Character Origination Prompts: Week 28

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I'm open to a wide range of genres. Obscenely wide. It's harder for me to list all I do like than all I don't like. My absolute favorite is mixed and multiverse, but I'm not limited to those.

• Mixed Genre
• Multiverse
• High Fantasy
• Hard Fantasy
• Low Fantasy
• OP Fantasy
• Science Fantasy
• Modern Fantasy
• Soft Scifi
• Science Fantasy
• Low Scifi
• OP Science Fantasy
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Character Origination Prompts​

Time to make a new character, but you're clueless? Just want to invite a new person to live in your head? Want to round out a character who's been untouched for a while?

This thread is for you and anyone else who feels like doing character work today.

Use as many or as few of the prompts as you like, and create!

How Do I Take Part?​
Each week, I will post three random prompts in line with the title theme: images, text, dialog, links to articles, or other neat things that seem like they could spark new life. I may also include bonus rounds! You can make whatever character you want, and they don't have to fit everything (or anything at all).

I'll provide an (optional) "basic" character sheet that you can use.

Click Here for the Optional Character Sheet
[b]Full Name:[/b]
(Including titles.)

(Including titles that aren't part of formal address.)

(Could include a few notes on if they're variant or unusual.)

(Don't be afraid to be descriptive!)

(Actual and/or apparent.)

(Gender, physical sex, and preferences.)

(Color, shape, position...)

(Color and style.)

(Facial and skin descriptions. Eyes, nose, mouth, eyebrows, etc.)


(Bone structure, musculature, amount of fat, body shape—this is great for giving an idea of history and personality.)

(What do they wear?)

[b]Body Mods:[/b]
(Scars, tattoos, piercings, prosthetics, and more.)

(What do people think when they encounter this character the first time?)

(Describe the tone, manner, volume, and more about how a character communicates: should include any nonverbal communication methods too!)

(Big or small, what frightens the character?)

[b]Motivation:[/b] (One of the two links below might be helpful.)


[b]Virtues:[/b] (Definitions below, pick however many fit and describe how, if you are so inclined.)
Chastity ([i]Castitas[/i])
A habit of controlling inappropriate physical desires and impulses.
Temperence ([i]Temperantia[/i])
Attentiveness to one's needs, with restraint from wasteful excess.
Charity ([i]Caritas[/i])
Willingly giving of the self to ensure others' happiness and health.
Diligence ([i]Industria[/i])
The habit for performing work with perseverance, honesty, and care.
Patience ([i]Patientia[/i])
The ability to forgive and eagerness to seek paths toward harmony.
Kindness ([i]Humanitas[/i])
The sharing of one's skills and possessions for the sake of others.
Humility ([i]Humilitas[/i])
Prioritizing of other individuals and the community above oneself.

[b]Vices:[/b] (Definitions below, pick however many fit and describe how, if you are so inclined.)
Lust ([i]Luxuria[/i])
The lack of self-control over one's bodily desires and urges.
Gluttony ([i]Gula[/i])
Overindulgence and overconsumption to the point of waste or harm.
Greed ([i]Avaritia[/i])
A disproportionate valuing of material wealth and its acquisition.
Sloth ([i]Acedia[/i])
Habitual apathy or aversion to effort that results in detriment.
Wrath ([i]Ira[/i])
Uncontrolled urges that encourage one to harm to others and self.
Envy ([i]Invidia[/i])
Sad or resentful desire toward traits or possessions of another.
Pride ([i]Superbia[/i])
Obsession with one's own superiority to the detriment of others.

(What they're good at.)

(What they're not good at.)

(Habits and other little things.)

[b]Racial Details:[/b]
(Optional details about the character's race.)


(Write a brief backstory.)

(You can include something meant to catch interest here.)

  1. This character struggles with depression.
  2. They also have anxiety.
  3. Curly hair is a must.

Bonus Rounds:
  • Include a dog as a companion.
  • Write a small scene involving the character that's either cute and funny or buckets of tears.


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Romance, Fantasy, Tudor, Historical, Magical
Full Name:
Doctor Hector Reynaldo Ramirez

Doc, Rey

Human, hispanic

Runs a clinic in a rural area south of Mexico City at the base of the Sierra Madre Del Sur Mountains, he is the only doctor for over fifty miles.


heterosexual, but has been alone for over ten years.

Large brown eyes with slightly drooping lids giving him a lazy or tired look at all times

Very dark brown and uncontrollable curls that tend to go in every direction off his head. At one time he attempted tot ame it with gel, but he has long since given up on it.

His skin tone if a warm chocolate brown, and his is still fairly well muscled for his age, because he has no assistant at the clinic. He does all the lifting and loading of goods, farming for food, and all repairs on the building alone. He had a noticeable scar on his right shoulder from when he was in college in the united states and was attacked by a mugger and slashed on his arm to get his laptop and wallet. He had thick brows and a wide nose and squared jaw. Not terrible looking or overly handsome but somewhere in between.


He has muscles that are lithe and tone from use in physical work, his legs also are strong and well tones and he has above average stamina as a result.

