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  1. welcome to
    a continent of a thousand stories
    that rise like wisps of smoke,
    ride the winds
    then fall away to nothing
    below, the fire that feeds the updraft
    is stoked by the three lesser-demiurges
    riding on the stolen coattails of the old-gods
    a dystopian fantasy.​

    [b]Name:[/b] (no modern names) BE BRIEF!
    [b]Race:[/b] (if original, please PM details to the GMs) BE BRIEF!
    [b]Nation:[/b] (Kaustir, Viridos, Pegulis, or the Prosperos - no unaligned characters) BE BRIEF!
    [b]Appearance:[/b] (Picture preferred, no more than 400px in width) BE BRIEF!
    [b]Occupation:[/b] (Sunne is a harsh land. How do you survive day-to-day?) BE BRIEF!
    [b]Notable Skills:[/b] (4 maximum. Do NOT list basic survival skills) BE BRIEF!
    [b]Notable Possessions:[/b] (4 maximum. Do NOT list basic survival gear.) BE BRIEF!
    [B]Aux:[/B] (An animal, item or aura that appeared when you were born) BE BRIEF!
    [B]Advents:[/B] (For 1 minute a day, the aux can fuse with the crux to create a minor miracle from two of your notable skills)
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  2. Reserved Post for Accepted Characters:
  3. Amara Desini Race: Human

    Nation: Pegulis

    Occupation: Barvelle Scout and Trapper

    Notable Skills:
    Keen Observer: Amara can read a person's body language like a book and can gather what an animal is feeling by their physical reactions. This helps her with knowing when an animal it alerted to her presence or, in social situations, allows her to react appropriately to the person she's conversing with.

    Tracking: Depending on how disturbed the environment is, Amara can tell a lot about a trail left behind like whether or not the entity is injured, which direction it's heading and possibly where it's going, and, if the path is commonly traveled, can use this information to place traps and quite possibly ambush her game.

    Natural Navigation: So far Amara has demonstrated a keen sense of direction and seems to always know which direction she's heading without ever having to look at a compass, and in case she does need some guidance, she can always look towards the stars and use what knowledge she was of the environment to her advantage.

    Resourceful: Amara's father taught her a lot about building naturally made structures incase she was in need of shelter and fast. From snow to using surrounding foliage and geography, she can construct a small shelter to keep her and her Aux safe from the elements. Her father also taught her how to make traps and crude weapons in the event of either being inaccessible.

    Notable Possessions: Amara travels light and mostly keeps with her basic survival gear, but if one was paying close enough attention or perhaps knew what they were looking for they'd catch a glimpse of a small pouch attached to her belt containing small, strange stones she found and brings with her on hunting trips fancying them lucky.

    : Amara isn't entirely sure what Tang is, only that he's blind and mute, created without eyes and the ability to speak. There was once a time he was animated, now he simply watches the world pass by with subtle exhaustion.

    Third Eye [Natural Navigation]: For one minute per day Amara can 'see' up to a ten feet radius around her and mentally map out her surroundings.

    Empathy [Keen Observer]: For one minute per day Amara can feel what another is feeling but tends to not reveal this advent.

    Devil's Luck [Resourceful]: For one minute per day Amara can change her luck to be in her favor.
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  4. Name: Nu

    Race: Human

    Nation: Kaustir


    Occupation: Itinerant. The Red Demiurge's ex-bodyguard.

    Notable Skills:
    - Bloodhound: Offensively single-minded
    - Desert survival: Can remain burrowed in the sand for three days with an air pipe
    - Martial arts
    - Old connections

    Notable Possessions:
    - Wraith cloak and mask
    - Hate
    - A sick companion
    - Silence

    Aux: Vulture

    - Bloodhound: can follow the scent of old friends
    - Desert survival: conjure up water where there is none
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  5. Chelena

    Race: Nocturne

    Nation: Kaustir

    Occupation: Itinerant, Ex-Thief and Acrobat

    Notable Skills:
    Color Perception: Chelena does not view the world like normal people, in a combination of the five senses. Her brain takes the stimuli, and shoves them together into a single interpretation of the world, processed as colors. This leaves her incredibly aware of her surroundings, as she does not rely on any one sense, and recognizes even tiny pieces of stimuli. However, if she does not have time to adjust to a sudden increase in stimuli, it is also easy for her to become overwhelmed.

    Desert Survival: After many months travel with Nu, Chelena has finally learned the ins and outs of desert survival.

