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  1. So I've had this character floating around in daydreams and regular dreams, as mostly a half formed thought but one I would really like to use if I can. I placed this in the Mature forums mostly for references to abuse and rape, but those don't really factor into the rp itself if someone's not comfortable with that, only as background. Anywho, basic details!

    Name: Lucy
    Age: 16 - 19, varies depending on partner preference
    Personality: At first Lucy seems to have no personality at all. She won't talk, initially, and if she does it will be sparingly and quietly. She takes in most things around her rather serenely, with a blank, almost vacant expression, until something peeks her interest. If she feels like it, she'll get curious and explore things, or wander off to find more things to look at when she's bored. When truly excited, she shows the innocent joy of a child, despite her background. She protects what she thinks needs protecting and breaks what she thinks shouldn't be working - such as a car coming towards a person, which would be ripped in half or otherwise put out of commission. If shown true care, she can be very affectionate, as she's never really learned 'boundaries'.
    History: Lucy doesn't have much in way of origins. She can't remember why she is the way she is, or who she was born to, only the recent struggles she's gone through. At some point in her life she must have been trained, because at the right provocation she turns into a veritable fighting machine, with a strength and agility unhinted at by her small stature and sometimes rather sluggish actions. But she was given away to a man that abused her and tried to use her to his benefit. She allowed it - at least, most of it. When he tried to sexually assault her she fled, perhaps killing him or perhaps not - and after struggling and fleeing will meet up with YC.
    Other: Along with her fighting skills, Lucy has an almost Jean Grey strong telekinesis. She generally tends to use it only when provoked or she can't accomplish a task with just her physical prowess.

    If anyone would prefer an MxM instead, or would like to do an MxF but is uncomfortable with the male role, Lucy can very easily be changed to Leland. (I won't do FxF, sorry)

    As Lucy:
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    As Leland:
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    Whether or not this rp is done in an x-men like universe where powers are common, or just a normal, modern setting is up for discussion, as is the decision of whether or not any prospective partners would like powers as well. (or whether they would prefer to go completely modern and cut out the telekinesis altogether, I'm open to discussion with these things)

    What I'm looking for in a partner is someone that can reply once a day, though more is very much welcome, and literate enough grammar and spelling. I understand and can tolerate some mistakes, but I'd like to be able to understand and be able to reply to whatever my partner gives me. As to length, I'll take anything that's a paragraph or more long. I can't work with one-liners, and find it hard to write longer posts if only given a few sentences to work with, though I know that happens sometimes.

    In any case, I hope that someone will want to flesh out this mostly half formed idea with me :D

    (To those that I choose to rp with, I shall pm you to discuss details)
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  2. Hello I am interested, I have plot idea if you'd be want to have Lucy as a test experiment in a facility went dark so to speak. If not we can plot other ideas
  3. I'd be willing to try an rp with her as well, if you'd like. She seems interesting.
  4. Still very open, if others are interested. With the help of Pendulum I've settled that Lucy will most likely be an experiment that escapes from some sort of government facility, for plot drivers throughout the story. If anyone is interested in that, or had ideas of their own, please respond or pm me :)
  5. Well, I started an rp with someone who helped me hash out a bit more of a storyline for Lucy, but that person hasn't replied in over a week, without explanation, so I'd like to try and start it with someone else. Anyone interested? :)
  6. I'm interested, I saw this back when you first posted it and kicked myself in the ass for not jumping on it. XD
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