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Hello there, I'm looking for someone with some time on their hands willing to do a character drawing of a character who has been with me for years and has become a staple in most roleplays I have been in, if you have roleplayed with me more than likely you have seen this character under one name or another, sometimes physical attributes change to more fit a story, but the main character idea is fairly static across all worlds. I've wanted to see him drawn for so long, and have him accurately depicted in order to give people a good visual of the same character I see in my head.

Below is the request sheet filled out in full, if you think you can fulfill my request please come talk to me so we can get this done in good time in a good manner. If you do this for me I'll let you request something from me in the realms of writing, preferably poetry if you like that. I can't very well give money but I can do my best to give some sort of payment.

Name: Dallas Robertson

Age: 19-21

Dallas is a mixture between dark and brooding and flirtatious as hell. It's an awkward mixture truthfully, at least in the way that he portrays it. If one were to see Dallas on the streets or in some sort of store he'd often be that guy sticking close to walls with a hand in his pocket and a slight sway in his hips that just screamed "come at me bitch" in a way that was both provocative and slightly unsettling. Though that isn't to say he wouldn't ever be seen laughing with a big toothy grin, getting his entire body into it. You might even find him crying on the sidewalk with a silent stoicism.

Physique: Dallas stands tall at a solid 6'2" with shoulders neither narrow nor broad. He has the build of your average Joe. He has some noticeable muscles but they are far from chiseled and defined, more smooth and round than anything, layered over with just a dash of baby fat his body seems to refuse to lose. He has long, thick legs and a bicycler's ass.

Facial Features: He has a round face with a well defined jaw, but you wouldn't call it hyper-masculine. His nose is a little bit like a button, but isn't really small per say, anyone would tell you that its the nose that makes him attractive though. He has blue-green eyes and full (not large, full) eyebrows that help him look a little imposing. He has a well trimmed beard in the style of a chin strap, but it's not a thin line like most would do. He has dark brown to black hair at medium length, long enough to go past his ears but not long enough to touch his shoulders. It's typically parted to his left, almost hanging over his eye but not quite there, the right side of the part is brushed behind his ear. His hair flares up at the ends in a wavy fashion, but the rest of his hair is fairly straight.

Clothing: Dallas dresses in dark clothing with your typical canvas sneakers. He loves dark grey or black jeans that are a little loose so as not to be too form fitting, and often wears a black cloth belt to help hold them up. He wears a black and dark red hoodie-jacket, the zipper, sleeve cuffs, hood, and pockets all being red, as well as the inside of the hoodie. Underneath it he typically wears some sort of t-shirt whether it be white, red, or black (not many other colors). His Tees often sport words and phrases like "Love," "Blood of a Lion," or "Tasteless Shit Here." He's also often been spotted wearing black and red headphones.

Dallas' original iteration was from a midwestern town known as Hope, known primarily for it's wonderful hospital or its ginormous mall. Dallas was often found outside or inside a music shop where he'd stare at CDs and talk to the owner about Post-Hardcore bands, NuMetal, and Punk music. It's not a very active town outside the mall, and would probably be considered somewhat dead if not for the immense amount of traffic centered around the mall.

Other: In his right ear Dallas wears a silver stud piercing, on his right forearm is tattooed the word "Love" and on his arm is tattooed the phrase "I Believe In Dreams" wrapping up and around his arm starting at his wrist. Around his neck Dallas wears a silver chain with a large piece of polished obsidian carved into a pattern resembling the moon. Sometimes he wears sunglasses.
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Hola Bugsy! I'm whisper, and I'd be interested in drawing Mr. Robertson! If you do let me draw him, I must warn you that it may take a bit of time because I'm also currently working on a garment piece to enter to a contest, and to top it off I have art juries this week and beginning on the 16th of this month my midterms will be here (for another week of hell). But, I can promise you that it can be done either by or after Christmas.

If you have any questions or would like to give me a shot at drawing him please don't hesitate to PM me or email me at

Thank you for your time and I hope to hear from you soon!