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  1. Hi guys! I'm Rotenstein. And, uh, these are my characters! 'Course they don't have bios, histories or plots to go with 'em, but I did that so me and my partner could come up with plots specific to the character they'd like me to use! Wow, okay, I am horrible at explaining this shit. But, AGH I would like for a person to choose a character from the ones below, and present me with a character of their own, then we'll come up with our own unique plot and the characters will be easily adapted to it since they didn't have a background beforehand.

    Sooooooo, who wanna roleplay with me? c: Oh, and more characters will definitely be added when I'm not on the phone!

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    Appearance: Drake Yargo-20151001_074934.jpg
    Name: Drake Yargo
    Age: 18
    Gender: Male
    Height: 5'5"
    Personality: Selfless, Charming, Bossy

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    Appearance: 7a5668914883c03e49b17c1ae067e133-20151001_074846.jpg
    Name: Indaga Salixa-Donn
    Age: 23
    Gender: Female
    Height: 5'8"
    Personality: Quiet, Distrustful, Observant

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    Appearance: 12025436_546238498876543_235971267_n.jpg
    Name: Savan Eversworn
    Age: 26
    Gender: Male
    Height: 6'7"
    Personality: Quick-tempered, Stubborn, Detached, Courageous, Loyal

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    Appearance: Xipae Aurem (21) - from Myths of Thalassana.jpg
    Name: Xipae Aurem (Shepay Owrem)
    Age: 19
    Gender: Female
    Height: 5'2"
    Personality: Easygoing, Humorous, Irresponsible, Perverse

    I have more, but I'm way too lazy to post 'em.
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  2. Hello! ^_^ I would love to RP with you.
  3. Alright! Care to message me? ^-^
  4. Hi there, if you're still looking, I would love to role play with you
  5. I might have an idea of you wanna rp with me.
  6. I have an idea that Drake could fit in, if you'll have me. c:
  7. Added two more characters!

    Also, I don't know if anyone was wondering, but I will do Liberteen roleplays. So please tell me if you want to include that in our RP.
  8. I might have a plot idea for Savan. If your interested of course.
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  9. @Crono

    Just send me a PM and we'll work something out!
  10. Long ago, in the golden age of <race>, <kingdom> ruled over the whole world, with wondrous magic and miraculous devices. Under them, great cities and fortresses were built the world over, and kings and princes from distant nations brought gifts and tithes in honor of its ruler, <ruler>. However, as the ages passed, the kingdom became decadent and corrupt. Its sorcerers delved into mysteries and abhorrent practices that should never have been uncovered, and its nobles schemed and plotted and lusted ever after power. In the end, the empire descended into civil war. Brother fought brother, vassal fought lord, entire cities were laid waste, and the horrific monstrosities borne of dark magic were let loose upon the face of the world. For many long lives of men did chaos reign, and the fields were dyed red with the blood of the fallen, and the skies blackened by the wings of ravens and vultures and all creatures that feasted on the flesh of the dead.

    In time, from out of the chaos rose a power, a mighty lord of renown and of honor. His name was <ruler> of <faction>. With an iron fist, he crushed his enemies upon the battlefield, and with his <faction>, he united the <faction> and brought peace upon the lands. A new era of unity and prosperity had come. Cities opened their gates, roads were built, and for a time, it seemed that the wars of the past were finished. But the fortresses and dungeons of old, the deep and dark chambers where ancient black sorceries still dwelt remained.

    Without warning, the peace so dearly bought and paid for with the lives of countless thousands was shattered. The dead rose from their bloody graves, fell creatures of shadow swarmed from the darkening eves of the forests, and once more, the lands were thrown into chaos. The great cities barred their gates. The walls of fortresses bristled with arrows. Plowshares were beaten into swords, and piles of burning carcasses now littered the fields that once grew wheat and barley. In this terrifying new world, where nothing is certain and death could come at any moment, there arose <adventurer title>s. They were champions, hardened veterans of the field who feared neither pain nor death nor magic unknown. With shining shield and bloodstained sword they battled the monsters, and delved into the ancient dungeons in search of lost artifacts with which to stem the tides of enemies. Some, also, fought and delved for treasure and fame, but few could begrudge their efforts, such as they were, and no matter their goals, the monsters were kept at bay.

    Now it is your turn, <adventurer>, to do your part in stemming the tide. Dungeon delving is no easy feat, and raids, though profitable, can often lead only to suffering and whimpering death, or worse. Gather your allies. Choose them wisely. Once you enter, there is no guarantee that you will return...


    Would someone like to help me finish this and then do it with me? It'll be fun! It can be a 1x1, a group RP, you name it. ^.^
  11. Hello there,
    I would love to roleplay with you. We can come up with a plot. I might have a character in mine too. Thank you for you time!
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