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Character Keepin'

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Quadruple Take, Sep 7, 2014.

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  1. I created this thread for a sole purpose: To create hopefully soon to be recurring characters of my own and develop them by mean of rping with any of you who wish to give them a spin with me. I'll first briefly introduce myself, then add some of my expectations and my own capabilities to finally point out what type of settings or event I would like to try. Sounds good? I hope so!

    - 23 years old
    - Female
    - EST Timezone
    - Play both genders and all orientations
    - Loves to chat OOC

    - Friendly
    - Fun and dynamic to plot with
    - Enjoy chatting about characters, settings and plots
    - Good spelling and grammar
    - Use a spellchecker
    - Can post at least three paragraphs a post
    - Post at least twice a week

    - Can respond up to ten paragraph long posts with enough inspiration and material
    - Can reply once every half hour in the best of worlds, try to at least post once a day
    - Use spellcheckers
    - Will try my best to get into the plot as much as you do
    - Will always respond to request for partnership even if it's to refuse, and I will tell you why in that case
    - Friendly and easygoing
    - Creative and aggressively plotting

    1920 - 1980 Eras
    Post Apocalyptic
    Classical Era (Ancient Rome or Greece)
    Virtual Realities
    Medieval Fantasy
    Dragon Age
    Elder Scrolls
    The lives of Spartan soldiers
    The lives of Gladiators
    Flower child

    - None so far... :(
  2. Hello Hello!

    I'd be more than interested then helping you out, and Rping with you! I like playing the hero, but I can play the villain (and try to play everything in between). Samurai are one of my favorite characters to play, but I have groan a bit tired of doing so. As a result, I am looking to branch out. Please PM me if you want to rp together =D.
  3. Okay, thank you for all your interests, everyone, I think I will temporarily close this thing up, as I have quite a fair bit of partners now.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.