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Characters Looking for Roleplays!!

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Hellion, May 4, 2014.

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  1. So I've decided to come back to Iwaku, and in doing so, I will be looking for a fresh start of meat roleplayers! Wondering, if any of you would like to roleplay with the characters below? Please let me know!

    Green Border = Open for Roleplays
    Red Border = Closed for Roleplays

    I will be constantly updating this with new characters, closing/opening old characters, etc! So even if you don't find something to suit your fancy check back later!

    I also do something called "Requests" which you request a possible outline for a personality/history and I design a character to suit that. Though if you request a character from me, they will not remain exclusive to your roleplay. I will have rights to use them elsewhere if desired.

    Name: Lasky Grant
    Age: 32
    Sexuality: Heterosexual
    Species: Human or Varies on Roleplay
    Type of Roleplays: Mod!Fan, Fantasy, Modern
    Brief Personality: Lasky is somewhat of a sweet classy boy, someone who will always make girls giggle when he goes by them. With that being said, he harbors a deep secret - he is depressed. Almost manically so, to the point that he's gone to drugs as an answer. Regardless his facade works well, and he has hidden his secret for many years now.
    History: It will vary depending on the roleplay, but the gist is that he lost someone close to him (lover, family member, etc..) someone that helped him advance in the world. Now he's deeply depressed.
    Current RPs: n/a

    Name: Emmett Masters
    Age: 36
    Sexuality: Heterosexual
    Species: Human or Varies on Roleplay
    Type of Roleplays: Mod!Fan, Fantasy, Modern, Supernatural
    Brief Personality: Smug, sarcastic, and bitter, he is a man with many levels - true, but most of them are twisted and demented. Bitter and cold, he usually doesn`t care about anything that doesn`t benefit him. He judges people very quickly, and usually as a sense to make them nervous. He is a powerful man, and he knows this, which is probably the worst part of it allé
    History: Raised with only the best things that money could buy Emmett was someone who could never be denied anything that he wanted. With this has come his personality flaws he has now. From royalty to CEO, whatever.
    Current RPs: n/a

    Name: Astrid Jacques
    Age: 27
    Sexuality: Heterosexual-ish?
    Species: Human or Varies on Roleplay
    Type of Roleplays: Mod!Fan, Modern
    Brief Personality: A very stubborn and dominant lady, Astrid carries herself like she's the queen of her own little world. She likes to be in charge and isn't afraid to state her mind even if what she believes is against the norm. Charismatic and sure of her abilities, she is not someone that you want to see in the wrong light. Astrid does not take BS - from anyone.
    History: Used to be beaten when she was a child, she ran away when she was sixteen only be to jumped and raped. She then became pregnant, and ended up losing the child, she has since been very... iffy around men.
    Current RPs: n/a
  2. Emmett seems fascinating... You still interested in a roleplay where you could play him? ^.^
  3. Sure! What kind of setting/time period were you thinking? ^^
  4. I was thinking like a modern supernatural one? He could be a supernatural race and she can be a human?
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