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  1. All right, so I have two sets of characters that come in pairs, the first of which is negotiable but the second of which is not. I'll put down their bios and maybe a bit about their stories and how I've used them before, and then we can brainstorm together ^_^

    X-Men Style Mutant Plot
    Most appropriate setting label: probably modern fantasy. Superpowers, all that jazz.

    Name: Jeremiah Cable
    Age: 20
    Bio: In the world where Jeremiah lives in, there are some people that are 'special' and have strange abilities that normal humans could only ever dream of, but as in most cases the people that are 'different' are preyed upon and made into hapless victims, and then dangerous enemies when one or two retaliate at the oppression and abuse. He left home when he was 16 and his powers and the temptation of them starting growing to be more than he could handle, not wanting to bring any heat down on his parents, and perhaps a year later ran into a little girl named Jack. Or, rather, one of her strange friends ran into him.
    Jack's encounter left him with a hurt ankle he really couldn't afford to fix and so he now walks with a limp and carries a walking stick as tall as his own head to keep himself steady - the stick also doubling as a weapon should anything untoward happen. When he met her, he thought she was just a little kid and that he was still just a kid himself, but they were alone in their own ways and needed each other so they stuck together. They've been a ragtag little duo ever since, and Jeremiah takes care of her like she was his own sister.
    Other: Jeremiah is a manipulator of momentum and kinetic energy. If something were to come flying towards him, even a bullet, he could send it away from himself on a different course using its momentum - that is, if his reflexes are fast enough and smart enough.
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    Name: Jackelyn "Jack" (Last Name Unknown)
    Age: 12
    Bio: Jack woke up near a beach one day with little to no memory of who she was or what she was capable of. All the little girl knew was that she woke up with three protectors: Oslin (owl in photo), Bart (sheep dog thing), and Jessa (large creature in background). These creatures are often seen as imaginary friends by others, as only she can see them most of the time. She can, if she so chooses, allow others to see them and let them become tangible in order to protect her when needed, but given how young she is and how young she was when she first discovered them she sees them more as friends that act on their own than anything her mind could possibly have created.
    One day Bart bit someone for knocking her over, and after establishing it was all an accident and helping to wrap up his wound, Jack made quick friends with Jeremiah. He was different like her, and he was older and better able to take care of himself. He started to take care of her too, as she tagged along in his roaming, and has no complaints about the strange, nomadic life they live.
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    ((Jeremiah's limp used to have some 'daddy issues'-type explanation, but I got tired of all the tragic backgrounds and changed it so he could team up with Jack lol There's not much to them except that they're trying to scrape by in living with powers that sometimes get them in trouble or put targets on their heads))

    Mysterious, "Evil" Creature
    Most appropriate setting label: Fantasy, medieval.

    Name: Lucius Farbridge
    Age: 18
    Bio: Lucius is a member of a race everyone seems to want to ignore, and yet will no one will forget. Long associated with hated birds, the Ravens are creatures of darkness that seemed to originate and thrive in the kingdom of Jorrel, walled off and surrounded by a lake on all sides that they seemed unable to cross. Able to slid through shadows and throw out waves of dark energy as nimble as their own hands, the Ravens could be as delicate with their abilities as any human with a tool - but the people saw only their potential for destruction, and Lucius' people were hunted down and killed, including the boy's own parents.
    From a young age, Lucius was raised by a friend of his parents, Aaric Farbridge, and took the man's name to avoid being hunted himself. Throughout his life he has had to hide away the potential of what he can do and be sure that no one will find out, and has been trained by his adoptive father in order to one day become a knight, and perhaps from there be able to help protect his people. But he is still young and trapped within Jorrel by the fear of what lay beyond its walls for his kind. His parents had died before they ever told him why they wouldn't leave.
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    Name: Archer
    Age: 19
    Bio: Much of Archer's past is still shrouded in secrecy, despite his carefully fostered friendship with Lucius. Aaric found him sick and homeless when he was somewhere around ten years old and took him in, nursing him back to health. The stubborn boy seemed to resent every minute of his recovery, and was almost always ungrateful and disobedient, despite the moments of calm and quiet he shared with Aaric and Lucius at times. When he was well enough for it, he took some food from them and ran off, and wasn't seen again for months.
    As time went on, Archer would come to be a master thief, stealing jewels and trinkets and pawning them off to survive, and Jorrel is the only solid place he ever comes back to. He puts on a show of candor and smiles whenever noticed, posing as a visiting friend or messenger or anything he can get away with. For their kindness to him, and their place in his life as the closest thing to family he has, he sees it as his duty to help protect Lucius from being discovered, and always brings back money or trinkets even when Lucius protests his leaving behind stolen things. Archer assures them that he steals from places only far enough from Jorrel to never bring the heat down on his little patchwork family, but doesn't usually tell them where exactly he's been.
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    ((So, Lucius and Archer don't have a very specific plot either. Mostly it was about someone finding out what Lucius was and having to keep his secret, but we could potentially turn it into an adventure to try and find out how his people came to being, or just to keep him alive if anyone tries to hunt him))

    Dragon Riders/Dragon Academy
    Most appropriate setting label: Medieval, set back in ye olde times, with a bit of fantasy given the existence of dragons.

