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Character Name: Helio Val’akna
Aliases/Titles/Nicknames: The Harbringer, Mistress of Thunder, Storm Chaser, The Lost Sailor, Captain Val'akna

Character Theme:

The Body
Sex: Female
Height: 5’9
Weight: 129
Build: Athletic
Race: Human

Personality: As her memories were erased, her personality was taken with it. But as she became a new woman. Much of her old self returned. To many that meet her first will notice two things. Her confidence that is borderline a God complex, and her blunt words. Those that know her realise where they stand in her eyes. She is opinionated, and sometimes callous, to the point of cruelty but her charm stems from a wicked sense of humor. But sometimes an immature one. To some she is charming but those that have scorned her quickly realise her vindictive nature born from a wounded pride is easily tempted to the surface. She does not hold grudges for long, as that would require effort on her side to care enough for those that have demanded her attention.

Peak: Influence- might, power, coercion, force
Valley: Resilience - sturdiness, fortitude, life force, protection

The History

Open to connections

Link to Abbey: At the age of 24 she was taken to the abbey in a short enchanted sleep as the memories slowly poured from her mind. The sister of Grendal, a hooded figure spoke with the Abbot in Helio's place. Explaining her situation. The former Captain was to remain at the Abbey to begin a new life. She knew only her name, and the knowledge of her powers. Her time spent in the abbey began slowly, advancing her abilities and soon to take on solo missions once confidence had returned to the ruthless Captain.

Val’akna Name Origins

The origins of Val’akna is from the first sailor that set up port, on the unmarked islands of the south. The brothel was called Val’akna, a term used for heavy storms and a sailors warning to other captains. All children born of prostitutes are given this name, marking them as property of the brothel.


Hand of Poverty

At her birth the child was only a peasant, one of eight children. Her family were marauders, they sailed the ocean and targeted merchants. They had only one boat but with a solid crew of 50 men. The children were left with the women at a fishing port. Many of the children were the offspring of prostitutes or fishwives. Helio was a prostitute’s daughter, one of eight. The children would be expected to help clean the brothel but thrown out at night. As a new born she was given to a midwife of the brothel that cared for all infants. A total of 40 babies. As an infant she learned to remain quiet or she would be disciplined or ignored.

As she reached the age of eight, she like the other children were pickpockets and troublemakers. But they always returned home in the morning, eat and work. The matron would always take their wages and use it for food or herself. Any coin they stole was kept a secret from matron and used for their individual gains. Helio was not the best pickpocket but she enjoyed the thrill of the challenge and would always pick the hardest target. The sailors in particular were her main enjoyment. Her mother that she saw only twice a week, would catch her stealing from the patrons of the brothel as they left. She would be heavily disciplined, but it was the only time her mother showed interest.

But among her siblings she always protected the youngest. As her mother grew older, she worked less. The family became homeless. And with a new baby, Helio was forced to take care of the infant. But she was a child herself, and two weeks later the baby had died from starvation and sickness. Helio had tried to care for the baby but soon buried it in an unmarked grave. Her mother never named the infant, so no name was placed. The experience changed her. In the worst of ways.

Born of Blood, Risen from Ash

In her teenage years she befriended Captain Artois, she voyaged with him for sometime until she became his Quartermaster and gain the loyalty of the crew. The ship targeted merchants, and raided small fish villages. Her ability was underdeveloped as she never trained, it was merely to use when they were catching a merchant ship to cause panic. The Captain believed the gods were on his side, and took the storms as a blessing. The marauders ship was rarely harmed, as the storm followed the merchants. Helio would investigate routes of merchant ships and detail traffic across the sea from various ports before sending a raven to the Captain of her information.

How she would acquire most information was through unsolicited means. The pleasures of the flesh. She was 18 years old and in her 2 year term as Quartermaster. When they were routinely tracking a merchant ship, another vessel came from the side and began to attack. She conjured a storm but they rammed into the ship and boarded. Most of the crew were killed, and she was taken hostage besides the Captain. A bounty was placed on his head, and that of his crew, but they were not looking for the Artois’s reward. The Captain of the other vessel was once a merchant that they left to die in the ocean after they killed his son, and innocent men.

Traitors among us

Unknowing to Captain Artois, Helio had made a deal with the merchant to take over as Captain and share in the profits. They would sail together, and she would offer protection across the sea but still remain a marauder. The storm that was to protect them, was adjusted allowing the other ships men to board. To honor their deal Helio picked out the loyal members of the crew and sent them to the depths with their Captain. Their method of death was to send the men down to the water in a cage. The water would be red from the blood of two men to lure sharks. They waited several days and watched as the men would drown or be taken by the sharks. Captain Helio honored her deal, and recruited men from land that she knew and trusted. The other Captain gave her new information when they would meet on possible merchant ships. But they changed their routine to avoid suspicion. It was all part of the plan.

