Character Races: To Create or Not Create

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Create or not Create Your Own Race?

  1. I don't want to mess with all that shit! Just give me a list to choose from.

  2. I want to make my own race!

  3. Both. Give me a list to choose from, but give me the option of creating a race, too.

  4. My prefences are so refined I have to explain them in the thread.

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  1. You're joining a new roleplay, and oh my jumpin' Jesus, you can play a race other than human. Are you the type who wants to create their very own race from scratch or would you prefer the GM provide a list to choose from?
  2. It's rare when I want to do something other than generic human. o___o I am so boring. t__t

    For me it will depend on the plot and story. 8D Because having a core set of races is really useful if you want tighter control over things, but it's also REALLY cool to see what sort of stuff is thrown in by players.
  3. Well, really, I actually enjoy creating races and cultures, so I like making my own. But if need be, I'll select from a list.
  4. I generally like to play human, but if the mood strikes me.......creativity tends to splat onto the page.
  5. I like to have a general 'big picture' of the world that I'm joining and know the political/power relationships existing between races. So I would vote for a restricted, defined list if I had the choice.
  6. It depends on the setting for one thing, but also I have a tendency when presented with too many options to just go with what's familiar. My creative ability comes and goes, so if it's not there I'd probably rather stick with something like a human or something I'm at least somewhat familiar with. If it is I'll find a way to use whatever I've come up with.
  7. I love making my own races and hybrids, but its creating their own languages I get stuck with and this always makes me feel like the races i have created remain incomplete. This, however, doesn't discourage the creation of them. :)
  8. It depends. I love creating races and such, but if it's for someone else's RP and they already have the world built and a list to choose from, then I try to take the 'better be safe than sorry' route. Keyword: try. I always end up breaking some unsaid law of physics o.0 Like throwing in a Human Scot when Scotland doesn't even exist. Heh, I should probably stay from those types of roleplays but a I never seem to learn my lesson...

    Just a side note: people should really clarify what they mean by human if they don't want Russians evading the elves.
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  9. I've come up with a few characters of weird races, but those were for my own stories. If they have a list already, I'd just pick from there.
  10. As long as players work closely with the GM while creating their race, for story line purposes and such, I think it's alright. For me personally, I like it better when playable races are outlined by the GM.
  11. If it's a fantasy RP I'll stick with the races provided, with the occasional temptation to introduce a half-breed of some kind. Scifi - all bets are off. I can come up with an alien species in like five minutes, and if I don't get shot down I'll totally make my own. If there's an option to play something other than human, 9 out of 10 times I'll go for it. My problem with people has always been that they're all human.
  12. I like playing unique races crafted by the GM.
    It lets me ask them for nitty gritty details and explore cool places with a fresh perspective.
  13. For me, it's split right down the middle. There are pros and cons to either having to choose from a list or creating your own.

    When a GM gives a list of playable races, they're setting a guideline. But sometimes the GM doesn't just outline the race but ends up making a very narrow place for your character to fit in. Too much detail is what I'm trying to say. In those cases I feel really limited on what I can do with my character and then it just feels like I can't bring anything unique to the table. However, if you have a very specific plot and setting, a finely tuned machine if you will, then pre-set races are almost a must so there isn't a wrench thrown into the gears later on.

    When a GM gives the option for creating your own race, it really is cool to see what the other players come up with. Sometimes it can be difficult because you don't know where to start and sometimes you're just inspired. Letting players create their own races, I feel, is a better option if you want to develop the story with your players because what they choose will eventually influence the plot and setting.
  14. With me, it really depends on what races are up for grabs. Cookie-cutter humanoids, elves, dwarves, orcs, vampires, werewolves, etc.? I'd rather make my own. Give me a long list of obscure monsters to choose from, and I'm happy.
  15. Wow, this poll got way more response than I thought it would. o_o
    Thanks for the input, everyone! It's nice to know 'what Iwaku wants'.
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