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Scifi, Fantasy, Modern, Magical, Horror, Noir, apocalyptic, Grimdark, yaoi, yuri, anything really.
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*You can put "N/A" if you want to on anything*

Name: Julia (Julez) Jean Rudes
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Height: 5'9
Weight: 125 lbs
Eye Color: Green
Appearance: Lanky, sinewy, pale skin in winter, bronze in summer. Brown, wavy hair, natuarally turbulent without hairspray or a straightener. Eats shitloads, but you wouldn't tell by looking at her
Religion: Spiritual, N/A
Personality: Fun-loving, in many ways appears to be spacey and stupid, impulsive, childish, Open to most ideas, Empathetic, Sensitive to emotions and sensory-dependent.
History: Having lived in Texas for most of her life, Julez has adapted to some different ideas, and has learned to spend most of her time, not worrying about herself, but others. She grew up in a four person household of her father, mother, and brother. She had gone on many vacations, but had never been without her family or friends until she went to college and learned the true meaning of what shallow is, taking the forms of her three roommates. She eventually made things worse by becoming popular with the sophomores while the roomies stuck with the freshmen. Due to their idiocy, she was stressed to the point of having to go back home, VOWING ONE DAY TO RETURN AND MAKE THINGS RIGHT!
Name: Adrian S.
Age: 25.
Gender: Male.
Height: 5'7" (and sensitive about it).
Weight: 147 lb.
Eye Color: Brown.
Appearance: Tanned, muscular and toned with a medium build, shaved-down black hair. Occasionally has a goatee.
Religion: Roman Catholic (was one the moment dad came).
Personality: Direct, energetic, hardworking, talkative, unsubtle.
History: Born in Michigan, grew up mostly in Iowa, went to university in Chicago, went to some backwater ultra-conservative dead-end of a city in Illinois for medical school. Intends to be a pediatrician. Works out daily in a combination of 10-mile jogs, weightlifting, boxing, and fencing. Competent artist in the comic book and manga styles. Studied Taekwondo, Hapkido, and submission grappling in the past. Competent in scuba diving and skiing. Studies philosophy, history, and theology in his spare time. Plays the piano well. Sings adequately. Dances adequately in ballroom, ballet, tap, and hip hop. Semi-fluent in Japanese. Loves cartoons and animated films. Intends to learn guitar, freerunning, and gymnastics. Intends to go on more medical missions as a way to travel once he gets his M.D. Has only a few more months of medical school before graduation.
Name: Aaron Sipho Beachcroft Shaw
Age: 21
Gender: Male
Height: ~185cm
Weight: ~55kg
Eye Color: Blue-gray
Appearance: Thin with thick, wavy hair thats always messy. Usually found in the uniform of a yellow shirt (which he often hides under a black jacket) and tight black jeans. Most days he has light grown beard growth though never anything more than a day or twos growth and it mostly down to a blunt razor. He likes boots and owns a pair of combat boots that zip down the sides which he wears whenever he goes out. Hair is a light brown though was full blonde when he was younger.
Religion: N/A
Personality: A thinker, mostly quiet unless the subject at hand stirs his interest he does nonetheless listen to whats said around him. The easiest hay to reveal his inner personality is to talk about something hes passionate about which are as varied from mathematical paradoxes, cosmology, astronomy and feudal Japanese history. Many say he has an unusual sense of humor and only close family can follow every joke he makes most of which work more on implications than statements.
History: Born in Johannesburg in the Gauteng province of South Africa he has no memories of his birth city other than the rare visit to his surviving grandparents there. Instead he grew up in a small fishing village whos population quadrupaled during the holiday season. The small town was uncoducive to his father's profession as a architect so it mostly fell to his mother who opened up as a seamstress working from their old three bedroom ex-farmhouse in the unfashionable area of town close to the shatter camp.

Growing up as a non-cristian an a small town in the Eastern Cape meant he was instantly singled out at school and this combined with a lack of athletic ability slowly introverted him.

