PROMPT Character Origination Prompts: Week 21

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  1. Character Origination Prompts​

    Time to make a new character, but you're clueless? Just want to invite a new person to live in your head? Want to round out a character who's been untouched for a while?

    This thread is for you and anyone else who feels like doing character work today.

    Use as many or as few of the prompts as you like, and create!

    How Do I Take Part?​
    Each week, I will post three random prompts in line with the title theme: images, text, dialog, links to articles, or other neat things that seem like they could spark new life. I may also include bonus rounds! You can make whatever character you want, and they don't have to fit everything (or anything at all).

    I'll provide an (optional) "basic" character sheet that you can use.

    Click Here for the Optional Character Sheet
    [b]Full Name:[/b]
    (Including titles.)

    (Including titles that aren't part of formal address.)

    (Could include a few notes on if they're variant or unusual.)

    (Don't be afraid to be descriptive!)

    (Actual and/or apparent.)

    (Gender, physical sex, and preferences.)

    (Color, shape, position...)

    (Color and style.)

    (Facial and skin descriptions. Eyes, nose, mouth, eyebrows, etc.)


    (Bone structure, musculature, amount of fat, body shape—this is great for giving an idea of history and personality.)

    (What do they wear?)

    [b]Body Mods:[/b]
    (Scars, tattoos, piercings, prosthetics, and more.)

    (What do people think when they encounter this character the first time?)

    (Describe the tone, manner, volume, and more about how a character communicates: should include any nonverbal communication methods too!)

    (Big or small, what frightens the character?)

    [b]Motivation:[/b] (One of the two links below might be helpful.)


    [b]Virtues:[/b] (Definitions below, pick however many fit and describe how, if you are so inclined.)
    Chastity ([i]Castitas[/i])
    A habit of controlling inappropriate physical desires and impulses.
    Temperence ([i]Temperantia[/i])
    Attentiveness to one's needs, with restraint from wasteful excess.
    Charity ([i]Caritas[/i])
    Willingly giving of the self to ensure others' happiness and health.
    Diligence ([i]Industria[/i])
    The habit for performing work with perseverance, honesty, and care.
    Patience ([i]Patientia[/i])
    The ability to forgive and eagerness to seek paths toward harmony.
    Kindness ([i]Humanitas[/i])
    The sharing of one's skills and possessions for the sake of others.
    Humility ([i]Humilitas[/i])
    Prioritizing of other individuals and the community above oneself.

    [b]Vices:[/b] (Definitions below, pick however many fit and describe how, if you are so inclined.)
    Lust ([i]Luxuria[/i])
    The lack of self-control over one's bodily desires and urges.
    Gluttony ([i]Gula[/i])
    Overindulgence and overconsumption to the point of waste or harm.
    Greed ([i]Avaritia[/i])
    A disproportionate valuing of material wealth and its acquisition.
    Sloth ([i]Acedia[/i])
    Habitual apathy or aversion to effort that results in detriment.
    Wrath ([i]Ira[/i])
    Uncontrolled urges that encourage one to harm to others and self.
    Envy ([i]Invidia[/i])
    Sad or resentful desire toward traits or possessions of another.
    Pride ([i]Superbia[/i])
    Obsession with one's own superiority to the detriment of others.

    (What they're good at.)

    (What they're not good at.)

    (Habits and other little things.)

    [b]Racial Details:[/b]
    (Optional details about the character's race.)


    (Write a brief backstory.)

    (You can include something meant to catch interest here.)

    1. This character is either canine, or has canine tendencies.
    2. Jealousy is a driving force at odds with another part of their nature.
    3. This character exists in a futuristic setting.

    Bonus Rounds:
    • The character is conservative in some way.
    • The character is often underestimated.