Character Situation Challenge: Eliminated

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  1. Your character has been eliminated from some manner of competition. Here's some sample situations to use, but feel free to come up with your own.
    - They lost out against someone else for their dream job
    - They were eliminated from a gameshow; they really needed the prize money
    - They were knocked out of a tournament three brackets in

    How a person handles defeat, embarrassment, and feelings of inadequacy is important; be sure to focus on what's going on in that noggin while you write this scenario!
  2. Balath stared with despise deep into his image that reflect on the glass wall that separated him from the coliseum. His grip thigh around his short sword's grip (Sorry for the grammatical repetition, I need to work on that). The simple gladiator attire he whore had been scrapped down to just a metal plate on his left shoulder, from which blood was dropping at an alarming rate, he'd been so distracted by the reflection he forgot his left arm was chopped off. "You...You...!" the words stacked in he closed his eyes, three horizontal wrinkles formed on his forehead, his teeth gritted, a shout formed in his stomach, he was going to let it all out.

    "Ouch, what an ugly wound, m'lord." Said Felix, Balath's squire. Not a very short boy, but still two heads shorter than his master. "A Glassified Arm right there and you'll be like new m'lord". He added. But Balath rushed against the young squire and in a whirl with his fist out, sent the boy flying towards the glass, Balath then rose his sword, letting it rest against Felix's throat. A tear tripped off Balath's cheek, he lowered his head. Felix was scared, but he didn't show it, he tried to suppress any thoughts regarding fear and just accepted everything that could happen. Balath, instead of letting his primal nature control, he just whispered in the boy's ear. "Do, not. Never... never again." He then left the boy off, regaining his composure. Seal the wound... And do not crystallize it." Was the only thing he ordered.
  3. The Sad Tale of a Failed DLC Character
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  4. By the time he was pulled from the water he was panting. Renji had spent the better part of three months training his body for the swim competition and in the end it had been all for nothing. He had been so close when it happened, only a lap away from winning two thousand dollars when his body had betrayed him.

    Days of studying, training, and looking after his sister had left little time for food or water. His body had given out under the water and the lifeguards had to drag him to the side of the pool. How was he to go back to Nina and tell her he couldn't pay for a doctor, that he had failed her and she would have to suffer threw the high fever alone. He had no dought that the sweet right year old would forgive him but that only made it worse.

    What kind of brother was he?! He had found one thing that could help. One possible way to stop her from hurting, and he had ruined it by being weak! The man who won waved happily, if not a bit gloatingly, as Renji gathered his things. He had to get home, he told the worried people around him. He kept his head down and when the winner had reached out to shake his hand he grabbed it desperatly. "You did good." he said with a false smile, after all it was his own falt for failing. He didn't stay for the after party, instead making his way home to releave his nabor from her watch and replace the to warm wrag on a feverish head. "I failed you little one, I failed and I'm so sorry." he muttered over and over again as soft breaths turned gasping.
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