Characters I relate to.

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  1. If you are anything like me, you have many characters for a wide variety of settings. Most of my characters do things I would never do, take chances I may never have the chance to take, and are in situations that I would never be in. However, there are one or two that I find myself able to relate to more than the others.

    SO, My question is.

    Which one of your characters do you most relate to and why?
  2. YOUR MOM.

    Okay, srsly.
    I relate to A LOT of my characters.. <3
    I relate to:

    Zakia from Time Travelin' rp, cuz~
    she is weird. She is okay with this, and she is herself, no matter what. She becomes oblivious to the outside world, and is wrapped in her own sometimes. I can block out a lot and fall into my thoughts, even if people make fun of me. It happens. And, if in a good mood, I can be cheery, even when it is raining with emotional peeps all 'round me.

    "Magical Mouse-chan" from Furpocalypse rp, cuz~
    She is adventurous, spontaneous, and childish most times. She is brave, even if inside she is scared/petrified, and somehow pulls through even the hardest of times. She believes in everything that seems to be of fiction, and will continue to believe in it all even if there are books written against it all. I believe in aliens and fairies, DAMNIT. * ^*
    and magic. <3

    Gillian from The Ballad rp, cuz~
    he's a chill master. I'mma chill master. He can keep the calm in a group with the simple twist of a smile and a touch of his voice in the air. His gestures are gentle, and his posture is relaxed. He takes things with a grain of salt, and keeps an open mind to all around him, people and or topics in general.

    So, yeah.
    I'm a lot of characters. c:
  3. Iliana from Tales of Orenthia: I love fighting to protect people. I'm not the best, may get my ass kicked, but I fought. And thats all that matters. I have people to fight for and with to make the day a better place, and I do that now in reality. Overcoming evil to make lives happier.

    Imala Kepler from Hiigaran Sorrow: Never going down without a fight, dammit. If I have a path set in front of me, I'm going to turn another direction and make my own, no matter if its good or bad. I don't care. I have freedom, choices, and persistence. I'll give up a lot to have what I feel is right.
  4. This was really hard. REALLY HARD. Because almost all of my characters have at least 1 over exaggerated trait that I have, because it gives me something I can understand and relate to in order to help the character grow and develop. O_O Easier to play what you know, right? Otherwise they are all very UNlike me, because I really don't care to play myself in a roleplay. XD

    BUT. After some digging.

    Raven from teen island is probably a lot like real life Diana. She is a normal, everyday, average person with a really weird family, and who ends up in a really weird situation and just... rolls with it. XD That is my life.

    I kinda feel challenge to create a character more like real life me, but... I think I would just end up bored. O___O
  5. After a lot of thinking, and trying to find any other character I relate to as well, I have to reluctantly admit that I'm most like my main Elswen character, Sasha.

    She might be this highly imaginative and talented witch, but when you look at her personality, agh! She has this mentality that she has to do everything herself, not one to ask for help often and if she is in desperate need for help is mad for being "weak". Her family, as she sees them, is very important to her, but she all but runs away from romantic love and dear god she's stubborn about admitting feelings. And if she was ever left alone she'd be a hermit!

    I'm going to headdesk about this for a while now. Why couldn't I've been more like Babs!
  6. Tetsuri from Tales of Orenthia! He is always doing what he can to see others happy. That is something that I do. When someone talks to him, he gives his full attention. He only wants to see true peace for others.

    Tyrs from Passion in the Night! He's often quiet, but talks when needed.
    He can be prince charming, but also doesn't take shit from guys picking on
    or trying to take advantage of the one's he cares about.

  7. I'd have to say, Radd: Spartan#259 from On My Orders. At times I can harsh and unaware, but I will do whatever it takes to save my team. When times are down, I'm always going to pick up the pieces and do what I can.

    Desmond from Dislocation: Yin Yan's Attachment. My rage most likely is my power. Whenever I can channel it, it makes me unstoppable and my highest asset. Because of a friend of mine some time ago, I learned that my element was fire. I'm always looking for a good brawl and someone worthy of a fight. And no matter what, I will NEVER surrender.


  8. Nope. :X Once upon a time I tried to make characters I related to, but then I discovered that they didn't go anywhere in RPs because I'm super non-confrontational. I suppose I've had a string of happy-go-lucky characters recently, but I think that's more because I want to be like them and be stress-free. :X:X *flails under workload*