.

    Captain Gilad Pellaeon, Star Wars: Legends
    I'll admit that I was close to choosing Agent Kallus from Star Wars: Rebels, but it was ultimately Pellaeon who won me over. He's always seen as the more reasonable and humane side of the Galactic Empire, strongly believing in his cause and preferring to value the strength of men over the mystical nature of the Force. A champion of the Old-Guard, and always your best choice for Second-In-Command, Pellaeon really fits me as a character.

    General Tullius, Skyrim.
    I just really like this guy, his actions and attitude during the game almost match mine completely.

    Disney's really hard for me to associate with, but I always felt that if everyone on the site had to represent a Disney character, I'd be that one General guy;
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  11. It's odd but Loki, for a few reasons.

    1. I am the runt of my family of really tall people, seriously all the males in my family are over six feet and the women are well over five feet and I'm stuck at a mere five feet even.

    2. I do love to read and learn about new things.

    3. I have a few genetic "flaws" that set me apart from my family, meaning I'm the only one who has them.

    4. I have an older brother who will do anything to protect me.

    5. You do not want to make me mad because you will regret it.

    So yeah..
  12. Zoe Castillo from Dreamfall: the Longest Journey and its sequel, Dreamfall Chapters:

    Dropped out of college? Check. Broke up with somebody? Double check. Spent a bunch of time just loafing about, figuring out what to do next with my life? Checkaroo! Had nearly every constant in my life thrown out the window or turned upside down in a really short period of time? Pavel Checkov! Picked up the pieces, dusted myself off, and went back to school? Check, please!
    The few things that we don't have in common is that I'm obviously not a girl and I can't dream myself into parallel worlds. I'm also not neck-deep in a secret plot to facefuck reality and I'm not trying to get into my therapist's pants.
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  13. [​IMG]

    Very literally me. I am the panicked toilet gem. Hugging confuses me, and... Gah! Why is your face leaking!? Put that away!
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  14. [​IMG]

    Falls down, gets back up, keeps trying. Falls down, gets back up, keeps trying. Falls down, gets back up, keeps trying.

    Is he perfect? No. He is, in fact, quite fallible. He makes mistakes both on a personal level and in combat that sometimes cost him quite a lot. He pursues discipline but is sometimes over confident. He appreciates beauty, even though it sometimes bewitches him. He sometimes falls, in too much exhaustion or pain to carry on, only to find some reserve of strength, somewhere deep within, that compels him to keep going. He meets many friends, but they come and go in his journey as often as the wind blows, and he spends much of his time alone.

    He is not perfect. He is not all powerful. He has, at times, really severe human flaws.

    Yet he's indomitable. No matter how many times he gets knocked down he just gets back up and keeps going again.

    I can relate to that more than pretty much anything.
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  15. Danny, from "Cats Don't Dance"... I understand and relate to his wanting to fulfill a dream. Also:

    I find Remy's dream I can also relate to. He's much like Danny in that reguard. Two "people" who have dreams, despite all that is set against them. Yes, I can relate to that, given it's taken me 40 years to start fulfilling my own dream of writing a book. Well, it isn't fulfilled... yet. Only now in my life has the "against" part finally been dealt with, so I can now work towards my goal.

    Oh, and also from "Ratatouille":

    ... because I've had food trip memories, myself.
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