After moving several times he came across a Warhammer 40k gaming group in Umtata City in the TransKai and instantly started playing that wargame as in Imperail Guard Commander, though moving back to Port Alfred cut him off from other player he still amassed a Tau army, fortunately both armies were lost when he moved to Thailand in late 2005 where he is now working as a computer technician.
Name: Josh Schlapp
Age: 20
Gender: Male
Height: 5' 10"
Weight: ~165 lb
Eye Color: Brown
Appearance: Caucasian, tanned, muscular body with a hereditary beer gut (only 2" from a 6-pack), short hair/bald, claen shaven with a lip-to chin strip goatee occasionally between drill weekends

Religion: Agnostic
Personality: casual, relaxed, with a tendency for intense loyalty to those who are loyal to me, small anger management problems (those are few and far between now)

History: Born on the East side of Aurora, IL a bastard son, later to be the ring bearer at my folk's wedding. moved to the West side and grew up to constant fighting and after my brother's were born i got to (pretty much) raise them. 14yrs old, my folk's divorced and i went on to discover the wonderful release that narcotics provided in my freshman year of high school along with the world of fighting and crap like that. i then went on to flunk my way through high school in a haze of smoke and a world of tripping where upon after graduation i told my mom to F off and moved in with my then gf. back to the east side. broke up with her, moved in with dad on the west side. quit drugs jan 1, 2009 and signed up with the navy Jan 31 of that year. dad kicked me out over a stupid argument that ended with me "not being good enough because i didn't have the balls to go full active instead of reserve." he can snog a big one for all i care. went to boot, went to A-school at Lackland AFB in texas, am now an MA at great lakes naval base. haven't touched drugs since and i've found better ones here. a resounding HOOYAH to ya'll.
Name: Jake Taylor Murray
Gender: Maleific (*Is too used to being epic, story material*)
Height: 6' 1''
Weight: 175
Eye Color: Blue-Gray
Appearance: :D
Religion: Procrastinating Christian
Personality: FLAMBOYANT Shy. Fighting puberty tooth and nail. Silent and withdrawn unless around people I know really well. Fascination with villains, for power more than anything else. I think blasting things with bolts of energy and being punted through walls would be fun, too. Rarely honest to myself and constantly trivializing things. Pushes the limits, usually because I don't see them until I've been slapped with them. >.> Low-self esteem, obviously. Humor was my way of connecting with people, but that(sort of) cheapened the whole thing.

Attention whore *cough* I mean, ham. >.>

Thanks to escapism, dissembling, my last holdout friend and family, and writing, I'm not suicidal. I'm usually chirpy, but I can go to sullen and truculent in a moment.
History: Born in California. Raised in California. I'd like you to just sit right there, and I'll tell you how I became the prince of Bel-Air...

Nothing of note. Switched schools a lot, because of my poor grades. Never grew a pair/had a backbone. Never been in a fistfight, never found love, or even infatuation. Never had a girlfriend, never had a bosom friend. Never kissed a chipmunk, never bathed a rooster, never been to Boston in the faaaaaallll(I love that song.) Notorious coward and hapless smart-ass. A lot of people thought I was gay because I seemed to fight any advances on the woman's part. Very likely an Aspie. Currently attending Anderson New Tech(Because calculators are easy, that's why! D:<) Only been there a month and already I'm the dancing monkey for some clique or other.

NOTE: I will beat a deer to death with a thatched soy plant whip if someone says I'm pandering for sympathy. I'm not. D:< I just enjoy negativity. My Dad rates my sighs of exasperation in ''negawatts".
Name: Mick P.
Age: 20
Gender: male
Height: 61cm i think.....cant really remember
Weight: 110 kilograms last time i weighed meself, but i have been going to the gym since then.
Eye Color: greeny-blue
Appearance: short, fat. tries to keep hair short. has a tendency to wear coats and jackets, as well as random militaria.
Religion: Apatheticist (dont care about thiesm OR athiesm, its all neither here nor there for me) though you could say i put Honor here (as in doing the right thing no matter how dumb or dangerous)
Personality: Subtle as a sledgehammer, bombastic, loud, anger management issues, though much better than before in that regard.
ADHD (now unmedicated)

always been a bit chubby, though in recent years this has spiralled into full fledged fatgut. especially since the beggining of my consumption of alcohol.

i paint and draw and write when i feel the inspiration, but thats not as much as it used to be.

i wish i had the following, in order of how much i think i want/need things.

