Character Origination Prompts: Week 31

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I'm open to a wide range of genres. Obscenely wide. It's harder for me to list all I do like than all I don't like. My absolute favorite is mixed and multiverse, but I'm not limited to those.

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Character Origination Prompts​

Time to make a new character, but you're clueless? Just want to invite a new person to live in your head? Want to round out a character who's been untouched for a while?

This thread is for you and anyone else who feels like doing character work today.

Use as many or as few of the prompts as you like, and create!

How Do I Take Part?​
Each week, I will post three random prompts in line with the title theme: images, text, dialog, links to articles, or other neat things that seem like they could spark new life. I may also include bonus rounds! You can make whatever character you want, and they don't have to fit everything (or anything at all).

I'll provide an (optional) "basic" character sheet that you can use.

Click Here for the Optional Character Sheet
[b]Full Name:[/b]
(Including titles.)

(Including titles that aren't part of formal address.)

(Could include a few notes on if they're variant or unusual.)

(Don't be afraid to be descriptive!)

(Actual and/or apparent.)

(Gender, physical sex, and preferences.)

(Color, shape, position...)

(Color and style.)

(Facial and skin descriptions. Eyes, nose, mouth, eyebrows, etc.)


(Bone structure, musculature, amount of fat, body shape—this is great for giving an idea of history and personality.)

(What do they wear?)

[b]Body Mods:[/b]
(Scars, tattoos, piercings, prosthetics, and more.)

(What do people think when they encounter this character the first time?)

(Describe the tone, manner, volume, and more about how a character communicates: should include any nonverbal communication methods too!)

(Big or small, what frightens the character?)

[b]Motivation:[/b] (One of the two links below might be helpful.)


[b]Virtues:[/b] (Definitions below, pick however many fit and describe how, if you are so inclined.)
Chastity ([i]Castitas[/i])
A habit of controlling inappropriate physical desires and impulses.
Temperence ([i]Temperantia[/i])
Attentiveness to one's needs, with restraint from wasteful excess.
Charity ([i]Caritas[/i])
Willingly giving of the self to ensure others' happiness and health.
Diligence ([i]Industria[/i])
The habit for performing work with perseverance, honesty, and care.
Patience ([i]Patientia[/i])
The ability to forgive and eagerness to seek paths toward harmony.
Kindness ([i]Humanitas[/i])
The sharing of one's skills and possessions for the sake of others.
Humility ([i]Humilitas[/i])
Prioritizing of other individuals and the community above oneself.

[b]Vices:[/b] (Definitions below, pick however many fit and describe how, if you are so inclined.)
Lust ([i]Luxuria[/i])
The lack of self-control over one's bodily desires and urges.
Gluttony ([i]Gula[/i])
Overindulgence and overconsumption to the point of waste or harm.
Greed ([i]Avaritia[/i])
A disproportionate valuing of material wealth and its acquisition.
Sloth ([i]Acedia[/i])
Habitual apathy or aversion to effort that results in detriment.
Wrath ([i]Ira[/i])
Uncontrolled urges that encourage one to harm to others and self.
Envy ([i]Invidia[/i])
Sad or resentful desire toward traits or possessions of another.
Pride ([i]Superbia[/i])
Obsession with one's own superiority to the detriment of others.

(What they're good at.)

(What they're not good at.)

(Habits and other little things.)

[b]Racial Details:[/b]
(Optional details about the character's race.)


(Write a brief backstory.)

(You can include something meant to catch interest here.)

  1. Historical-style fantasy setting. This character shares a living place with servants.
  2. They have an impeccable sense of style and vanity to match.
  3. They're really good at what they do... when they aren't working.

Bonus Rounds:
  • The character isn't a servant.
  • Hard-cooked eggs are their favorite food basis: they like salted eggs, deviled eggs, egg salad, etc.


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Romance, Fantasy, Tudor, Historical, Magical
Full Name: Sir Alfred Hastings

Nicknames: Hasty to those men he fights with and ONLY those men

Species: Human

Occupation: Knight, formerly a member of the kings castle guard and infantry man, now one who trains other men

Age: 57

Sexuality: He likes the ladies, sometimes in groups even.

Eyes: Blue like a clear summer day

Hair: Was blond as a young man but his hair has gotten a bit muddy in color as he's ages and now is shot through with a lot of gray

Features: Thick eyebrows that move and are very expressive when he speaks, especially so when eh's angry or aggressive, He also had many battle scars from various war injuries, and afew scars from other incidents usually involving angry husbands

Height: 6'3"

Build: Thickly muscled from years of hard fighting and working in full armor, rather hairy man as well a fact that he likes to flaunt especially to the ladies.

Outfit: During work, he is in full armor at other times he is more casual in boots, dark pants tucked in the boots, and loose poet shirts that tie loosely at the neck showing off that chest hair he's so proud of, a matching vest and thick leather belt girds his waist that always had the scabbard of his longsword attached. He is never found without protection. Never.

Body Mods: Lots of scars, all members of the royal guard are branded upon completion of the training on their forearm. The king's crest consists of an eagle with six arrows in its claws. There are at all times six members of the royal guard.

Impression: If you meet him in battle you will think only that he is huge and you are about to pummeled. If you meet him in a tavern you will think he is a charming cheerful guy.

Voice: He has a very deep bass voice that rumbles across your skin which can make a woman swoon and a man tremble

Fears: That the men he trains will realize that he loves plants and woodworking.

Motivation: He wants to make people happy, and generally that's what he's trying to do. He admires and respects the king and has been grateful to serve him in the guard and enjoys the perks that come along with that position.



Charity (Caritas)
Diligence (Industria)
Patience (Patientia)
Kindness (Humanitas)


Lust (Luxuria)
Envy (Invidia)
Pride (Superbia)

Strengths: Making ladies happy, anything he plants grows incredibly well, is quite good with wood and has made most of the furniture in his home.

Weaknesses: Being a soldier is not what he's best at though it's his profession, making ladies happy

Quirks: He tells almost every woman he meets that her eyes pierce his soul.


Alfred happened into the service of the king as part of his royal guard quite by accident. He'd been living with friends and helping them plant a garden and build a new fence, as his strong back was always a welcome thing to anyone he was staying with as were his ways with plants. He saw an ornate coach being overtaken by a group of men on horseback and without thinking, jumped over the fence and grabbed a man off his horse and hauled him to the ground with brute force. As he did so, the shovel he had been using flew from his hand and struck another man and stunned him so that he fell off his horse. The men driving the coach were then able to pick off the others and soon the coach returned and he found himself in the presence of the king. Now grabbing the guy had been a total accident, since he'd meant to hit him with the shovel that had flown from his hands. Still the king had been impressed and offered him the vacant position in the royal guard with no training at all. This turned out to be great for Alfred and no so great for the men he had to work with from that point onward. NO matter how much he messed up or bumbled things, the King's support of him remained steadfast even until the day he retired and was asked to train others. Alfred was completely unaware of his own ineptitude, and had a good deal of dumb luck fall into his lap at ties as well. He allowed the praise and constant good will of the king to give him somewhat of a swelled head.

Currently Alfred is living with his long time friend, a blacksmith, and his wife who is a scullery maid in the palace. It's apparent to everyone but him that he is good at just about everything aside from what he does for a living. things are about to happen though that show him plainly what everyone else already knows.
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