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    [size=+1]Do you have a typical type of character that you like to play in roleplays? What type of character would that be?

    Do you play this character for any particular reason?
    What do you like about this character?
  2. I enjoy playing a lot of different types of characters, though there is one that I've used again and again, and have been commented on being rather good at writing for.

    That would be the Psychopathic Killer. Able to strike fear into the hardened of men, delivering pain and death for the sheer pleasure of it~ Its quite fun, though placing one in a rp is difficult, considering you need to be careful about who is ok with what.
  3. I do not think that I have a precise character type as I play many characters with their own unique personalities, quirks strengths and weaknesses, but if there is something common in them, is that nearly all of my characters are experiments. They are created to see if I can handle a certain character type properly, or if I have to do some more research to make them believable. My characters also tend to be universally smart and I do not like dumb characters unless they are ridiculously so, and are played for comedy. If there is one character I absolutely love to write though, it is the Insane Psychopath Maniac Who Kills Without a second thought, but, for obvious reasons, I do not use those too much.
  4. ... Now I feel like a copy cat if I say that I play all varieties of character types. >.<

    I do make it a point to play different types of characters, and it can range from a child to an adult (or pregnant adults). I've played the demented murderer, to a preppy annoying as fuck high school girl, to a cow/human alien... thing. I will say though that I don't always play the hyperactive character, the ones who have a bundle of energy. But I think those sort of people should be reserved for comedy so I suppose that's good. I find that I like playing characters who actually change other characters, in both good or bad ways. I'm not afraid to have them die if it means that a good plot or character development arises from the death.

    All in all, when I roleplay, I play supporting characters, and typically help others with the spotlight.
  5. I have three or four "types" that I play! I embrace my type-casting. 8D

    First and most often is the DAMSEL. Quintessential real and true helpless, always getting kidnapped, sweet and fluffy damsel. Cause most of the time in rps, the female characters are usually the bitchy or badass chicks. So I like to balance that out.

    Second would be the Anti-Damsel Girl Next Door. Basically, a very normal, average boring individual, who would be -assumed- to be a damsel, but then turns out being the take charge leader type! This type can be either really nice goody goody type, or the feisty mean girl type!

    Then there is Turbo Bitch with really really REALLY REALLY deep down heart of gold. I don't get to play this one very often, cause I have a lot of problem with players not responding to this character well. ._.; They either don't understand that this character is -not- a nice person and then get mad cause they're a bitch to their characters. Or they take the insults the character makes at their character as a personal insult to them. OR they try to out badass this character or deliberately push their buttons in all the bad game-breaking ways, which leaves me struggling on how to respond without going against character design and screwing up the rp.

    And finally, the stoic, mysterious, lady with big secrets or tragic history. I usually take up a mentor or support char role with this one, cause they aren't very aggressive pro-active shit starting characters and are a little harder to play cause their personality/plot is always so subtle. D: