Character storage forum?

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  1. This would be a forum with one sub-forum for mature characters.
    Each member can make one (or two if they have mature characters) thread(s).

    This forum would serve only as a place to store characters you've created. This way, should you ever want to simply use the character again or re-edit the character for another role play, you can, without having to re-type a majority of what was already there before.

    It's something that my home forum does and it's a feature that gets used- though the forum appears inactive because people often just hit the "edit" button rather than reply to their own thread (which makes sense)
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  2. We're actually already working on something like this. >:]

    It will be awhile though because we are doing fancy special things. O_O
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  3. I may not be a staff member, but i gave this idea a few thoughts too. If it is too much work to create an entire forum/sub-forum, would it be possible to put an age restriction on blog entries instead?

    I imagine it like this: Let's say I would put my characters into my blog. Let's say 2 of them are rated 18 for whatever reason. Could there be a checkbox or something to make sure only members who have access to the mature forums have access to these characters?
  4. Meantime you can keep character profiles in your blog or profile posts if you'd like an index on the site :3 Personally if I need a reference sheet I just keep mine on my computer.