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A project between firejay1 firejay1 and me, but everyone is free to join if they want and are interested. You can find the first round by clicking the link.

Step 1: compile a list of your characters numbered 1-10. Any character will do, from memorable NPC’s you have written to your very first OC. It is important that the selected characters are randomly chosen and not by intention of whoever suits the prompt more. It is more fun that way!

Step 2: write a scene, or a few paragraphs according to the numbers and the prompts corresponding. Can be long, can be short, just have fun. It is free game how you choose to answer the prompts as long as it stays relevant to the prompts!

1: 8, 6, and 9 fall down into the water. What does 7 do?

2: 7 forgot their homework and asks 4, what is their reaction?

3: It is storming at night and 5 suddenly appears at 9’s door for shelter and comfort. 2, 6, 8 appear soon after as well. What happens?

4: 2 falls on their head and suffers amnesia. What does 4 do?

5: 10 and 5 wake up to find that they have switched lives. What is the first thing they do?

6: 7 gets to choose who to fuck, marry, or kill between 5, 9, and 1. What will their choice be?

7: 10 and 3 are locked in a small and dark place, what happens?

8: 8, 2, 1, and 3 become homeless and hungry, what will they do to survive?

9: 10 and 1 are playing a prank on 3, how does it play out?

10: 4 uncovers a dark family secret about 6. What is their reaction?