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  1. Hello people and critters! This morning we did a really big character gallery CLEANUP. Nothing too fancy, but we had to tweak some settings and need to remind people about our gallery policies.

    Make sure any images you upload are SAFE FOR WORK/SCHOOL. Pictures that sit on the fence need an edited thumbnail warning members.
    LOTS AND LOTS of people visit Iwaku from public spaces. They could get in to trouble if big giant boobs or swinging dingdongs pop up on their screen. So nothing too risque! Also remember that we do not allow nude images of real people (because you cannot verify that person is legal). Nor do we allow anime pics of naked sexy loli/shouta children! So keep that in mind.

    We have now set a max-space limitation for the character gallery. It's currently 20MB per member.
    We really want people to have a place to store their characters, but we have a problem with people using the gallery as an Image Dump and uploading CRAAAAAAZY amount of pics. After awhile that can really add up on our resources. We were not able to limit things on a per-character basis (or we'd make the limit 100 characters, cause who is really playing that many active characters. O_O), so we had to do a space limit instead. For now we are seeing if 20MB is a reasonable, and over the next few weeks we might adjust that higher or lower. Donators currently get to keep unlimited space since you are contributing to the site costs!

    I have one myself! 8D You can make your own for FREE with Wordpress OOOORRR if you want your own fancy domain and website, you can get hosting with Atabyte. If you use the promo code IWAKU, you can even get a discount.

    Finally, don't be a creeper weirdo or an asshole in comments on people's characters!
    Unless someone ASKED for it, don't go leaving comments correct people's usage of katanas, how they spell, etc. Also avoid leaving comments like "I'D FUCK THE SHIT OUT OF THAT PREGGO MAMA". Use your public manners!

    I... I think that is everything. >>

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  2. I hereby summon... @Brovo the Kenjutsu Sensei!!!
  3. [​IMG]
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  5. Do you even cut bro? Do you even cut?

    On other news, I am QUITE HAPPY this is finally happening.
  6. Wooo! Thanks for the update! :D
  7. but i do have over 100 characters DIANA over 9000, to be exact!

    Seriously though. over 100 characters cause it's like... every character ive ever used since 2004..... @_@ I just like having them around to remind me and look nice. I also have the inn pics in mine too >>
  8. *charges in with blog hosting flyers*
  9. you need money to make purchases.
  10. *raises hand* um... I have a question, I have well over 100 characters but how do you know how many MB we've used?
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  11. yes. this. need this!
  12. Click on your username so that you get up the box with small info such as age, position, last profile post, etc. Click on the link "media page". Go down on the page until you see gallery statistic and your statistic. And there you have it ^^
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  13. Correction, you can see this info furthest down on any page in the character gallery, so you don't have to be in your own gallery to check it xD
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  14. 41.4 ;-; I don't want to have to genocide my precious character babies.
  15. So I just noticed this as I was messing with character galleries. I have... 45 characters... but 0 bytes of useage, somehow? That can't be right, right? I can't tell if this is a bug of some sort, if it's changed again, or if I'm just being dumb, so I'm just asking this here.
  16. how do i join a roleplay im new to this site. not roleplay. this site.
  17. Browse a genre, open a thread that sounds interesting, and ask if you can join.
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