    Acrobat: Chelena suffers from a serious illness, but should she become healthy again she would be able to quickly regain the remarkable flexibility and dexterity she once possessed.

    Security Master: Chelena knows her way around almost any security measure that are put in place to guard valuables. Locks, pressure plates, light traps, even magic traps, are hardly a hindrance to her.

    Notable Possessions:

    Illness: In a desperate move by Tattersal, when the Czar was still in the Cheronese, Chelena allowed herself to be infected with a deadly illness in an attempt to kill the Desert Star. Chelena's success was never known, and she was thrown out to die, where she was rescued by Nu and spirited away to Old Kaustir.

    Bag of Herbs: Chelena has a dwindling bag of fungi and other desert herbs, which are the only things to slow her worsening illness

    A silent companion: They may not talk much, but Nu and Chelena are never far from each other's side.

    Aux: Vethe, once a richly black and cyan snake, now a pale shade of grey. Instead of possessing scales, Vethe has a combination of feathers, fur, and scales.

    Color Memory: For one minute, Chelena can connect forgotten stimuli with the things she now experiences. This allows her to find nearly impossible patterns, fight more effectively against an unknown combat style, or crack the latest and greatest security.

    Mesmer: Either by voice or by movement, for one minute Chelena can completely hypnotize anyone who observes her. She can use this time to implant suggestions into the minds of the observers, or plumb information from their minds.
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  6. [​IMG]
    Name: Shardis (Shar for short)

    Race: Snow Leopard Anima

    Nation: Shar hails from the wilds close to the city Aldus of Pegulis

    Appearance: She is from the snow leopard variety of Anima. She has pierced ears with many rings, chains and studs of various sizes dangling from them.

    Occupation: Archaeologist (step-sister to Medwick)

    Notable Skills:
    ~Scimitar combat - a basic knowledge of swordsmanship.
    ~Mountaineering - experience working at high elevation dig sites in Pegulis.
    ~Knife throwing skills.

    Notable Possessions:

    A scimitar, throwing knives, and a small first aid kit that contains peppermint for upset tummies, aloe for burns and small scrapes, arnica for pain and inflammation, clove oil for numbing and gauze for binding.

    Aux: Tandra


    Pathfinder - Tandra can help Shar judge the obstacle course for quick and easy navigation, improve her balance and avoid threats along the way for one minute. This skill can then be applied to urban environments as and when encountering them.

    Arcane reader - This improves Shardis' ability to read and understand the old symbols and writings from the past for one minute.

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  7. Ophanim Hayyoth

    Race: Avian
    Nation: Pegulis
    Occupation: Clockmaker & Locksmith

    Notable Skills:
    Dexterous - Very skilful with his hands, a trait much needed for his job as his tools are sensitive.
    Lock picking - Being a locksmith himself Ophanim has vast knowledge on how they are made and to be opened.
    Perceptive - Has a great eye for detail, change and style.
    Forging - Ophanim has little to no trouble with copying down signatures and hand writings.

    Notable Possessions:
    Wooden kit - with various clock/lock maker tools
    Monocle - to make it easier to tinker around with the tiny, delicate, parts of a watch
    Golem blue prints - Remainder of his last adventure

    Aux: Bronze lock with a smooth surface, one can hear something tick inside of it in the pace of a heart beat.

    Peeking Tom - Once a day, for one minute Ophanim and his aux can share their vision when in a distance of within the 30 feet. However it will be as if he is looking through a key hole, limiting his vision considerably.
    Lock - Once a day, for one minute the aux can 'lock' the target to the spot they are presently at, as if they are little tin soldiers who need to be winded up before they can move again.
    Advent - Once a day, still, Ophanim is capable of forcing out the advents of everyone within 30 feet radius. The condition is, however, that these near him haven't used their advent for the day themselves yet.
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  8. Name: Viule Vanukar

    Race: Nocturne

    Nation: Pegulis, Aldus


    Notable Skills:

Sharp reflexes

    Stealth Movement -
    Moving in a furtive manner. He’s good at operating undetected.

    Quick Study - Able to learn and/or adapt in a short time.

    Blood Manipulation - Regulation of his own blood flow. He’s able to survive without needing to drink blood as often as a typical Nocturne. Should he be injured, he can quickly clot his blood to stop the bleeding.

    Notable Possessions:
    - Old leather pouch engraved with the name Eldrida
    - Resolve

Vanu the 12 eyed hell-hound the size of an average dog.

