LESSON Character Design: Personality Part One

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  1. Workshop written by RORY.

    Personality is without the doubt, is what makes the character what he or she is. As already discussed beforehand, this can be one of the hardest things to pick up on. When first coming up with an idea, we tend to use the people around us. This is a good starting point,; yet, this has some sort comings. This is an example of some of the basic things that one should look for in a personality.

    Let’s use this girl as an example:


    Short Term Goals:
    1. To find a new pair of shoes, since her old ones are worn down.
    2. Finish up with her first year of high school, which is going to be ending soon.
    3. Eat some pancakes in the morning.

    Long Term Goals:

    1. Finish reading that stupid novel that she’s been reading for the past three months.
    2. Going to study literature and the written arts somewhere in England.
    3. One day to write some novel about the future.

    General Personality: ‘Gloomy Gus’

    Introverted or Extroverted: Introverted.

    Quirks (Oddities that catch an interest):
    1. Knows a lot about Rocks
    2. Novels by Charles Dickens
    3. The History of the 1830s

    Eccentricities (Oddities that aren’t the norm):

    1. Has been known to spend nights up trying to write.
    2. Believes that there is a Flying Spaghetti Monster and is very vocal about it.
    3. Is known to smile about things that aren’t considered funny by the norm.

    IQ: High

    Temperament: High

    Method of dealing with Anger: Represses it through writing.

    Good/Bad Traits:

    1. Is very a attractive young woman and is well liked by the boys.
    2. However, she is anti social and thusly regards most people as annoying.
    3. Has a good understanding of how things work, and is willing to help her family out with working on machines.
    4. She has no interest in staying in the nation that she lives in and wants to leave soon. This makes her even more anti social.

    Bad Habits:
    1. Tends to get into long agruments against people she deems stupid.
    2. Doesn’t allow herself to get enough sleep.

    Sense of humor: Seems to be lacking one.

    Next time, we will continue to take a look at personality.
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