1. NEED: employment
2. WANT: Girlfreind/chick that returns my affections for once.
3.WANT: enough money to live comfortably (see; Employment)
4.WANT: to work harder at the gym, go there mroe often and get fit enough to join the aussie navy.
5. WANT: all of the above but with enough free time to be able to do shit randomly.

40k, Iwaku and Videogames are my escapism, mostly because they tend to avoid focusing on the things that bring me down, that and they've always entertained me.

there you ahve it, it aint much, but thats a fair bit of my core.
Good job everyone!

Raz.... I thought you'd be taller than me. Vay, I had NO idea where you live, Marius, you're my bastard brother, Krom, we need to work on your self-esteem.

WMD, I lurve you, hon. You're one of my main dudes and I'm here for you, night or day! I think you're a great guy and don't give up! You have a great personality and there's someone out there for you! *Snuggle*
Name: Jillian-Marie R. (prefers to go by Jill)
Age: 21 going on 22 in July
Gender: Female
Height: 5'1
Weight: 100-105lbs. It varies time to time
Eye Color: Dark brown close to black
Appearance: Hispanic, thin but with meat on her bones, with tan skin that Jill considers to be pale cause it's not darker. She has dark brown curly hair that makes her look like an Amazon chick. Jill wears glasses that, according to her, are too big for her face, but everyone doesn't see this. Normally, almost always, she wears stilettos to grant her the height she wants.
Religion: Lady Gagaism
Personality: An alpha female with a touch of bitchery and compassion.

History: Jill was pretty much the ugly duckling as a child. The kids poked fun of her, while her appearance didn't help much (especially since the other girls were blooming fast and she was left behind). It was in high school that she began to sprout in to a hardcore badass bitch with her sidekick Angelic Asylum. While High School was filled with drama and heartbreaks until senior year, Jill continued living life in the Bronx until her parents decided it was time to move out of the city. Living in a world filled with deer and woods, Jill soon became miserable...until she entered college. Some women hated her, while some men feared her, while other men were seduced by her personality. It was then that she granted herself the title, "The Heartbreaker" when she broke more hearts then received them. However, it was only two major heartbreaks that Jill faced that made her become stronger and...even a bigger bitch.

Now currently, Jill is in her last year of college and more than ready to face the real world known as life and bills. She has found love--and who knew it would be with a man from the South. They plan to live together in the future and "live happily ever after."

*Huggles Neccy*
Name: Steven Watson
Age: 23
Gender: Male
Height: 5'5
Weight: 175
Eye Color: Green, Blue, or Silver depending on the light.
Appearance: Slight tan, muscular build (Do to all my freakin' labor intensive jobs. -_- MA back hurts!)
Religion: Don't believe in anything other than what in front of me.
Personality: Cynical, depressed, hardworking, loyal, understanding, kind, reclusive, creative, and mysterious.
History: Steve grew up as an only child from a lady from the north, and a guy from the south. They divorced soon after he turned 3, and he left Texas with his mom for Minnesota. Once there, he floated in and out of the scene between middle school, and highschool before he was sent to a Level 5 school after slamming a kids face into the back of a tail gate for punching a friend of his.

Drifting around said Level 5 school, and ended up graduating without going to prison, and attended Muay Thai classes in order to vent, and control his flares of aggression. Ended up becomming ranked in the state before he moved to Houston Texas. Started teaching himself guitar while in Texas in order to pass the bordom. Went to college, and dropped out due to finacial reasons. Entered tech school, and dropped out for the same reason.

Eventually moved to Fargo due to an offer from a friend, and now resides in the Frozen North working 60-90 hours a week in order to stop focusing on negativity in his life, and to get his plans together for what he wants the next ten years to eventually turn into.
*Snuggles Jumi*




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