    Blood crystallization (Blood manipulation) - For one minute he can crystallize his blood and shape it, but he must make himself bleed first. Claws are his usual weapon of choice.

    Mimicry (Quick study) - For one minute he’s able to become someone else. Appearance, movements/habits, voice, and basic skills. A good enough copy to pass as the person but not enough to be as good as the person.

    Name: Inigo Criracan

    Race: Human
    Nation: Kaustir - Avarath
    Occupation: ex-merchant now desertrat

    Notable Skills:
    Character study - Skilled in reading body language and making observations that give him a good initial impression of character.

    Descrying quality - Has a solid Avarath merchant’s experienced eye for quality in items of various kinds.

    Respect retrieved - Inigo gives an aura of respect in a way that it is naturally reciprocated by most.

    Unorthodox swordplay - His fighting style is a combination of bits and pieces of styles he’s seen/experienced over the years and a make-it-up-on-the-go attitude. He initially developed this style out of necessity rather than pleasure.

    Notable Possessions:
    - Ordinary looking but of highest quality sword. Inigo has worked to downplay its looks but a sword connoisseur would immediately identify its high value.
    - A pair of gold earrings; the only physical indication of his previous occupation.
    - A perfect beard.

    Aux: Ral the glass scorpion (Animal and item in one)
    Potential value (Descrying Quality/Character Study) - For one minute, once per day, Crux and aux unite to evaluate a person/living thing or item in terms of its potential value. Inigo cannot dictate to whose advantage because the evaluation can only pertain to his own gain.

    Dominance Doubles (Unorthodox swordplay) - One minute, once per day, Inigo joins with Ral to become ambidextrous. This expands his already flexible fighting style. It may also help in other areas that require manual ability.

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  9. Ethelwen
    Race: Skin-walker, although everyone thinks he is an anthro Anima. It isn’t so much that he hides it as it is no one has ever asked otherwise and he sees no reason to tell them.
    Nation: Pegulis
    Occupation: Archon's Assistant
    Notable Skills:
    Efficient Shapeshifting: A species trait, Ethelwen can change his physical form at any time, dependent upon the fact that he has enough energy stored in his body. After many years of practice, he can change forms with greater efficiency, completing the transformation swifter and with less use of energy.
    Solicitous Listener: Ethelwen is able to encourage people to continue speaking on a subject due to well placed comments, and remembers what he had already heard so as to continue any conversation at a later date. For this reason, many people like to speak with him, as he will listen to anything, and will never appear bored or frustrated by what others have to say.
    Actor: Ethelwen is very skilled at adopting fake personalities and attitudes to impress others. These can be roles as another person, creature, or even as an inanimate object.
    Notable Possessions:
    Ethlwen has a neat, red quill that he uses to take notes, and almost always keeps on his person.
    Aux: A hooded outerwear garment, something like a scarf, cowl, or cloak, which varies in length and color in reaction to Ethelwen. Since it can't actually be impacted by the world it tends to remain a clean white color.
    Insubstantiality (Actor)- Once a day for one minute, Ethelwen can act as though he is not there to the point that he becomes insubstantial, allowing him to pass through solid objects, walls, swords, or even people for one minute. Should the minute come to an end while he is still inside or partially inside an object, he would be rejected towards the nearest open space large enough to contain him. While he is insubstantial, it is also significantly harder to see him.
    Transmogrification (Efficient Shapeshifting)- For one minute, Ethelwen can change one object into another object of equivalent weight. He often uses this to make food for himself at the end of the day, once he is certain he will not need to use his Insubstantiality.
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  10. Kehlani Calvillo

    Race: Nocturne

    Nation: Viridos

    Occupation: Mercenary || Former assassin

    Notable Skills: [ Focused Tranquility ] - Through a lot of training, Kehlani can stay focused and basically shut off her emotions when she needs to. For example, when she has a job that requires her to step out of her comfort zone, to make sure she does her job efficiently, she enters a tranquil state that allows her to carry out her job without being hindered.

    [ Silent Steps ] - Due to her past jobs and even the one she holds now, the element of surprise always puts her a leg up on an individual. That being said, in her line of work, advantages over others are always needed. One must always be two or three steps ahead. Kehlani has learned how to quiet her footsteps so that she can go somewhat unnoticeable. This has become basically second nature to her and she basically has silent footsteps where ever she goes.

