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  1. So I have an old character I've been missing for a while, and I wanted to bring him back around. Here's the info below, with the background info and character. The plot isn't centered around the war but more around the character, and his possible rehabilitation, but we can discuss that in pms if someone is interested :) I'll more than likely pm anyone interested rather than commenting here.

    I'm looking for a partner that is capable of multiple paragraphs for replies, but can make do with single paragraphs as well. I don't generally like doing less than a paragraph, and will not accept one-liners (if you're stuck, then we can pm and hash it out, not do one-liners at each other until one of us abandons the rp). I'll post at least once a day and would love for someone else to do the same but can handle once every other day; I understand busy schedules, what with my own work and struggling to find time with my RL friends.
    I would mostly like to do an MxM with this one, but if the female character you have in mind is particularly persuasive to me, I may be persuaded to do an MxF :)

    The world had been at war for thirty years - no nukes blowing up entire countries, but each land at odds with the others, with weak and tenuous ceasefires in between conflicts. But the war itself isn't the important thing in the world. No, with the war going on, most technological advances have been made in weaponry, and one place had the monopoly on the world's most valuable weapons.

    People. Modified, weaponized people.

    Brier, a large island nation in the Pacific, specialized in turning people into weapons, genetically modifying fetus' in the womb whether in secret or with volunteers, and subsequently kidnapping the children when they were born. The research was kept secret, the nation cutting off immigration and keeping all research safely secured, even from most of their own citizens. With the trade firmly in their hands, Brier sold it products to all sides in the war, as secretly as they could. Other countries have attempted to recreate these super humans, but none have managed it. Most Brier subjects take their first kills by three years old. Some of them have even been mutated in appearance, with fox ears or scales or other unnatural attributes. Each is identifiable by their barcodes, which allow owners to register their property, and authorities to know who they belong to - the more deadly the subject, the more obviously and plainly placed the barcode.

    But these experiements, though they are near perfect killing machines, are still human, and that is their integral flaw. Living life as weapons, the guilt and conflict at times can become all consuming, their image of themselves marred in selfishness and disgust - is surviving worth it, if one must cause so much death and damage to go on? Some ignore the problem, some accept it, still others tear themselves apart until they are 'no longer useful'. Others at times simply go mad and destroy indiscriminately.

    With the war over, many of these experiments were destroyed or sold off, and those that remain have been repurposed. Underground fighting rings sprung up, pitting the Brier subjects against one another in brawls too violent for normal humans to understand. Human's need for conflict is unending, when viewed from a safe distance, but none can continue to be victorious indefinitely. When one is no longer needed, they are simply tossed away.

    Name: Reese
    Age: 23
    Gender: Male
    Personality: Reese is a very quiet but pained person. After being just a weapon all his life, he's gotten tired of everything and resigned to it all. It was easier to rationalize doing anything to live when he was a child, because it was all he knew, but as time went on he started to hate himself for what he'd done. Eventually he settled on the notion that the pain of continued living was his punishment for the actions he continued to take, following orders from his owners. He's quiet and doesn't speak unnecessarily, but when he speaks he says whatever he pleases. If it gets him beaten, he just takes it. More punishment, he reasons. He's taken to wearing a mask, to frighten those he's faced against and to keep himself from being able to connect with anyone the way all humans and even experiments do, through facial expressions and eye contact. Punishment he can take, but making and losing connections like that he can't stand anymore. Beyond that, the mask is a good tool to trick his foes in battle.
    History: Reese was stolen from the hospital as a baby, raised to strength quickly and efficiently, and sold at the age of six. By then, he'd already taken his first few lives - and by age ten he'd slaughtered a whole platoon all by himself, without so much as a scratch to show for it. By his teenage years, he was virtually unstoppable and beginning to be well known, enough that others could prepare for him. He started wearing the mask then, to hide his identity as best he could, and as psychological warfare. When the war ended, there was no purpose for him or any other Briers, really, and he was sold off to the highest bidder. Since then, he's been kept as a simple servant, a guard dog, and most importantly a cash cow. He was thrown into the underground rings of Brier fights that sprang up soon after the war. It's the ultimate entertainment to watch two beings fight that can throw each other hundreds of feet and still get back up, and he's shown himself worthy enough in the battles that he's been sold more than once to higher biders.
    (Present- in usual outfit)
    He has cheetah spots in a long triangle down his back, the widest part on his shoulders, and the thinnest at the base of his spine. His bar code is located on the left side of his throat, in plain view.
    Other: He was given the numbered designation of 325, but picked the name 'Reese' for himself when he was young, after deciding which of the names he'd heard around him that he liked best. He's not a newer model, given his age, but he's impossibly strong and fast, and continues to best even the newer projects that come out. No one knows why he continues to be one of the best, but he's been kept around so far for that purpose.
  2. Hey, if you haven't found a partner yet, I'm interesting in RPing this with you. :3

    I'm quite certain I can manage to type at least a paragraph through the whole RP but I most likely won't have time to reply on Tuesdays or Wednesdays as of now.