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  1. Do you have that character who has been around since the beginning, since the day you decided to RP? Or maybe you have a new idea but aren't sure quite how to execute it? Perhaps you have an idea from ages ago that you loved then but realize is now someone you would never play, but you want to make them playable again. Maybe you even had a concept you loved, but have played the character to where they are now either too powerful or too sorrowful to continue playing. Or perhaps you just want to create something fun and see how many ways you can do it.

    Whichever situation you find yourself in, the challenge is this. Write a character bio, in any form you want, for whichever character you prefer. Post it here and let it sit for a month. Then come back and look at it again. Update it, revise it. You might only change a line or two, or you might have been collecting notes on what to do all month and may decide to completely remake the character. Wait another month and come back. Keep updating the character. Use things you learn from others, or things you figure out on your own to tighten up your character sheet. Do this once a month. In four months, look at the difference between the original concept you wrote out and what you have now. Look again in eight, and in a year. Do you have a favorite incarnation? Do you find the character changes a lot or a little?

    When you write each version, also record the following things about yourself:

    What genre are you most interested in at the moment?
    Are you hungry?
    What is your mood?

    When you look back, try to notice impacts these things might have had on your writing. Good luck, and have fun!
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