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Fantasy, Horror and Sci-fi. I'll try basically anything though. I also love strange and unusual RP genre concepts. Different is good!

How do you pick names for your character? Do you have names that you reuse over and over? Is there a website that you use to pick names?

I just pick a letter and work off on that pretty much. Sometimes I consult to online for good names but never really use them since either A.) They are common names
and/or B.) I didn't come up with them on my own so I shouldn't really use them
That depends what their intent is. If it is one with no restrictions then I really just think of a name off the top of my head. I do choose descent though, whether I want it Japanese, Chinese, Russian, American, etc.

Although if I do want to get a little more specific I will go hunting for names from the heritage which they originate or find something mythic that I want the name to be based off of. Such as Thor and name the character after his son by either using a name similiar to, an annogram of, or exactly the name.
I haven't RPed much, but so far I've been using the names I use for RP video game characters :3
I don't like to reuse names, since I save all of my characters and recycle them when I can. >> I don't want to get them confused with each other. But sometimes I like a certain name a lot and end up using it more than once anyway. XD

Otherwise, how I pick a name depends on what the roleplay is about and where the setting is. Like if a setting is in a certain time period or country, I like to have a name that fits in well. If it's a generic modern rp I might pick out whatever name seems neat and sounds good or fits the character personality. And if it's a fantasy game I might make up a pretty name.

I really like going to baby name sites and picking names that have a specific meaning that fits the personality or life of my character! I feel like the name should reflect who the character is. D:
Mostly make em up, like Kraw for instance, just was a name that fits a lizard demon. If I can't, then I go searching for names based on either personality traits or names that mean an important part of a character.. Like say naming a fire user Sera, which is the short form of Latin Seraphina, meaning "burning one" or "serpent. Things like that.

I don't reuse names. Simply is no need, there's lots out there to choose from.

One site I do like for names though when I am uninspired is...

Lotsa names there, lots of ways to categorize them too and it tends to explain the meaning and the gender intended for them as well, so works out nicely.
Great link, Weavel. Bookmarked. is my favorite! XD
I sit there, reflecting on the subject matter and making stupid sounds until finally something forms that sounds like a name.

In fact, that's how I write roleplay posts. I hear a static noise of Kenneth Brannagh shouting in my head and I let it drive me to the point of madness before attacking the keyboard like a sexually-frustrated bear.
I tend to use Gaelic and Welsh names for fantasy games. They sound nice, but are pronounceable. (Aleron, Fionn, Mandubrath) Depending on the character's social status, I might give them a Roman name to make them sound more stately or royal: (Aegis, Cassander, Titus) Other names I either make up existing names, or adopt from other works (Wolperting, Octoberius, Valen).
Basically, I make a character, and think of a name based on what they're like or if they have any special powers/abilities. I'll usually pick a word that has somehow describes them, and bastardize it to the point of it sounding neat and unique.
I try to choose a name that coordinates with their role in life. Or, for the lulz, I'll make the complete opposite. I use all sorts of names because I play all sorts of ethnicity. Makes it fun that way.

If I ever draw a blank on a name, I search my memory for any nice ones I saw on the mailing lists at work. I spend hours address envelopes sometimes, so I see all kinds of cool names and register them to my mind, so I may use it for a character.
I just get random inspirations when I'm trying to make a character. I think of what I want in my character, what she's like and how she might act and then different ideas go through my mind, sounds or names I know, it depends. I say it to myself a couple times and if it sounds good, voila! If not, I usually end up tweaking the original idea until I like it or sometimes scrapping it entirely if partway through I get a different inspiration.
I reuse Jack, Cid (and any other forms of Cid), and a few others alot, but that's mainly because I can't settle on another name to save my ass.
I've been trying to make different, and 2000 names seems real damn useful. THANKS!
Depends on the character/time setting etc, but most of the time I start with a character description (or picture) and pick out names that my character "looks like"

Unless I'm using an idol picture, then I just mash a surname and first name of random idols together to get a new name.
I generally creep alot of people on facebook, and randomly come across people with cool names. Kekekekekeke. 'Tis how I roll.