Character Profiles?

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  1. So yeah, I was looking and maybe I'm blind (or dumb) [or both], but I couldn't see a specific place set up for character profiles. Is there one, and if so, where can I find it?
  2. Most folks put their characters in blog posts.
    That way they stick with you and you don't have to go diving to find them.
    I don't think there is any real specific place to put character profiles..O.o
  3. Oh, that sounds so very logical. XD How do I do that?

    And I see Yorick! =D
  4. Yep, you do!

    If you go to your profile, on the tabs one of them will say blog.
    Then under Customize my profile it will say
    View Ninjakittee's blog. -Clicky clicky.

    On the right side it will say Create new post.
  5. Ok, cool. Thanks! ^^
  6. Also, you only need character bios for games that require them, and then you post them in the OOC. I know that not all communities run like Iwaku, but basically when you're looking at an RP see what the GM requires from there. If there is no OOC the GMs instructions should be in the first IC post. Every game has its own rules, depending on what the GM requires.
  7. I must be unaccustomed to such logic in an rp site! XD Thanks, that helps a lot. =)