Character Power in stories?

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  1. How do you write the level of power a character has in any of your stories? Do you simply equate it to being a mere Street Punk or an absolute God? Or do you have more of a hierarchy, with varied levels of power?
  2. For me it totally depends upon the genre and the power. If it's fantasy, it's got a more mystical lean so there are levels. If it's sci-fi, I throw levels to the wind because I kind of equate sci-fi with comic books when they have powers involved. As a result, it's a more realistic: something familiar to the reader or could be at least.
  3. I write characters of varying power, which always depends on their age and their experiences. I have ordinary guys who could not harm a fly, martial artists who can crush one's windpipe at any time, mages who can blow up whole planets and admirals who can order the destruction of entire galaxies. However, if there is one thing I do not play, then it is overly "victimised" characters who have absolutely no power in any situation they are in and only exist to be rescued or to feel sorry about. I find that however little, nearly every one of my characters has their internal strength and even if they start out weak, they will be able to stand on their own soon.