    [ Lung support] - Kehlani has been swimming since she was little. It's gotten to the point where she's learned to hold her breath for a good amount of time under water.

    [ Reflexes ] - Kehlani is trained well in hand to hand combat as well as in weapon use. It's gotten to the point where she no longer needs to consciously plan what her next move will be, but her body just follows through instead. Making her a bit of a natural and a pro at fighting.

    Notable Possessions: - Two twin short blades

    - Knife throwing & needle belt

    - Bag of herbs (These aren't to help her with her injuries, but to rather her calm her down after a kill. She might be good at killing, but she doesn't enjoy it. And while she does have focused tranquility, she needs something a bit stronger after the deed is done. So she has a bag of herbs to help her calm her down. All she needs to do is pop them in her mouth a chew. They basically have the same calming effect drugs do on some folks. )

    Aux: Malikai || a miniature black scaled dragon that has a close relationship to Kehlani. His voice rumbles and is deep. Unlike Kehlani's outward nature Malikai reflects the latent desire buried deep within Kehlani. For Kehlani is passive while Malikai is much more confrontational than Kehlani would like to be. Essentially, making Kehlani the monster she fears herself to be. She was birthed from darkness after all.

    Advents: [ Predator's Intimidation || Focused Tranquility ] - For one minute, once a day, Kehlani and Malikai work together so that Kehlani produces an aura of intimidation (that affects anyone within a 30-foot radius ) The intimidation can be used to corner a target and make them vulnerable. They feel it so strong it's almost as if being so scared that they can't move. A Deer caught in headlights effect.

    [ Nightlight || Reflexes ] - When surrounded by darkness, Malikai and Kehlani work together, for a minute, so that she can see better at night. But it's not to be mistaken for a vision like a cat see's at night. Kehlani can see bodies that release heat. Like humans. So for a minute, whether she's surrounded by darkness, smoke, whatever, she can still identify individual people or living things. They have to be within a 30-foot radius of her, though.
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  11. Name: Torwal Falconeye

    Race: Human

    Nation: Pegulis - Aldus

    Appearance: [​IMG]

    Occupation: Warrior in the pegulis army

    Notable Skills:

    Wood worker - Enjoying to work with wood, Torwal has become quite good at it. Spending plenty of his spare time on projects around and in his robust cabin.

    Archer - Never without a bow and very capable of making his own if need be his skill with this weapon has only progressed during the years reaching a fine tuned level of marksmanship.

    Aldus scholar - He is not bound by conventional thinking often seeking new solutions and applications for the people and things around him.

    Reputation precedes: Once, Towarl saved a dozen archaeologists from a collapsing tunnel in Aldus. Now, his reputation always seems to arrive first, where ever he travels.

    Notable Possessions:
    A bracelet- old family present
    His sword he uses is a family heirloom made from the finest of steel.

    Aux: The bird you can see in the image. It's called Croak

    1- Blood thirst: for a minute Tornwal will emit an aura of a beast to everyone around him while he himself have his instincts and strength boosted to inhuman proportions.

    2 - Chess pieces: for the minute that expires all his men will be able to know what he wants and easily feels the right timing moving as one pack against the enemy.


    Name: Eydis Leise

    Race: Anima - Anthro (fox)

    Nation: Pegulis, Aldus

    Hide Spoiler


    Occupation: Ranger

    Notable Skills:

    Agile movement. Often on the move in harsh terrain and scaling a cliff now and then has made Eydis adept at agile movment. giving her an easier time to move where others find it difficult.
    Lure the Bait: (Good at tactically setting traps for oncoming wanderers.)
    Path-Finding: (Adept at navigating and following maps.)
    Crossbow Proficiency: (Is well versed in the use of a crossbow)

    Notable Possessions:
    Custom made crossbow.
    Pentagram gram pendant with a tree symbol
    Monocular - Artifact
    Shoulder Armour Piece with a dim red glowing rune. Enchant: Generate Warmth

    Aux: Arctic Fox
    Called: Thyrden

    Animal trail - If there are wild animals nearby. Thyrden can gain access to their memories of the wild trails that exists in the area.

    Snipe the Prey – Enables Eyedis to pick out a target from a long distance and shoot at it with great accuracy.
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  12. Kerrick Aenlass (Callen Lisbon)Race: Human

    Nation: Kaustir (Pegulis)

    Occupation: Stonemason / Slave (Guard Captain of the Aldus Watch)

    Notable Skills:
    Be Like Water - Attention to detail and an excellent memory allow Kerrick to adjust and adapt, approaching scenarios in different ways to find what works.

