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    Lenore Matthews
    History: Lenore grew up, in royalty she never had much freedom as a child, so as an adult she became quite rebellious, she has always been adventures and tried to have the most fun. It was hard for her, considering she was always being followed around by her parents or some type of guard. when she turned 18 her parents told her that she could take over the city that her parents ruled or leave it too her brother, she left it too her brother. She is a drinker and dancer, she has never been in love and isn't quite sure what Love is. Lenore was supposed to get married, to a man named Marcus Mcanahey, He was very wealthy and very handsome, but Lenore never had much of an interest for him, he was always very rude and seemed to always order her around. Lenore found herself feeling free when she first left her home, she went straight to a bar, since her parents had never allowed her one, she wanted too see why they were so bad, she had the greatest time, she danced on table tops and had one night stands. She became popular in her town among the towns people, but not among her parents. Her parents saw her one day and acted like they didn't even know her. Lenore didn't care she felt free. Lenore is still a duchess and still lives a very wealthy life, but she lives it freely, carelessly and happily.

    Personality: Lenore is very care-free and laid back, she dose not get mad very easily and when she does, she throws things. She ussualy spends her days drinking, dancing and the such. She loves to go on adventures to different lands and places. she has a secret side though, she is afraid of herself, she is afraid of all of the things she does, the love, the drinking, the dancing, she is terrified of it all.

    Orientation: Lenore is Bi, but it takes a lot for a male to catch her eye

    Fondest memory: "What's that daddy?"
    "That Lenore is a bar, they are awful places and you shall never go too one."
    "Why daddy, they sound like they are having a good time."
    "Because if you do you will get hurt and never be able to leave, you must stay out so that I am able to protect you." Lenore's father smiled at her and held her tightly, kissing her forehead as he set her down.


    Lucinda Fetherhun

    History: When Lucinda was a little girl she had parents that never really cared for her, never paid attention to her, she always was able to run around freely, her parents loved her yes, and kept her healthy, but they never made her stay safe, she was always able to play with "monsters." On her 5th birthday she met a young boy, he was a vampire, he was so beautiful, and so little. he showed her his teeth and she touched them, her finger started to bleed and the boy ran form her, they stayed friends, but the boy never explained why he had ran away that day. They stayed friends until Lucinda turned 17, on her 17th birthday, they went out as a couple and they were walking home after wards and a man walked by them and stabbed Lucinda, trying to steal everything she had. Lucinda fell to the ground losing her blood, The boy, Luther, tried to save her, but he knew that there was no way to save her without turning her, so he did just that, he told her that he loved her and that she was his best friend and that she was going to feel a lot of pain. He bite down on her neck and began to turn her. She turned and went through 3 years of blood lust, Luther helped her along the way, until she was able to control it, Luther died a year later, by an overlord, because he turned her without approval. Lucinda vowed from that day forward to live her life for Luther.

    Personality: Lucinda is nice, yes, but when it comes to her feeding she is ruthless and her evil side comes out, she is a very shy girl and some say that is what is so seductive about her, other say it is er sense of awayness, she always seems so distant, like she is thinking of what is beyond her life.

    Orentation: Lucinda is straight

    Fondest memory:
    "why are your teeth so sharp?"
    "My mom says it is because I am special."
    "Like how special?"
    "I-I don't really know...My name is Luther, what's yours?"
    "Lucinda Fetherhun, can I...Can i touch your teeth?"
    "I-I guess."
    Luther opened his mouth and watched as Lucinda pricked her finger on his tooth he tasted her blood and he felt his eye's go blood shot, his eye's went wide and he snapped his mouth shut. "I-I have to go home now, see you tommrow." Luther left waving good-bye as he went.


    Henry Maximum

    History/Plot idea: Henry is a very kind boy, his father is a principal of an academy that he attends, Henry is loved by almost all of the girls at his school, he is, about his life. The academy he attends is very high class and only accepts the best in the country to attend. Henry lived a very high class life, his parents arranged for him to marry when he was 13, he knows her, but he hates her, she is bossy and very needy, and also extremely jealous of everything and everyone that is not her. Henry has been looking for a girl to call his own and love since he met her, his fathers only demand was that he had to marry her unless he fell in love with another but he never has, but he won't give up.

    Personality: Henry thinks very highly of himself, he is aware that girl swoon over him and he loves it, but he has some what of a temper, he thinks that every girl should like him, especially the ones that he likes, but on occasion's that is not the case. He likes to see girls smile and he loves to be the reason, he has a very big ego.

    Orientation: Straight

    Fondest memory: N/A


    Max Hardy
    History: Max doesn't have much of a history, he grew up in a small town and his parents never really talked to him much after they found out that he liked boys,His mom was happy fr him and supports him, but his dad was a different story, his dad was mad, His dad was also a christian he belive's that gays were sinners and he refused to believe that his son was on. Max is never teased at school but he never really talked too either.

    Personality: Quiet, calm, he is usually drawing or writing, he keeps to himself.

    Orientation: Bi, but leans more towards boys

    Fondest memory" "Hey ma, i need to tell you something."
    "What hun?"
    "I am...well, I like boys and girls...." Max's mom smiled at him.
    "That's great honey."

    SO those are my characters, I hope you guy's like them and want to do a role play with one of them, they would be so happy and I would be too. XD

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