Character Zodiac Signs and their Accuracy/Inaccuracy

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  1. Okay, so me and a friend discovered this can be incredibly funny/creepy the other day!

    If your character has a birthdate go and find it; if they don't make one up now BEFORE you look online to see their zodiac signs, etc...

    Got a date picked out? Ok! Now the fun starts.

    1) Find out which sign your character fits under, and then find out what they "should" be acting like according to their birthday here: Link!


    2) If your character is in a romantic relationship (or will be) find out the birthdate and thus the zodiac sign from the other person. Use these two and input them here: Link! Just put in whatever signs they have at the bottom, and see how it "should" happen.

    Feel free to show how your character is "supposed" to act, or what their relationship "should" be like below!

    Using some old, beloved OCs of mine~ I don't really use them for role-playing as they already have stories, partners, etc. Not including all of them.

    Adrien Descartes: November 7th, Scorpio
    Basically 100% true to accuracy, though not with the link you provided so much. This is the link I generally use. This character is over 11 (!!) years old, so I promise that my 11 year old self didn't choose it deliberately! He has changed quite a bit over the years, though he's always been a broody, short-tempered wiener.

    Damian Lewis: April 3rd, Aries
    Weaknesses are mostly on the dot, strengths not so much. "Independent" is really the only trait that matches him. He's a self-involved, pompous, arrogant painter that has extreme trust issues. He's a nice guy if he likes you. Which means the only person he is remotely nice to is Adrien. Hurr hurr.

    Othello Archer: February 21st, Aquarius
    Not accurate at all! He is egotistical, over emotional, profoundly loyal, and has an incredibly low self esteem. Also not what I'd consider a humanitarian. He's been best friends with Dmitri since childhood, and has essentially allowed him to abuse him for most of their adult life because he is so in love with him (where as Dmitri is not so much. I have described him as 90% heterosexual, 10% Othellosexual.)

    Demetrius (Dmitri) Carr: August 10th, Leo
    Kind of accurate. Confident, yes; ambitious, yes, but none of the other positive traits, really. Negative are all pretty on the spot, aside from melodramatic. Dmitri doesn't know how to show emotions. He's also a huge manipulative asshole.

    Helena: July 18th, Cancer
    Positives on the dot, weaknesses not so much. Self-absorbed is the only accurate one. She's a badass pirate who doesn't take shit from anyone. Foul mouthed and passionate.

    Gavin: September 12th, Virgo
    Naaaaap. Guardian angel who suffers from PTSD due to his life as a prostitute and death from syphilis. A pushover, quiet, frightened, 'humanitarian.' A lover, not a fighter.

    Simon McRae: December 19th, Sagittarius
    Not so much. He's a loyal, caring guy, but he's not very bright, and has ended up in a really terrible walk of life. He likes people but scares them off a lot of the time due to his affiliation with gangs. Not what I'd call an optimist.

    Now for relationships...

    Adrien + Damian:
    Very accurate. <3 I can't really say much more than that. Description is perfect.

    Othello + Dmitri:
    Haha. Nope. Couldn't be farther from the truth.

    Gavin + Simon:
    "It’s the security they can give one another once they discover their similar lifestyles. They make a wonderful couple once they can teach one another to look at the world through new eyes. As long as they communicate and appreciate what they can learn, theirs will be a stable and happy relationship."


    I'm also a big nerd and many of my OCs have an assigned tarot card too. Except those I purposefully choose based on character and story!
    Adrien - Death
    Damian - The Emperor
    Othello - The Lovers
    Dmitri - Chariot
    Gavin - Temperance

    And so on and so forth...
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