    Under the Radar - He knows how to avoid drawing attention to himself and how to negotiate or smooth-talk his way out of tense situations.

    Survival First, Victory Second - Kerrick will utilize whatever advantage he can find to end a confrontation quickly, even if it means running or resorting to questionable tactics. Some call it fighting dirty; Kerrick calls it being efficient.

    Thick-skinned - Life and slavery have hardened Kerrick both physically and mentally. He knows to bide his time and keeps his calm under pressure.

    Notable Possessions: None.

    Aux: Terra, a black and white dog resembling a border collie.

    In Plain Sight (Under the Radar) - For one minute, Kerrick seems to blend in with the crowd, becoming bland and forgettable. Most effective when used around large groups of people, but can still be effective out in the open.

    Indomitable Will (Thick Skin) - When activated, injuries made against Kerrick have no effect for one minute. When the minute is up, the wounds set in. If he would have died from injuries sustained during that timeframe, he dies when the Advent ends.
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  13. Ilsa LisbonRace: Human

    Nation: Pegulis

    Appearance: Ilsa is of athletic build and stature, still feminine in its form but no stranger to the toils of combat. While on duty she wears full plate armor, but while off duty her clothes typically comprise of coats and dresses.

    Occupation: Aldus Watch Guard Captain

    Notable Skills:
    Pressure Makes Diamonds - Ilsa thrives under pressure. She regularly practices the ability to control the depth of her breathing and her heart rate, allowing her to function with both physical and mental clarity when under immense pressure and in the heat of the moment.

    Natural Leader - Ilsa leads by example, listens to her troop, and respects each member as she would a brother or sister. This, combined with her calm confidence, ensures loyal followers.

    Clever Tactician - She is an excellent coordinator of small skirmish maneuvers to win battles, but not so fluent in large-scale military movements that win wars.

    Might and Magic - Ilsa has the ability to use basic elemental enchantments (fire, water, wind, earth) on her own weapons, augmenting her ability to go toe-to-toe with one or multiple opponents using a sword or mace and shield.

    Notable Possessions: Ornately decorated broadsword and crested shield. Necklace with a mirror pendant, standard issue for the Aldus Watch. Lastly, her mother's flute.

    Aux: Pax, the Falcon


    Sanctuary (Pressure) - By exerting incredible will, Ilsa can create a barrier about 20 feet in diameter (centered on herself) that forcefully pushes foes back and prevents them from entering for one minute.

    Call of Healing (Natural Leader) - Ilsa can help wounds and fractures to heal on a single individual (herself or someone else) for one minute. The healing process is sped up greatly, and can close most gashes and wounds, but very severe injuries will not completely heal in the one-minute timeframe. She cannot bring the dead back to life.
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  14. Name: Dane Myros

    Race: Human

    Nation: Pegulis

    Appearance: (See image)

    Occupation: Aldus Watch Recruit

    Notable Skills:

    - Hidden Potential:
    Despite his rather simple nature, Dane is actually quite intelligent, possessing a surprising capacity to learn new things, whether it's a new stance for wielding a blade or what reagents to use to make a restorative salve.

    - Animal Empathy: Dane has a knack for handling beasts, domestic or otherwise. When an animal grows fearful or combative, he always knows exactly what to do to calm them down.

    - Hardy: He's no stranger to working long hours for little return, whether he's on guard duty, helping shore up defenses or what have you, his stamina reserve is high, able to keep at his job for long periods of time with little rest.

    - Resilience: Dane is quick to bounce back from injury or illness, not one to be laid up in bed for long. He's more resistant to exposure and disease, as well.

    Notable Possessions: A patchwork lance, an old, worn out crossbow, and a set of tarnished silver cutlery.

    Aux: Shining Signet (a simple iron ring embedded with a white glowing gem)


    Rejuvenating Light (Resilience):
    Dane uses his signet to empower either himself or an ally; Any wounds suffered during the minute duration of the effect will be healed by the energies enveloping the affected person.

    Primal Light (Animal Empathy): The Signet projects an aura in a large radius around Dane, calming any animal life within range and allowing him to issue commands to the beasts if he so chose.
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  15. Name: Naev
    Race: Forest Kin
    Nation: Pegulis

    Appearance: Naev
    When not in human form, she is simply a ball of icy mist.

