Characters and Going to College


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I was chatting with Ocha about a couple of our characters and we got stuck in discussing their college life! Granted, if you're playing a character that never went, or an adult that's way past college... it might not make a big difference.

But it sure does add an extra element of dimension when you think about!

I have THIS LINK which lists Majors and Careers and gives a profile of them. Pretty cool!

When you play college-aged students, do you pick their majors? Do you know whether or not your adult-aged characters went to college and what they studies? Are your high-school aged characters thinking about what they're going to study in college?

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well the only school RP I ever did was more a sci-fi academy, That's the closest to a traditional civilian schooling that any of my characters have gotten, except perhaps the occasional wizard.


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So far, I only have one adult character who went to college, and I added a few details about that in her bio for fluff. My other adult characters did not go to college because it wasn't applicable to the setting.

My one teenage character probably won't survive her childhood and if she does, she'll probably be in jail . . . which is kind of like college for criminals, I suppose.

I work for a university, which gets to be stressful/tedious, so college is usually the last thing I want to think about when I RP. XP


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Most of my characters never attended college - either they didn't get a chance for one reason or another, or they've never heard of one. I -do- have two, however, who attend/have attended college.

The first (and most subsequent) iterations of J.T. the Chaos mage has a degree in advanced mathematics, focusing on Chaos Theory, and Jonathan (he goes by Arclite) is well on his way to a Physics degree.

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The vast majority of my characters have had their educations taught to them via religious institutions. However, that being said a lot of characters are not human beings but rather super natural beings that probably have their own set of rules for upper education.


Most of my characters aren't mentally stable.

The ones that are(or were), and that attend, usually go for medical degrees, or science.
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I guess the only character I can think of who definitely attended college University would be Grant Page, my character from Legacy who's now in the Iwaku Mass RP. Seeing how he was a British doctor at one point, he'll have a doctorate in Medicine at the least.

Oh, and maybe Jackie went to college. Probably a business course of some kind...