The Hag of Wailing Rocks

Helio had been sailing successfully for a number of years. Her partnership with the corrupt merchant bared much fruit, her profits raised and her crew enjoyed the luxuries of the land. But she held great responsibility. The merchant had told her of a sea witch. One that had taken up residence in the wailing rocks. Any ship was attacked when it neared her home. She was commanded to kill the sea witch. But also that she held great chaos magic. In the tavern a young man whispered tales of her.

The ultimate gift. Immortality. The old woman was given immortality, but not what she expected. She would never die, but she never asked for eternal beauty. They say the gods themselves took pleasure in their gift. If it was the gods that gave the gift. But now she lived alone, protected by the wailing rocks. In the Captain’s eyes it was a great opportunity. The crew of Helio set sail for the wailing rocks and were greeted by the hag once they had arrived. Sneaking inside like rats finding their meal. The Hag described them as such. Unawares to them she was the young man, luring them to their fate.

The crew had fought past the lions, frenzied creatures under the hags control. But on their meeting she turned the remaining crew to swine, and forced their Captain to watch as she, and her pets consumed their flesh. Once men now simple pigs, warm and fat. Helio attempted to summon her magic but soon joined the men, as she was transformed. The hag claimed her for the slaughter, when suddenly Helio morphed into an eagle and clawed the hags face. But in her escape she had been wounded, her back torn from the talon claws of the conjurer. Helio did then drift to the shore before she slipped into the ocean.

The Sister of Grendal

In the wake of the new morning Helio had awakened. She was saved by the sister of Grendal. The sea witch. In exchange for this gift of life. The sister offered a new beginning, to better understand how her ambition and greed had nearly cost her life. The sister saw goodness inside the Captain. And should the Captain return one day, she would give her back the memories she had taken, but only if she had become the person she was meant to be. Helio had no choice but to agree, once confronted by her past. The sister of Grendal removed her memories. She sent her to the Abbey to train, and seek a new life. To help others, and become the woman she was meant to be.

The Exceptions
Type: Mage
Affinity: Lightning


As to her name. She is able to conjure thunderstorms. The lightning would strike the ground every 3-6 times per minute in a random pattern within a designated area. The lightning strikes are controlled whilst she is within the storm cloud. As the area becomes distorted, with rain and flashes of lightning that does not hinder Helio it merely emboldens her actions.

Bolts of Lightning: The ability of form lighting is no simple task. To fully create a stable bolt of lighting, as if it were an arrow or javelin. The air must be charged by the thunderstorm. She must actively catch the strikes to the ground to form the bolts of lightning.The bolt of lightning will be limited to two forms of lethality. 1. to incapacitate. 2. Fatal but the second is harder to control and takes two lightning strikes to form fully.

Thunderstruck: The ability to travel between flashes of lighting that strike the ground. She may follow the current of the storm. Whilst she travels inside the clouds and strikes the ground in a lightning streak. In a small area around her, she ejects a concussive force, disorientating or stunning those susceptible to her ability. Without the storm she is limited in travel distance.

Storm Surfing: The ability to transport others across large distances of terrain. The storm carries the passengers within the cloud and transports them to the ground in lightning strikes. When transporting others, Helio remains in the center of the storm directing it to their location. But she is unable to defend herself or attack when in this state.

Lightning Rod: Helio absorbs the strikes of lightning, in this state the storm follows her path striking in an area around her as her body becomes charged; storing the electric current to prepare for close combat or to store for a later confrontation [She may hide the storage of energy, but she has yet to master that technique]. The sparks of clear blue flash across her body and set her eyes ablaze. A spark across a blade or to create additional force behind a blow to the body. It depletes quickly, but will remain as a slight crackle on her skin after the fight has ended. [Helio has yet to fully master this technique]

Superhuman Reflexes: Within the storm the air becomes charged as does her reflexes, her body reacts to the atmosphere. Increased speed, as if she, herself were one with the storm. Augmenting her reflexes temporarily to superhuman standards.

Weather Perception: Helio detects the change in weather patterns, when it is going to rain or a sudden storm is going to begin. It has a range of 10 miles.


Lightning Bolts
- Conjured during the storm as her main offensive. She is primarily ranged, but is capable of close combat.

Metal Staff - the staff folds into three pieces and fuses together when she uses her power. It acts as a powerful conduct to better control her powers as she is still mastering her abilities. [Secondary]

Swordsmanship - An alternative to her staff but she only used this during her time as a sailor. [Her body remembers the motions, the techniques but her mind does not. She is unaware of this skill hidden in lost memories]

Sailing - A quartermaster then captain she understands the will of the storm, and how to best maneuver through it. She is a natural when it comes to captineering.

Armour Skills: Leather [Primary] Chainmail [Secondary]

Leatherwork skill [Prestige] Helio makes leather for herself and others, but she keeps the quality leather for her pieces of armour. Unless she is paid.

Tools: Lockpicking equipment, Tanning knife, Skinning Knife.

Languages: Common and Elvish.