    Name: Matthis Westerfield
    Age: Can range anywhere from 19-25, depending on your preference/plot idea
    Personality: Matthis has always had trouble relating to others, and so comes off as a sort of cold, rude or disinterested person. He has a unique sort of skill he was born with in that he reads people's expressions, body language, and voice well enough to be a human lie detector. But people lie to each other all the time, even if it's just little white lies, or a hint of omission, and they generally don't like being called out on it. It's always been difficult for Matthis to understand that others don't see what he sees, and he hates lies and lying enough that he comes across as tactless and heartless to those he speaks to. Matthis is nothing like that, though. He detests those that lie constantly, and doesn't like himself for having been forced to do the same. The only time he can be relaxed in someone's company is if they tell him the truth.
    History: Because of his 'special ability' Matthis has never really had friends. He started out life as a happy, go-lucky child, confused by the reactions of people around him, but as he grew older pessimism took its place in his heart. Most people he met would either be annoyed or frightened by his calling them on their lies or half truths, and would abandon him soon after meeting him. Even those that did their best to stick it out didn't last long before he insulted them somehow and damaged their relationship beyond repair.

    In response, and out of a desire not to anger or hurt every last person he came in contact with, Matthis drew into his studies as a protection, finding books to be friendlier company, and became almost a recluse for a while, seeing only family and his family's friends, should they come to his home. The times that he went out, he would venture away from town and closer to the woods or small body of water near his home. It was easier to live with himself and not have to lie to people, not have to hold his tongue and smile when he didn't mean it.

    At the age of fourteen, when he was hardly a man at all, his house was destroyed in the path of a wildfire, with his family still inside. Matthis managed to get both his mother and sister out of the building, but they died shortly after, and he hardly survived himself. He was lost, after that. Even after his injuries were healed, he hadn't much will to get out of bed. When he finally did, it was only to visit the graves that had been dug for his family. Distressed, he ran without direction into the forests near his village, away from the main roads, and soon found himself lost.

    Without any sense of where he should go, and with nothing to run to if he even knew the way home, Matthis only laid down on the forest floor, and did nothing. It was late into the night, when the temperature had dropped too low to be safe, that he was found by one of the most fearsome creatures known to man - an untamed dragon. Far from attacking, though, the dragon curled around the boy to keep him warm, after a bit of sniffing and general exploration of him. The dragon was young, but still large enough to push Matthis up to his feet and support him on his way home.

    Understandably, after that, the two formed a strong bond, faster than even the men and women paired up with their mounts at dragon riding academies. Matthis' wasn't quite so dark or secluded, after receiving a partner he would have with him for life. It was comforting to know that he would always have someone to lean on, even if that someone was 'just' a dragon, but recovery for him was still difficult, and it was years before he had himself and his life back together, living only with the help of a family friend that was loyal to his parents and knew him.

    With his scholarly activities, and the added attention from his skill in riding his dragon, Matthis was invited to a prestigious academy at a young age. He accepted only because he could bring his dragon with him, and because there was nothing left for him in his hometown anyway. He set hard to work at the academy just as he had in his younger years, mostly alone, and with his dragon for company.
    ((Depending on your preferred age or setting, Matthis may still be attending the academy or may have moved on somewhere else. We can decide together))
    Other: Matthis has become a sort of oddity among those that know of him, even if they don't know his name. Having to hold back the truths he sees and sometimes fake his own personality stresses him out, and to blow off steam he'll go flying with his dragon. With complete and total trust in his scaley friend, he attempts risky stunts meant for those much more experienced themselves. More intriguing than that, he will fly straight up into the air, high as he can reasonably go while still breathing well, and just let himself fall. He'll spin or twist or perform some sort of aerial acrobatics on his way down, at times, but the solitary sound of just the wind in his ears and the sensation of falling help to calm him, as well as the trust he must put in his dragon to catch him safely before he hits the ground. It's just how he blows off steam, and others think it dangerous, brave, or simply stupid.
    (Younger Version)
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    The One With The Wings
    Most appropriate setting label: Modern, with a bit of fantasy in for reasons you'll realize in about three more lines

    Name: Plume
    Age: 17
    Bio: Plume was never a normal child. He was born with tiny, soft little wings already forming on his back, and nothing could be done to stop them. His parents moved them out to a patch of more secluded land where he could be hidden from neighbors and others that would see their disgrace of a child. More and more oddities sprung up around him as he grew, with the ability to heal from any injury. He discovered this when he cut open his hand as a child playing with a knife he shouldn't have had and the deep wound healed almost instantly. There was only more hiding to do after that.
    Plume was safe until someone managed to discover him near his 15th birthday, and the man dragged him off into the woods and away from his home. He endured many things under the hands of that man, and of the 'scientific research' he was given to afterwards, up to and including having both of his wings sliced off and regrown. He escaped only when a gas line broke and the whole place went up in flames, crawling away burning and healing from the mess of the building. He ran off after that, and has been scraping by near deathly afraid of people in general for a few months.
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    ((Plume is probably the only character I have at the moment that's mostly based on a "help me I'm hopeless" sort of vibe. Like, it would take a while to earn his trust, and he's a mostly helpless little scaredy cat that needs re-introducing into life lol But that's fun sometimes so I included him. He's a sweetheart, really, so I keep him around))
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