    Occupation: Ice carvings, frozen treats, and snowy creations. Sculpting and decorating.

    Notable Skills:
    1)Communication: Naev can 'read' the plant life & the frost, seeing what it's seen in most recent 'memories'. This can be done with animals too, but only if relaxed and unharmed.

    2)Flash freeze- Naev can freeze the moisture in the air (or any form of water around her), creating weapons (or objects) of her choice.

    3) Diamond flesh: Naev crystalizes herself, increasing defense but slowing herself down.

    Notable Possessions: Though she doesn't carry many items with her, Naev holds on to dear memories by creating small sculptures of people, things, and events to carry around with her.

    Aux: Ice ball- Cru: Ice ball that hovers around her.


    1) Blindside: using her Aux, Naev bounces the sunlight off of the ice and snow, blinding enemies or using it as a distraction to get out of a potentially sticky situation.

    2)Communication- with help from Cru, she is able to see extended events or long term memories, instead of just most recent or immediate.

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  16. Name: Caoimhe Aerie

    Race: human/avian

    Nation: Though banished she is still technically Pegulis's problem.


    Occupation: A hunter by nature her Grandfather has instilled a new direction in her, she seeks to become as much like him as she can

    Notable Skills:
    Just a bit further- While not the fastest around she has a habit of not stopping, and will out march most.
    Forest taught- While some stuff has gotten jumbled in her mind the skills that were tempered into instincts still remain and she can hunt, find, and gather all that is necessary to survive, although this mainly only applies to Pegulian lands
    Hydra- with two minds present if one is knocked unconscious she can often keep going as the second takes over.
    Just as confused- fighting her can be tough simply because she is mashing together bits and pieces of fighting styles into a confusing conglomeration.

    Notable Possessions:
    -She travels with her son (a several month old dragon nearing the size of a pony)
    -a pipe that smells of foul herbs (belonged to her grandfather Glyph)
    -two souls that are tentatively sharing the same space
    -a pocket full of thermal stones

    Aux: Takes the form of a dark tattoo-like leaf that shifts and crawls across her skin.

    Forgo the mind: For one minute she can surrender the better part of logical thought in favor of strength, endurance, and a rejection of pain.

    Threads of Libras: Currently Caoimhe must be in contact with target(s) for this one to work. For one minute she can split and shatter her mind so she can draw in the target minds and expose them to the numbing force of the Libras.
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  17. Name: Vydus, The Fluttering Sword

    Anthro (half human, half moth anima)

    Nation: Viridos

    Appearance: Vydus has feathered antennae and large, light grey, moth-like wings with symmetrical eye-like patterns protruding from his shoulder blades.

    Occupation: Lieutenant General of Viridosi Military

    Notable Skills:

    Calm Mind - Vydus always maintains a calm and collected disposition, even in perilous situations.

    Unyielding - Steadfast and determined, Vydus both commands his men resolutely and sets about any task given him with all the focus and effort he can muster. Even if tortured, it is very doubtful Vydus would betray his duty and honour.

    Moth-Anthro Physiology - Vydus can fly with his large moth-like wings. They are fragile however, so he rarely uses them when he is prone to attack, and using them consumes a lot of energy. His antennae can detect slight differences in wind speed and direction and are powerful olfactory sensors, able to detect scents from a few kilometres away, and are especially sensitive to pheromones secreted by female moth anthros or anima, able to detect them from much further distances. Vydus has trained to secrete basic chemical signals over the last half year.

    Expert Swordsmanship - Earning him his epithet, Vydus is renowned for his prowess and fast, unpredictable and elegant style with the sword among Tattersal's army.

    Notable Possessions: A single-handed sword with a crossguard wrought in the shape of moth wings.

    Aux: Perilith

    A snail-like fairy roughly the size of a hand.


    Snail Trail (Physiology) - Perilith secretes a trail of ectoplasm in the air which shows the path to a person whose scent Vydus recalls and concentrates on. The trail is linear, passing through obstacles such as trees and mountains.

    Moonlight Aflutter
    (Unyielding) - By fanning out his wings, Vydus can stun the beholders of the eye-like patterns on them for the duration of the advent's performance.

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  18. Pette Drummond
    Race: Halfling

    Nation: Kaustir

    Appearance: Shorter then the average male (5'7"), Pette bears many tattoos that go along the girth of his arms and along his back. He has two piercings along his left ear as well as a singular nose ring. Though fit, he ebbs along the heavy side, with his arms and legs carrying slightly more weight then they should.

