Character Creation, The Focus of a Idea?

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  1. Isle Of Avalon

  2. Shadow Over Avalon

  3. War Of The Elements

  4. The Dark Forest's Bastion

  5. Where Are We

  6. Assault Wing Omnicron

  7. The NightWatch

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  1. So, The premise of this idea is that players don't just outright build a character for the roleplay, but specific aspects are decided by the GM through the players answering questions. Some Random, Some obvious.

    A good way to describe this is like a RPG, where you chose a class, or a Elemental Attunement, or a magic style, or maybe its your Ship, or your weapons you are choosing. But before we do that, We need a plot, And so, thats what we are here for! To pick a plot!

    Fantasy Plots;

    Isles of Avalon

    Welcome to the Isle of Avalon, Riders. You have been chosen because of a power that lies dormant within you. The power to talk to, ride, and even control dragons. Now comes the greatest task of your life. To learn to live with your dragon.
    Think Supernatural Highschool, with dragons riders. and magic.
    Things you'd get given from the questions: Dragon, And Magic!

    A Shadow Over Avalon

    Based in the Same mystical realm as above, but far further along the time line.
    Avalon is threatened by a dark shade, a dragon possessed by a demon, a evil creature that has raised a army of abominations. Far in the reaches of the ancient mountains the great dragon god awakens and calls to his side riders from all across the nation to combat this great threat.
    Things You'd get Given from the Questions: Dragon, Magic, and a weapon.

    War of The Elements:

    The realms of the Elements have been in harmony for eons, and now something is wrong, Chaos has entered this system of order, It started with a flickering of flames, a dimming of lights, a shrinking shadow, ripples in the water. Something was wrong, The Elements were at war.....why? no one knows. There are rumours about a new element in the cycle, something wrong inherently that corrupts all other elements. and so the elders are chosing creatures from other races, Humans, animals, mythical creatures, all sorts of things and putting them through trials to see if they are worthy of the gift of representing their element in the trials to come.
    Things you'd get given from Questions: Elemental patron

    The Dark Forests Bastion:

    Welcome to the Dark Forest, a haunt for all manner of unnatural and superhuman creatures, werewolves, vampires, Dhampirs, driders, drow, dragon-kin, Demon-Spawn, Manticores. You name it, it lives in here, but not in the chaos you would think. The Dark Forest is home to a construct known as the Lunar Bastion, Surmounted by a huge Lunar Capacitor capable of storing and channelling moonlight it fills the tower with a soft silver light allowing vampires to be at full strength, Werewolves to transform at will. Our story will follow a group of creatures who live in this tower and get together on a regular basis as mercenaries.
    What you will get given from the Questions: Creature and Powers/Role.


    Where are we?

    The most dangerous mercenary group in the world, capture, stripped of their memories and left in cryo stasis in a sentient station around a dead planet, Good way of keeping them without killing them right? Yeah, untill you consider one of the programmers gave the AI a back up protocol to protect the galaxy from any external threat, using the Mercs as weapons. So, what happens when the AI holds the Mercs memories hostage and asks them to do tasks in return for their memories?
    What you'll get for the questions: Equipment/Role, First Memory.

    Assault Wing Omicron

    Assault Wings, Groups of ships meant to be free roaming without a cruiser or large ship for strikes against enemy positions and deep behind enemy lines, Returning only to base or allied ship every month or so for new info as well as fuel and food. The pilots of Assault wings tend to be outlandish, rouge like, even outright disobedient of orders (excluding mission parameters), their ships are far from standard, with all sorts of modifications, custom weapon builds, unique paint jobs and names. yet within the Assault wing there is, light hearted teasing, friendship. and above all, trust in one another.
    Assault Wing Omicron is no different. Well except for one key fact; Their latest mission might just be their last.
    What you will get from the questions: Your Ship, and its weapons.

    Modern Fantasy:

    The NightWatch

    We are the Nightwatch, We who fight with darkness against that which lurks within it. We who face the nightmares that humanity cannot. We who sell our souls so Humanity may retain its own. We who watch the Night so that others may sleep. We who hold eternal Vigil over The Earth.
    There have always been secret societies and hidden organizations, Non quite like The NightWatch, a organization who fight things most people consider myths and legends, Demons, Old Testement Angels, Eldritch Horrors And worse. And you are now part of it, Welcome To your watch. May it last all Eternity, And The Sun Rise Anew.
    What you will get from the questions: You're Race, Abilites, and 'Upgrades' (if any).

    Now you know the Plots, Go pick 1, or 2. your choice! The plot with the most votes in a few days I will draw up!
    PS: Please Post in the thread to let me know you're in! you don't have to state your choices, just let me know so I have names & numbers!
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