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Goredema K.

(This character needs a lot of work but this is what I have so far. Wasn't sure where to post this so sorry if it is in the wrong place. Let me know if you wish to rp. I will try to adapt to your style.)​

Full Name: Goredema Komatsu
Nicknames: Gore, Koma
Biographical: Goredema was born to a human mother and a Snake Demon father. The mother was a slave who was forcefully taken from her family because of debt and her beauty. She was generally weak minded to begin with so his father was able to break her easily and rape her ending in pregnancy. His mother died from the strain of giving birth to a powerful half demon so he was left in the care of his father. Growing up punished for every little thing, whipped resulting in scars and welts and burns that he will forever feel, Gore had become spiteful to his own people, e.i. demons, so he prefers the company of humans if nothing else even though they fear him due to his appearance. In the end, he wanders alone, though only half demon, he received all his powers from his father, whom he over-powered and beheaded once he reached maturity. Goredema’s father was the king of his race, but once he killed him he decided to leave the throne to his father’s second in command who became a kinder and gentler man to his subjects. Humans have known of the existence of demons at the turn of the century when war broke upon the earth between them. When both side began to lose too many of their kind they formed a treaty and began to somewhat live in peace. (Under Contruction.)

RP Power: Able to speak to snakes and some other animals and able to transform into a python.

Race: Snake/Human
Gender: Male
Date of Birth: July 7, 1986
Age: 25
Hair: Green fading into black at the bottom and behind. (See picture below for details.)
Skin: Peach colored with snake scales on his throat, stomach, thighs, top of his hands and feet.
Eyes: Green sclera, yellow iris, and black pupil slits. Has dark make-up around both eyes.
Height: 6’3”
Weight: 176
Scars: Burns across the left side of his face all the way down until his left shoulder. Several hundred small scars overlapping on his back, legs. Large scar on his stomach from his right peck to his left hip.
Place of Residence: Tends to wander and never stays in one place for long unless necessary. Currently in London.
Piercings: Snake bites, left side nose piercing, tongue piercing, and right eyebrow pierced.
Tattoo(s): None currently. Will in the future.
Place of Birth: Tokyo, Japan.

Relatives: Only child.
Enemies: Unknown, but several.
Allies: None.

Occupation: Tends to freelance, otherwise receives money from his godfather every now and then.

Appearance: (View picture below. I edited the original a long time ago when I was everywhere. Don't ask where, it's silly. He used to be my favorite character to roleplay with. If you wish to use, please message me and ask. It is tagged so I would know if you used it.)
Picture: l (10)1.png
Fashion of Choice: Black coat made from any material, green shirt to match his hair and black pants with studded belt, cut at the knees and missed matched patches everywhere. Tends to have chains hanging from his pockets at the front for his wallet in case it’s stolen. He does not care what type of shoes he wears as long as they are comfortable, black, worn and sturdy.
Armor of Choice: His skin is denser than a humans so knives, swords and needles do not pierce him easily.
Weapons of Choice: Claws and fangs. The venom from his fangs paralyses and numbs the body allowing a quick death.
Special Abilities: Is able to control earth but not very good at it so he does not mention it.
Personality: Generally he tends to follow the mantra, ‘If you leave me alone, I’ll leave you alone.’ He is nice to a certain degree to humans but to demons he tends to lash out violently, whether with words or fist. He mellow and tends to listen to music at all times unless someone catches his attention. Otherwise he tends to only come out at night, being he’s nocturnal, and hides in the shadows unless he needs to work for money or eat.

Religion/Philosophy: He does not have a specific religion but he respects that everyone that has an opinion. Generally he is more prone to following the Ancient Egyptian’s practice by praying to Ra, the sun god, Amun the creator and the mother goddess Isis. He believes there is an afterlife and he will be resurrected into a new body and form after his soul goes back into the earth and becomes born again.
Sexuality: He does not care for gender but he has not fallen in love so does not know.

Positive Personality Traits: Tends to wave and smile in return when given. He is sweet to children because they are innocent and know nothing of sin.
Negative Personality Traits: Tends to be hot headed at times and lashes out around humans and demons if they attack him. Demons more so than humans.
Misc. Quirks: Smokes heavily but knows he will never die of it. His right eye twitches randomly as well as his bottom lip. He tends to bite his thumb and his leg shakes nervously. He hisses when he aggravated and pulls the ends of his hair sporadically.

Interests: Music, smoking, eating, lounging, sleeping.
Likes: Sweets, piercings.
Dislikes: Alcohol but will drink he craves it, crowds and attitude.

Favorite Foods: Anything sweet and spicy.
Favorite Drinks: Soda or water.
Favorite Colors: Green, black and white.

Hobbies: Prefers to sleep otherwise he has no real hobbies.