Character Creations (Show off your Characters!)

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  1. So I don't know about you but I adore games that have character customization. It helps me to really build a liking for the character, best one I've seen so far has been Saints Row (3-4, sadly haven't gotten to play the 1-2, getting the first today).

    What are your favourite character creations? Feel free to show yours off! (I'll post mine soon)
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    X-COM 2 soldiers are neato burrito. I have like, half the forum goers here in the character pool at this point. This one is @Holmishire because why not?
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    The original Nydanna! FFXI didn't allow for much in the way of character creation.


    And this is Kassie, my FFXIV character, who I just recently dinged level 50 on ninja. She's also a level 60 black mage, but her gear is lacking as I don't do dungeons or party stuff.
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