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  1. Your goal in this challenge, is to create a villain for a setting that is not essentially evil, as in destroy the world, or kill (x) number of people, or world domination, you get the point.

    A wrong approach to a problem? A revolution on a global scale that could potentially change the world to a better place?
    These are just two examples how someone could be a villain in a setting, while not being essentially evil, but these have also been used(Kudos of you give examples for each of these). The most common form of this is the final form of "The end justifies the means", in which the character believes that the goal justifies whatever actions they take to reach it.

    I will not give you a CS or anything, but you are free to use one.

    I look forward to seeing your plots and characters!
  2. She was next in line for the throne.
    Her parents were terrible.
    Ruthless. Uncaring.
    She cared. She did.
    She wanted to help. She wanted to make the kingdom a better place.
    But then he came.
    With his fierce eyes, and strong voice.
    She didn't get a chance. And now she rots in prison, with her parents, and the rest of the royal court.
    She just wanted to help.
    She cared. She did.
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  3. She was born evil.
    Told that she would destroy the world.
    Told she was a weapon of destruction.
    Did she believe this?
    Some yes and some no.
    She was born in a peaceful land.
    Could she believe her fate?
    Was she aloud freedom?
    She had to learn to hid her emotion.
    She had to keep everything she felt locked away for the good of everything.
    It was for the sake of all human kinda and many others.
    Was her father proud?
    Her mother?
    Who knows?
    She hated her life because of the destruction it would cause.
    Was it her fault she was born?
    She says yes.
    Only she knows.
    She left to the world and dimension she was told she would one day destroy.
    She felt that if she did good maybe it would change her Destiny.
    Did it?
    For now yes. But forever who knows?
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  4. It was not my folly to allow technological dependency be the key root of humanity's military strength. The expansionist and imperialistic Earth Confederation, a union of self-interested corporations, control it, seeking to colonize and make a profit from the vast regions of space. It is virtually unchecked by the United Nations whose primary concern is that of Earth. Their stated mission is of exploration and peace for other races, but they've made a scapegoat of the first race humanity has encountered, a race technologically inferior to our own, by provoking them into one-sided combat. Propaganda is rampant.

    I am a programmer in one of their R&D departments, and my superiors have expressed keen interest in my project in an efficiency algorithm designed to reduce energy requirements for their spaceships and tanks. At a critical moment, a cataclysmic event will kill thousands of human space colonists and military, but keep the ships and whatever is inside intact for The Other to use and reverse engineer for their own purposes. My Trojan Horse will cause all breathable oxygen to be jettisoned by the ships into space, once they are out of Earth's primary radar, and activate an auto-pilot system to guide the ships safely to their planet.

    I offer them a miracle. It doesn't matter where it comes from. I will betray my species, because having 'humanity' is no longer enough.
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  5. A great man came along finally. One who both plunged the world into darkness and gave it light. Through both war and peace he gave us unity, combining our countries into a single planet so we could fulfill our destiny. Finally, I have created a hyper drive for this man, after educating my life to him. How was I to know that some other researcher would perverse my great creation into a world destroying super weapon. I made my device so we could explore the galaxy, and make alliances with any aliens who might be out there. When the man I dedicated my life to threw away my trust and went on a galactic rampage killing every world he didn't like, or wouldn't support life. Now, I will be premièred in history as the scientist giving a great weapon for war, when I wanted to be known for giving us a way into a galactic revolution of peace and exploration. Why? Why must I be burdened by this travesty and genocide?
  6. A man sees his people, dying under the weight of countless generations of wasteful squandering of natural and manufactured resources.

    When all hope seems lost, he maintains hope, rallies the people, and fosters the means through which survival may be possible. Seeking knowledge possessed only by the foundations of the universe, the man and his supporters find a gate to another world - a better world.

    His people flock through the gate in a great exodus, and their numbers swell as they settle this new world, caring little for the native fauna, as it seems to possess little to no intelligence by their standards.

    Eventually, the native vermin begin troubling the people. They undermine efforts to sustain agriculture, cause damage to critical infrastructure, and present the people with the threat of disease. Thinking it a simple matter to organize distribution of repellents and traps, the man heads the effort to keep the people safe from this nuisance.

    It seems that his efforts have deterred the vermin from pestering the people. They think their new settlements are safe.

    This peace lasts for only a few years. The vermin come back in force. They bring previously unseen tools to bear. The kill a number of the people.

    The man is distraught over the suffering of his people. Eventually, organized groups emerge with the intention of exterminating the vermin. They do so, and the man is able to finally lead his people into a new age of prosperity.

    The vermin that once identified themselves as human, are no more.
  7. She wasn't born evil. She never asked for the powers she was given. They..They happened. They happened around her tenth birthday causing destruction and chaos to everything she touched. She didn't mean for it to happen... And yet they all ran from her. Her powers of chaos and destruction only grew as she got older. There was no stopping it. Even her parents ran away from her. This shaped her future and shaped everyone else's as well. If only they would have understood. 'I never wanted to hurt them...I just needed someone. Anyone.' Of course her anger clouded her judgement and caused her to act out.

    If they didn't like her...If they saw her as a monster, she'd be just that. She'd play their game but definitely wouldn't play by their rules. They fought, so she fought back. Innocent people were caught in the crossfire, but at the time, she didn't care. The girl of chaos only cared about survival. If she were to survive she had to fight back. Because if she didn't... She'd never get to see another day. She wouldn't be able to feel freedom. It was taken from her now, but she was a fighter and she wasn't going to give up so easily.

    And as night fell each day, she sat in her room, bottling the sadness of each angry face, each person calling her a monster, and pushed it aside. The girl of chaos put on her facade and didn't dare show anything else.

    Because if she showed anything less...They'd see weakness and she wouldn't get to see another day.
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  8. "Why is she here?"
    "Nobody shall know."
    "Is she bad?"
    "Nobody shall know."
    "Shall we banish her?"
    "Nobody shall know."
    This is what Gabrielle listened to her whole life. It was her music. Her night's lullaby. She wasn't evil! Hypnotising was just her hobby, not something she used to kill! This had all been Kemen's fault! And now look at him, not saying a thing! Locked away, in his room, like some madman. This was unfair! But for once, she was able to experience her fathers' lives. