EXERCISE Character Development Challenge #1/?

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  1. This whole challenges thing looks pretty cool and fun, so I thought I'd try and set one up. Maybe a few, if they come out working nicely.

    I find one of the biggest problems with my writing is getting acquainted with my characters. I've tried filling in character surveys (the ones where you've got like a hundred questions about where they're from and about their family and you answer it in their point of view and in their voice), I've done a few of the one-word character interviews, and since I've gotten over my personal hatred of using images to represent character appearances, I've spent hours scouring the web for pictures that fit my characters just right. And I do this for novels I'm writing and for roleplays both.

    But I've never really fallen in love with one character that I've used for years and in personal stories and stuff. It's difficult to find that mun/muse bond sometimes with characters, I've found.

    So this is a starter challenge to help form those bonds with your characters in really weird abstract ways! And if it takes off and works pretty well, then I'll have a strategy to use for the future. And maybe it'll be fun and help out others as well!

    I also just really wanted to try making a challenge!

    Anywho! Here's the prompt/challenge. Use any character (roleplay/OC/novel/OTP/fandom character), but one that you want to get closer to, one you want to get to know better. Don't go searching back through Character Sheets and old character interviews with the character either. Do it all from memory and see what you come up with, and if you feel what you wrote truly fits the character, or if they didn't. I find this helps me with further developing my characters and the world around them.


    Write your character's reaction to meeting their clone for the first time.

    Some people say that if you were to meet your own clone, you wouldn't recognize yourself in them. Some people digress. Either way, if your character were to see their exact clone (in the flesh!), how would they feel about it? What would they see? How would they react?

    Your characters response (in third or first person, doesn't matter) is the most important part here. It's meant to give you a chance to describe your character outside of a cookie-cutter mirror scene. Have fun with it!​
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  2. I want to get closer with my character, Gabrielle

    Gabrielle stared at the exact clone of herself. How does she have a clone? Hypnotising shouldn't do that! Unless she had hypnotised herself...
    "No, you haven't. I appeared out of nowhere. No need to worry, I will only kill you in a matter of time." the clone said, staring at herself.
    Now! I must kill her now! Clones are never good! How am I supposed to live? Bam, hypnotising!
    "Stare into the glow of my eyes. You are getting sleepy. You are feeling limp. Now, trance!" she exclaimed, making her clone fall to the ground. She then cut the neck, precisely where the trachea was. How great, her first death! Wrong! She had actually killed someone!... I will stop there.