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  1. As you can guess I pulled this right off one of my old characters I used to play in Warcraft. While I'm out here I'm looking into ways I can improve and revise- Throwinf it out there !

    (( MRP Got wiped, being rebuilt as of December second!!!! ))
    The man before you stood at a mighty nine foot four inches- Towering above most of his kind and even draenei who would come to try and match him. Bearing large- Broad shoulders and a thick, barrel-like chest paired closely with his long, strong- toned legs it was clear he was built for combat and simply built to take blow after blow after blow. He bore long- Strong arms and a narrow- Feline-like face that almost always held a soft, welcoming hint to it. To bring it along he had a head of short cut, unruly sapphire hair that was always tangled up with leaves and or branchges of some kind- To make him stand out a bit more he bore Dim, green- Reflective orbs that seemed to always be studying other people carefully. Always moving, always sizing people up- And always, always alert to everything going on around him.

    Do not take him head on.

    He is an absolute nightmare armor wise to take head on. The first notable feature one would notice right away were the small, steel plate boxes that bracketed his armor- From his chestplate straight down to his greaves- Covering his legs, the sides of his greaves, his back, and the back of his legs (With an exclusion of the backs of his knees and the sides of his knees as-well as the inside of his elbow and his elbow itself to ensure he remains mobile) that would scream misfortune to shooters. He was using small boxes of spaced armor all across him to make shooting him a virtual nightmare and the second most prominent feature of his armor was his chest plate- The thick, heavy- Slated forged plate that extended outwards on his chest about three inches to form a sixty degree angle at its’ very tip on the beak- Making punching through the front of his chestplate with a bullet, arrow, and even blade near impossible. Due to the steep angle, the armored boxes, and the thickness of the angled plate itself bullets and arrows would either find themselves being engulfed in the layers of spaced armor or simply deflecting off to the side due to the angle. The armor on his back was much similar- Extending outwards an inch, but it didn’t form a beak- It was simply rounded towards his sides.

    His legguards consisted of thick, slated plate and leather paired with those boxes of spaced armor- Not nearly as thick as his chestplate but still offering quite the obstacle and even more one would do well to take note of his gloves which consisted of thickened plate near the palm of his hand- Made specifically for trying to catch a blade mid swing and yank it away. Other features of his armor were the low profile and rounded tops of his shoulder pads which protected his shoulders and the area of flesh between his shoulders and neck and lastly, were the plated greaves wrapped in linen cloth to ensure that each step remained silent and didn’t give his position away.

    Oh. Also. He has chainmail wrapped around his neck. Screw you garrote wires.

    To finish it up it would be wise to take note of the fact that there was a six inch long three inch tall box on the back of his belt- it was rounded to fit the contour of his belt and was rounded outwards towards anything that could be behind him- Coming from the box was a small, red wire that disappeared just below the back of his armor and likely ran somewhere up around his belt. Paired with this engineered kink taking note of the man’s thickened gauntlets would also be a very good idea. There was a one inch thick rectangle attached just below each gauntlet to his wrists where the very tip of a cylindrical, pointed object extruded slightly- A spring blade? Possibly.
    His armor Is usually concealed by a thick leather- Black- trenchcoat that clings to his form tightly.


