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    Have you ever killed off a character for the sake of the rp? Or maybe you could not continue posting in the game and needed closure for your character?
    Ever killed one off?
    Tell us about it and why you did it!
  2. I killed off all my chat rp charas because i like to wine and dine :I
    Used them for that period of time for a masq or random charp
    Then i leave them wanting more.
    But im all like "Nah Baby... this cant go on... Im sorry"
    Then they die of a broken heart </3

    Cold blooded~
  3. I don't think I've had many characters killed off, but for the sake of drama and storytelling I don't think I'd mind.
  4. I have killed characters for the sake of RP one time, though as far as I remember, their deaths were not explicitly mentioned. I do not even remember if I played the same band of characters again, so I am not sure if anybody in the RP knew that some of them died, but I clearly remember that I have used a method to decide if certain members of a team were dead. I have also killed off main characters of my writings, in fact, several of them have died in a rather anti-climactic way at the end of my largest narrative yet. However, I do not think I have killed off a character who was the core foundation of my stories yet, who seemed to be of key importance. Yes, I have killed protagonists, but not the very pillars that the story rests on, or I have killed them at a time when it did not matter anymore.

    As for character death with actual impact on the story, I do not think that I have done that. Most of my characters tend to survive until the very end and only the more minor ones get killed off early on. I also have not killed a serious, named character on-screen in an RP yet, which I am sure I will remedy some time.
  5. I often use the same two character repeatedly anyway and could probably recreate an entire series of happy tree friends with the brutality and torture I put them through.

    Most resently I got involved in a saw style rp that involved crawling around in a needle pit then walking through a human oven.
  6. The only times I remember killing a character off, were either for character development, story enhancing, or the chart rp was over.
  7. In my stories I kill characters all the time, and any story I write is usually not yet finished unless the main character is dead.
    In roleplays I'm not sure, because I just recently started again after a long period of not roleplaying; but back when I did I killed them from time to time, and right now I'm fairly sure I just haven't gotten around to killing any of them yet. (Not counting one roleplay wherein my character started recently dead, as a ghost. But that's another kind of death, the kind where he doesn't fall off the screen.)
  8. For starting RP's where I have 2 or 3 characters, I usually kill off the extras when the RP picks up because they're just there to help the plot move along in the beginning, get every situated where they wanna be. In the stories I write outside role-plays I kill characters quite often. I just killed one in a RP by running a sword through her ^_^ However I don't think she'll stay dead for long xD I have killed charas because I need closure in an RP because I'd be gone for a long time or I knew I wouldn't be back. Plus it helps spice parts of the story up especially if they're killed by some great evil bad guy the other characters can now go after OwO
  9. I love killing off characters. It adds depth, sense of purpose and an overall sense of realism to the entire plot of the story. Usually got the ability to do this in one of the tabletop games here on Iwaku that happened not too long back.

    It changed the entire arc of a lot of stories. In the story my character, through his lack of foresight, managed to get a child killed. He then propped himself in a doorway and fought off the end boss for the sector by himself (Which wasn't desirable, as he was a rogue) so none of the other captive personnel would get hurt. In the process, he got his ass handed to him. (Royally so, I've never rolled so many 2s in my life)

    But the end scene, the elder of the captive group only has one resurrection spell available which is originally supposed to go to my character. Only he stops them and tells them no. Says that he doesn't need it and to give it back to the girl that passed on. Made for a very moving scene overall that added quite a bit of depth to the overarcing story
  10. I have killed off so many of my characters for the sole purpose of it being their 'destiny' int he rp that I start every RP with at least one back up character in mind for every character I make.

    The first character I can remember killing off was the stories Protagonist because the partner I played with put him in a logical situation that unless serendipitous amounts of luck were bestowed to him his fate was sealed. Rather than turn him into the Gods Blessed One I allowed him to die. However since his death was public Character 2 saw this and stepped up to kill the 'big bad guy' which resulted in the end of the rp.

    it was very nice!

    I think the death of a character is not a 'bad thing' but rather an interesting thing that many wouldn't think you would be willing to do with your character.
  11. It wasn't on this site, but I played the big Bad that got killed off.
    I had to make him truly despicable, even in death. So I had him do one of those "If I'm going down, you're coming with me" moments with one of the better-liked characters in the RP - all pre-arranged, of course.
    To be honest, though, i've never been in an RP long enough to have my characters killed off. I always plan elaborate and ironic deaths for them, but none of my RPs last, and my partners never stick around long enough.