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  1. Recently, I joined Jack Shade's Western (Ransom), but I had a hard time coming up with a character that really stood out to me.

    Because it was a western, I turned on a local country station to see if there was anything to inspire me to create a fun, flighty type character.
    what I ended up hearing was Miranda Lambert's: Fastest Girl in Town :)

    The song mused a character that I am so happy with, and I feel like I wouldn't have been able to come up with her without hearing it!

    Have you ever used a song or Cd to inspire something unexpected?
  2. If i would give my character a them song, it would be something like... Well depends, if i can take a game song, it would be "frog's theme" from chrono trigger. If it's a normal song, it surely is "Mordred's song" from blind guardian.
  3. The original "Mighty Morphin Power rangers theme." Why?

    Cause it reminds me of my childhood and helps unlock oddly enough my creative juices. Even though none of my characters resemble a power ranger what so ever...
  4. Hahahaha that brings back memories. Power rangers and teenage mutant ninja turtle must be the first two things i rolplayed when i was a kid with my friends. That was the start of my roleplay career and will always remember that power ranger story i had in junior school, it lasted all my 5th grade. Was simply awsome. :)
  5. Recently this video struck me as the perfect song for one of my vague character concepts. 8D It is now that character's theme!

    <iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
  6. I don't always use character theme songs, but when I do it's Johnny Cash.


    This is Grant's theme from Dark Reign; bounty hunter on a downward moral spiral out for blood against a man he killed in another life.
  7. Almost anything Hans Zimmer has ever composed has inspired me to write something. Recently I found a song via a theme song challenge that I'm debating making a character's theme... We shall see. I write best with music, usually <3
  8. This song is basically my fantasy genre character anthem. All of them, it works every time, on basically every level for any post. I think it is something to do with the simplicity in the beginning that gives way to a very heavy and loud song throughout the track. It is textured and changes dramatically, helping me to add depth to my character in the post.

    I have other songs that work well for modern/sci-fi/horror/whatever, but that song just hits the mark for me and writing fantasy posts IC.
  9. I do not have music that inspires characters. I only have music that gives me inspiration for whatever I need for the moment. Characters seem to come just spontaneously for me. However, there have been cases where a piece of music inspired a character. For example, this piece of music inspired a horror-themed character that I did not end up using in the end. But generally, I do not rely on music to help me generate characters, just to help me generate ideas. Which is not all that far apart, really.