Character's Stereotypes Poll

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What is your Character's Stereotype?

  1. 'The Silent One'

    42 vote(s)
  2. 'Bubbly Hyper Type'

    18 vote(s)
  3. 'Cruel & Malicious'

    21 vote(s)
  4. 'The Innocent Cuteness'

    19 vote(s)
  5. 'Smart-Ass'

    42 vote(s)
  6. 'The Weirdo'

    32 vote(s)
  7. 'Mr/Mrs. Perfect'

    6 vote(s)
  8. 'Little Scary Cat or "The Pussy"'

    9 vote(s)
  9. 'Evil Reincarnated'

    10 vote(s)
  10. 'I'm so dark, I'm so Emo'

    8 vote(s)
Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. Everyone plays a character stereotype when they roleplay.

    The characters can be either "The Weird One" or "The Evil Reincarnated"

    What character's stereotype do you play the most and why? Does it has to do with your personality?
  2. In my opinion I always play the innocent and bubbly >.< I think they are close to my personality but sometimes I just exaggerate them in my RPs. I have never play a mean evil one, I just don't know how. I guess I will never be nasty and cruel.
  3. I change my characters every time, but the stereotype I have used most is smart-ass with a little innocent cuteness.
    Then I like to play cruel & Malicious but that's mostly in group role plays or if we play multiple characters in one x one, but if there's only one character in the one x one I'm playing in then I'm often a really nice and innocent person (that can be a little smart-ass)
  4. I try not to make my characters too stereotypical, but sometimes it's fun to do it as well. My 'heart of gold' characters often have to do whatever it takes to survive, like killing and eating their beloved horse so as not to starve. My malicious characters are 100% evil though, to me they seem a little flat.

    In modern based games (highschool and such) I enjoy playing the dark emo stereotype, just for the lol : )
  5. I usually play "Action Girl" but of this list I've had two Bubbly types, both are the happy social butterflies. One is a bit naive in some respects (but not everything), the other is manipulative and will birth the harbinger of the apocalypse.

    I had one Mr. Perfect. He was a lady's man, every guy's buddy, intelligent, outdoorsie, aaaaaaand a complete workaholic who didn't like needing help and would ignore injury or illness until it bedridden him.

    My villains usually fall into the Cruel category. I once had one kill a who bloodline in a city to sow she could do it and keep the population in line.
  6. Your heart of gold characters ... do whatever it takes to survive?
  7. I know right. I thought 'heard of gold' was close to an angel. Majestic, innocent, good hearted
  8. Some how most of my characters turn out to be innocent or cute when I don't mean to. I don't know why! D: *Bangs head against the wall*
  9. You've never put a good character in a situation that was between a rock and a hard place?
  10. Wow, my characters really don't fit any of those. *scratches head* The closest I come is I play somewhat snarky characters, but that's only a surface layer. Normally, my steroetypes end up too boring. I need a character with a lot of dimension. The closest I have is one smart ass, but she's more a hard ass, and one sweet and innocent, but she works for the goddess of sex.

    Also, I play all of those types, but they don't sufficiently describe my specific stereo types. So lemme break it down for ya. >:D

    Common Diana Tropes:

    - Getting Kidnapped
    - Reluctant/Oblivious Romance
    - Mary Sues "Done Right"
    - Princesses

    I probably do the first three of those in EVERY roleplay. It's my "thing". ...I don't do getting kidnapped on purpose. @____@ That just sorta HAPPENED and when someone pointed it out, it became some sort of running gag. Even when -I- try not to put it in a plot, someone else does it to me. It's hilarious.


    - The Quirky "Doesn't Think on this Plane" Weirdo
    - The Cold Bitchy Bitch with a Squishy Center
    - The Totally Normal Girl Next Door
    - The Hopeful Sunshine Sweetness Girl
    - The Typical Angsty Teenager
    - The Respectable Naive Lady
    - The Crazy, But with a Good Reason Crazy Chick
  12. I like playing characters in situations that shake the foundations of their beliefs. You should try it sometime! It's a fun challenge : )
  13. I imagined that they would rather sacrifice themselves. But the idea of eating a horse or sled dog isn't so foreign.

    Now, what about killing and consuming your human companion?
  14. How is it possible to do a Mary Sue "Right"? Anyways, I do not think I have a character type that I play. I tend to run across the whole spectrum as some of my characters are outright jerks, some of them are so polite that they could pass for an ambassador, some of them are good and some of them are evil. I probably have not done every single combination, but chances are I have done most of the character types already.

    However, I tend to make my characters a little bit ambigious in terms of morality. Only few of my characters are unquestionably good or unquestionably evil, but even then, they have valid motivations driving them. Another common theme amongst my characters is they have power, as in, they can make an impact in the plot, and can fight for themselves. Even if they get captured, they will at least resist and try to escape.

    But as for the poll? I have no idea who to choose...
  15. I should have thought of more D: But those were the only one I came up with >:c
  16. Actually, I'll argue that most of my characters are partially Mary-Sues. Since, zero self-bashing, I am not a very good writer, it's easiest to write when drawing from your own personality or from scenarios, themes, and plots you pick up in books. If a character has a little bit of me in it it's so much easier to imagine how they would react or act.
  17. That does not necessarily qualify your character as a Mary Sue, unanun. It is okay to take elements of your personality and put them into your characters, but that only makes them borderline author avatars. For me, a Mary Sue is a character which literally warps the world around herself / himself, as in distorting other characters' personalities, and conviniently solving everything. A Mary Sue is a character whom everybody is supposed to love, but even if she does horrible things, she is excused because "she wasn't herself" or something. A Mary Sue does not feel the consequences of her or his actions, defeats villains with as much as a blink of an eye, not to mention that she is better at everything than the rest of the cast.

    So, in essence, my definition of a Mary Sue is a "perfect" character, who can get away with anything, and the whole world revolves around her or his person.
  18. The Silent One and weirdo probably are closest to my personality. I like playing characters that relate to who I am in a sense, but I also enjoy playing other characters that are complete opposites of me.
  19. Mine is silent one and the smart ass :P I am fairly silent in real life and most of the time when I talk, I'm just being a smart ass.