Character Personality Flaws


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EVERY person has a flaw. Every. Single. Person.

A big mistake new roleplayers make is trying to have a "perfect" character. Their personality is always so friendly, good to people, etc. They're just awesome perfect people.

And that is very unrealistic! Even the nicest people will have flaws.

I stumbled over this character flaw list which is really well done!

What are your favorite PERSONALITY flaws to give a character?
I love making my characters really ditzy, but headstrong. They also like to talk too much.
I like making conceded characters, self serving jerks. Also ones that lack Common courtesy, I have So much fun playing those types.
Pride! It can so bite a character in the ass even though they think it's a good thing. Virtues can be the best flaws, but it is also harder to do.
Done quite a few..But the funnest ones are IMO

Characters who are reckless, egotists, and sometimes those whom have an unhealthy obsession with obtaining power, a goal of some sort or it's aimed at another character.
Well, it's flaw to some, but a quality to others: dorkiness. >:3 I love to make characters that are complete dorks. Say and do funny things just to make people laugh, even if they come off as annoying!

Also, characters with bad tempers are fun, too. Especially if they're adorable, therefore hard to take seriously... Though, all powerful ones come with their own kind of enjoyment. Such as, destroying and killing things~ Though, karma usually comes back to get them.

Cockiness, too... Hehehe.
Hard to say if I have favorites, really. I think each character I make kind of comes pre-packaged with a few of his or her own individual "issues". I've had bitter characters, naive/inexperienced characters, jaded old characters, over-talkative characters, over-serious characters, under-serious characters, a sociopath (at least as far as I understand the term), characters with serious rage issues, even one terminally depressed and fatalistic guy (though that wasn't an RP character, written for another purpose)...

Also, that list seems to have a lot of non-personality stuff in it, such as "cursed" and "unlucky"...
Lately I seem to be writing a lot of fairly cocky little fuckers with limited understanding of their own mortality.

With any luck, the stories these guys are involved in will deem fit to ensure a serious dose of 'grow-the-fuck-up' is beaten into them.
Mental disorders are fun. Especially bi-polar issues. Though I haven't tried one yet, I might just do that for my next character.