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  1. The following is a quick character sheet for your world. It is perfect for a small world that a party will only be visiting for a short time, a world you want to flesh out as you play, or just to get you started on building a world. Note that for the latter two scenarios, you are going to be expanding a great deal on each section as time goes on, but this is a nice start.

    World Name:
    Star’s name:
    World’s position in star system:

    Sum up your world in one sentence:

    Number satellites:
    Number of continents:
    Number of oceans:
    Dominant species:
    Percentage land:
    Population size:
    Main land mass:
    Planetary health:

    Technology level:
    Technology direction:
    (improving or decreasing?)

    Dominant religion:
    Current rulers:
    Capitol Cities:
    Important resources:
    Exports (if offworld trade exists):
    Imports (if offworld trade exists):
    Architecture style:
    Basic family structure:
    Significance of art:

    3 major historical events:
    3 major prehistorical events:
    3 major current events:
  2. Very cool.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.