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Character Quotes

Memorable things your characters have said IC in forum RolePlay games. It can be something epic, funny, weird, clever. Whatever. They can be actual quotes OR Mental quotes.

Here are a couple from my recent characters.

Captain 9lives
: "While I would love to compose this letter myself." He said shaking his wooden stump of a hand at her "I am indisposed."

Creed: "I'll take three poached eggs with a side of bacon and sausage. An english muffin, well toasted, and some hash browns." The waitress turned to Helaine, but Creed wasn't finished "Also, a short stack of those buttermilk pancakes, no make that a tall stack, and for desert a slice of blueberry pie and apple pie, with vanilla ice cream."

Cameron Green: They were everything that Cameron, and the others, were not; Good Vs Evil. If he didn't feel righteous before he sure as hell did now.

What are some of your most memorable Character Quotes?
In a chat RP I played a terrible wizard named Siraza. Her shining comment: "That's the wench that ruined the best stew I ever made. Had the whole pot exploding over the town and covered everyone in peas! Do you know what it's like hearing hundreds of villagers screaming, I'M COVERED IN PEA?"

I'd have to dig around for more favorite quotes, but that one jumped out. XD
This is from Star Crossed Cyborg. Cliff was talking to the cyborg pimp in the Sub-level city.

Cliff Garrison:
"And if you talk that way again in front of my friend, I'll take a knife and cut off each one of your balls" Cliff held him for a moment, staring into his eyes to let him know he was serious
"So I burst into the warehouse with a pair of revolvers, a bandoleer full of bullets and a man's name, written in blood."
- Grant Page, 'Dark Reign'
"'The darkness, it might consume me. Am I dead? Am I alive? My legs have gone numb, and so has my mind. Am I floating or lying down? This feeling in me, is it warmth or the cold? I can feel it, but I can not describe it. There is no light, no sound, no feeling. What distinguishes me from pure energy is erased, is this what he felt? Could I be going mad, uncontrolled, no will of my own? Or am I dead, dying, or being attacked? I would not know, and no amount of trying would see a result. Should I give up? Is there a ray of hope or is that my imagination? What do I do completely helpless like this? The feelings inside me are completely gone and with that no motivation. This world of absence has made my soul fickle and untrustworthy. Darkness, it consumes me, and with that I am neither dead nor alive. But wait, I can feel it, a slight prickling in my lower body. It is that feeling, that stinging feeling. The darkness, it does not hold me any longer. The light I can see it, the sound of air I can hear it, the ground I can feel it. The earth feels so rugged against my rough hands. I can now feel the warmth in the wind, the wind so beautiful yet an eerie hum to it. I can see, I am opening my eyes. But this is not what I expected, this was not the light that was promised, this was…darkness.'

'This is it, the darkness. It has consumed me and consumed the rest. The numbing feeling comes back, the sounds start to disappear, and the ray of light lost. I could not help anyone, and I could not help myself. My power is no match for his and no use to others. I tried my best and even that was not enough for the likes of him. Perhaps he truly is invincible. Wait, an orange glow? Arlon, you trusted me, you trusted my friends. Our power is what will defeat him and save the world. That is right; we have the ability to do this. The light at the end of the tunnel…it is a brilliant golden orange.'

'I did it, and the light is forever secure. The orange glow has been replaced with a peaceful blue. I can release that feeling, I can no longer see, can no longer hear, and no longer feel. Unlike the darkness, this feeling brings me joy and relaxation beyond that which I have ever felt before. This is eternity, this is what legends feel like, what they do. I may not be able to hear you anymore, I may not be able to see you anymore, and although I can't see your love it rests with me for eternity.'"

~Atoshi's Mental Recap, ICSYL 2
Suikotsu Sanada: "If you wish to get in my way then so be it, just let me tell you one thing. I will cut you down where you stand and at the end of the day i shall be sitting on a throne made of your corpses."
Cliff Garrison "Alright, we're gonna have to find somewhere that I can cut that tracking device out of you. Any idea where it is?"
I'm bumping this thread, cause more people need to share their character quotes!

Legato Giovanni - "Hunt them down, take them for all they've got."
"The thing is, I don't give a rats ass who you are or what you want. All I know is that I have a gun and no patience, so you really wanna be in my face?" ~Kayla La Morte
I don't remember the exact quote, and it was never in an IC but...

"I realize you don't want to have to live up to the expectations of the people being your father's daughter. But the fact of the matter is we're at war and the people need heroes. The world needs people like you and me that they can feel safe! We need to be heroes, so stop being so stubborn, suck it up, and deal with it!"

-Scryox 'Sky' Videlin
Eben after having his jaw dislodged in battle: "I received quite a beating mates, I'll be needin' to get a one on one with Leech." However, the state of his dislodged jaw had the words coming out more like 'I rereived 'ite o eating, I eeding a get un an un ith eeeech'.
Short and sweet.

Ravenor upon getting stabbed, "You bitch! This is my favorite shirt!" Damn malkavians.
So this is a quote from a tabletop game, but I still liked it.

"Just because the door isn't anywhere near where you guys were fighting doesn't mean it didn't need guarding!" -Tobit my C/E Tiefling (2nd Ed D&D)