    Occupation: Remedial Thaumaturge (Healer)

    Notable Skills:

    Arcane Mending - Through his own study of the arts, Pette has acquired the ability to mend injuries as well as minor augmentations to the body through chemistry and magic, Though he can provide energy based mending from afar (10m) he must be in physical contact in order to heal them.

    Arcane Projection - While investigating non-organic matter infusion for medicinal purposes, Pette stumbled upon the art of enhancing non-organic material through arcane projection. Though not fully grasped, he can still perform the most basic of enchantments at will as well as create magical extensions from his body.

    The Art of Sticks - With the majority of proper weaponry given to those in combat roles, Pette took it upon himself to be able to defend himself with any form of weapon he could possibly find. If it has something he can hold, he'll swing it.

    Ambidextrous - With the sick and wounded coming left and right, Pette needed to find a way to be able to do things with both of his hands, and do them well.


    Notable Possessions: The majority of his possessions sold away in the name of his work, Pette finds solace in his notebook of studies, documenting the various works that he's taken part in, as well as a strange rock that takes the appearance of a shack.


    - Tele simply floats around as a wispy feminine figure, or resting as a scarf around Pette's neck. She says nothing, does nothing, just as she prefers.

    Hard Edges -
    Telem forms a blade like phantasmal edge over any gripped object, making it into a viable weapon for combat for the duration of the Advent.

    Phantasmal Matter - Telem combines with Pette's Arcane Projection, increasing in strength and size. This allows for an increased boost in movement speed as well as a 3 metre hover. However, Pette can instruct Telem to combine with his Arcane Mending, allowing him to heal in a 5 metre radius at 2x the speed.

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  19. Name: Simeon Curumo

    Race: Wood Elf

    Nation: Pegulis

    Face | Armour

    Occupation: Simeon makes a living hunting. The spoils are used in his wife's inn, while he uses the skins for leather work.

    Notable Skills:

    Archery - The bow is to Simeon as song to a bard. These days his deadly accuracy is reserved for game -- best not test him though.

    Leather-Craft - A warrior kills as ordered, a hunter kills as sustenance. Simeon has worked leather since leaving the life as a soldier behind.

    Navigation - Finding one's way quickly is no new challenge. While unknown lands remain so, Simeon is quick to identify landmarks and find his way.

    Acrobatics - As a child dashing about on the branches above was posh. Decades of practice has made Simeon quite the sight, but these days he takes greater care during such lofty bouts.

    Notable Possessions:

    Hunting Bow - Crafted and maintained by his own hand with steel capping both ends for the unexpected.

    Reinforced Leather Armour - Full body and light weight leather dyed a deep, earthy brown. The style is unique and snugly fit.

    Traveling Leather Kit - A leather roll of tools necessary to craft and maintain leather on the road. An experienced eye will note the quality of these tools.

    Worn Leather Journal - Writing was a passing fancy until Simeon met his wife. Since then, he keeps scribes everything from curious sayings to recipes and sketched maps.

    Aux: An aura shifts about Simeon's eyes changing colour with his mood. Those who know him may learn the pattern, though truth be told it surprises him often still today.


    Foresight - The path ahead is made plain in his mind's eye, like dejá vú or a memory only just retained.

    Uncanny Acrobatics - For a moment, impossibly narrow paths and the like become markedly more probable.
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  20. Vrein Baelithar

    Name: Vrein Baelithar

    Race: Human

    Nation: Pegulis

    Occupation: Blacksmith

    Notable Skills:
    Expertise Smith (He makes excellent quality products, is able to improvise on most occasions.)
    Dirty Fighting (Fights well with bladed weapons, without honour.)
    Evaluation (Is able to tell the worth, quality and history of a weapon)
    Exotic Crafting (Is able to forge weapons, armour and trinkets with exotic ores)

    Notable Possessions:
    Personalized One-Handed Sword
    Fur Lined Ceremonial Leather Clothing
    Sapphire engraved serpent ring
    A Necklace attached to vial of pale glowing blue liquid inside (half.)
    A crystal hand
    Pegulian Ice Ore

    Aux: Polar Bear called Ion

    Material Scanning: Vreijn's aux assists in providing information on the material he is using, how he can forge it and what kind of issues he might have.
    Shatter Point: By channeling energy through his aux, Vreijn is able to identify the shatter point of a weapon (weak spot) it's consistency and how to guard against it.
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