    Along the left side of his belt there were three small leather satchels- Each one carried something different. One bore syringes of glowing, green liquid in it- Each syringe preloaded and ready to use while a second bore a single cylindrical parchment tube with a pin coming out the side of it. If one were to catch the satchel open and see it well, it was easy to identify as a bursting smoke grenade due to the cylindrical look and the parchment tubing. The third pouch boasted a single glass red tube with some sort of pin and device attachted to the side of it. The tube bore a mixture of red and blue liquid- Seperated from eachother by a thin glass wall in the center of the tube that also surrounded what looked like some sort of detonator. An incendiary device? Very likely.
    But the pride of his weaponry was the five foot long bolt action rifle he carried on his back (There are self aware gnomish robots with chainguns. Cry me a river if a bolt action rifle hurts your feelings :/) It was a beautiful mat black weapon- The stock dusted black along with the long barrel of the weapon that boasted a four inch long flash and muzzle compensator that featured a strange pattern of ribbing strips along the side of it- Obviously to completely suppress the flash of the high powered rifle and lower the recoil ( Atop of the weapon just above the bolt assembly on a small steel rail over-cover was a three foot long weapons optic- Was it gnomish or goblin? Who knew. It was sleek and rectangular- With a small knob atop of it along with a glowing red strip in a thin tube running a foot down to the end of the optic and a small knob on the right side of it. There was a constant, faint- Whirrling sound echoing from the optic. What was it..? The rifle itself boasted only a four round magazine for the weapon- Four in the internal spring tensioned magazine and one in the chamber to add up to five rounds ready to fire.
    The last main weapons you'll be able to easily see on the man were his two old, faded- Grey blackpowder revolvers - One resting on his left hip while another rested in a holster directly but slightly lower right infront of that revolver. They were simple- Easy to use weapons he had there to grab and to wrap it up: There was a tanto styled blade that always rested in its' sheath diagnolly right over his groin paired with another blade whos' hilt rose just a tad higher- The two main weapons the man would obviously use in close combat when it came close or became personal. ( And


    Welcome to a wall of ink.

    This man doesn’t believe in beauty of natural skin. He believes in the beauty of ink and it shows considering his face is half covered in ink- Both his cheeks are covered in a variety of differently sized stars that reach all the way down from his cheeks to his chin and down to his neck where they begin to fade off into the tattoos of his back and chest.
    The man before you didn't believe in the beauty of natural skin- unblemished, perfectly toned flesh. He believed in the beauty of history and most of all, ink. It showed considering the elft half of his face was a mixture of black and grey inks- Drawing out the man's tendons and skeletal features across that side of his face- Reaching down the left side of his neck where it drew out every single artery and vein in green inch that was speckled with golden hints as if signaling the flow of life up into the man's head and towards his brain. The right side of his face was speckled in small, glimmering and glittering blue stars that seemed to come out of his eye- Coming down to his neck where the stars broke apart into small chunks of blue ink that scattered and dissapeared down beneath his armor.

    The first prominent tattoo you would be able to spot if you ever managed to get this man undressed was the massive icon of wisdom drawn across his back- Their glaives drawn in a soft, blue ink while the rest of the icon of wisdom was drawn in grew ink- A glaive reaching up to each of his shoulder blades and the third coming down to rest just above his buttocks. Though, there were even more tattoos between each glaive- Faint, small drawings- But a keen eye could almost depict a battle. Across the left side of his back there were small, armored elven figures with polearms out stretched as if waiting for a charge- A flicker of purple ink offering a hint at a darnassian banner while across the right side of his back there were soldiers of different sized- All in plate armor with blurred out faces charges across the right side of his back with their swords up in the air towards the Darnassian line of skirmish. Lower down his back near the center of his back there was a face drawn in the faintest of blue inks beneath the glaive of the icon of wisdom- The face was slightly concealed by the cloth of a tattered hood and the eyes seemed to be staring up at the battle. The left side of the face featured half a healthy, fleshy face with a narrowed, green eye and a bared fang while the right side of the face on the right side of the glaive featured a skeletal right half of a face- Teeth clenched and eyes socket morphed and narrowed to look almost angry. Standing over this raging battle an hourglass of black ink reached up- Swirling and twining around the edges of the glaive and inbetween each fighting soldier and blade until it formed at the very top of his neck just beneath his hairline was some sort of morphed depiction of Queen Azshara in her elven form.

    The second prominent tattoo you would be able to see was the image of a torn and flaming Darnassian banner inked across his chest in a bright, vibrant purple and grey ink with rippling orange and yellow flares of flame licking up at the edges of the tattered ends and through the holes of war in the banner. Written all through-out the banner- Burned out and cut out in some places were words in ancient elven. They were phrases written in a cursive-like font- From left side to right side they offered their message reading. “Amin naa’lle nai, Amin sinta thaliolle’e’dagor… Lle wethrine aminm Tanya I’narr en gthrima’na shal’a cuamin linduva yassen manka I’narr glinuva nuin I’anor.” Repeatedly tattoed into the flesh of the man all the way down to the bottom of his stomach just above his groin. What these words mean? Well, that’s for you to find out!
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