He can generally be seen in camouflage pants of a khaki color and a matching t-shirt. If he is seeing a patient for a routine appointment he will don his white medical jacket. in emergencies he doesn't bother.

Body Mods:

Most people upon meeting hector for the first time believe he is a lazy sluggard. But once they come to know him they respect and admire his dedication to his work and the people he serves.

Hector is a soft spoken man, with the ability to make even the shyest of people feel comfortable to speak with him. He has a way of calming with his rich baritone voice that aids him greatly in his work. He does not look as if he would be overly intelligent but upon speaking to him anyone would find him to be articulate and thoughtful in his choices of expression and communication.

Greatest fear...that he will die alone and never find love.

Motivation: (One of the two links below might be helpful.)
Hector grew up in a poverty stricken area north of Mexico City. His parents both died of curable infection because there were doctors available to treat them. He had the great fortune of being accepted into an exchange program and educated in the united States. He worked hard and was admitted to college on a full scholarship. Once he completed all of his studies he returned to Mexico determined to provide a better life for the poor people.


Virtues: (Definitions below, pick however many fit and describe how, if you are so inclined.)

Temperence (Temperantia)
He maintains a healthy lifestyle, that is mostly sustainable, so that he can direct any and all monies he receives into buying medicines and vaccines for the people.
Charity (Caritas)
Gives of himself, his time, his money in a very selfless manner
Diligence (Industria)
He is rarely idle as there is far more work to do than he can ever finish in a day/
Kindness (Humanitas)
He is very compassionate and caring with his patients and his neighbors and is known for being so by people who are not even close to his area.
Humility (Humilitas)
He hates lauds and awards, and never puts any stock in them.

Vices: (Definitions below, pick however many fit and describe how, if you are so inclined.)

Envy (Invidia)
He does battle envy when he sees happy couples come to him with children.
Pride (Superbia)
While he is humble he does recognize that his intelligence and education are superior to most others he comes into contact with and he is proud of his accomplishments.

Time management, finishing tasks once started, intelligent, insightful, able to unravel an issue and solve problems quickly and effectively, can learn just about anything with a book or manual, does not give up

Seeing the rosy side of things, pushing away sad thoughts, horrible driver so tries not to use his car...ever, not much of a cook, but he only cooks for himself so he guesses it doesn't matter.

He has about ten stray animals that he has somehow 'adopted' and he isn't really sure how it happened. The dog is especially reluctant to leave him, even though he tries to give it away, or chase it off. It always comes back.


Hector's earliest memories are of sleeping in a cardboard box house his father built from ten boxes. He didn't mind this since everyone around him had the same living situation. He was sent as a very young boy of maybe five, he's not sure to be honest, into the markets to beg, or pick up anything he could. His parents were very firm about stealing though, no stealing because that could get you put in jail and he was needed to help the family. He was only eight when he parents fell sick. He didn't totally understand what was happening, but they grew weaker and weaker, burning hot with fever. he tried to get help, but no one would come to see them and before long they both stopped breathing. He had a little sister then who was three years younger than he was and he had no idea what to do. He put her on his back and walked into the market and called out for help. He begged and pleaded with people to help him but no one listened. They spent five days on the street with very little to eat or drink and he was sure they were going to die as well, when a woman with yellow hair found them huddled under a tree in the rain. She spoke an odd language that he didn't understand totally, but he'd heard many times in the market. She offered a bottle of water and he eagerly took it and gave to his sister first and when she was done he drank the rest. She convinced him to follow her and carried his sister as he did. They arrived at an orphanage and there they received clean clothes, a hot meal and a warm bed to sleep in. They worked, planting food, digging and doing laundry, among other things but he didn't mind. There was always a warm bed and food to eat and his sister was thriving. The yellow haired woman noticed that he was smart and learned quickly and arranged for him to participate in an exchange program. He went to the United States and soon caught up in his studies with children his age in spite of the fact that he had never been to school. He was a sponge for information and never grew tired of learning. He had letters of recommendation from every one of his high school teachers to attend college and he did so on a full scholarship. he excelled here as well and graduated a year early with honors. He spent the next years of his life in internship and residency before completing all the requirements for being a doctor. He then returned to Mexico and the orphanage to thank the yellow haired woman only to find she had passed while he was finishing school. His sister had married and was living south of Mexico City, so he went to find her. What he found made his heart sick. She was lying in bed, great with child and suffering greatly. her hands and feet were swollen and he was afraid she had preeclampsia. he grabbed his medical bag and checked her blood pressure and found it to be dangerously high. He wrapped her feet with ace bandages and elevated them and gave her medication to lower her blood pressure. He asked her many questions and soon found out there were no doctors in the area, and that they could not afford to go to the city. He knew then that this would be the place to build his clinic. He would be close to his sister and be of use as well. sadly, his sister died in childbirth shortly after he arrived, but he still continued to build so that no others would suffer the same fate. He has been here ever since, never married or having a family of his own.


He has recently been contacted by the peace corps to see if he would accept some volunteer help.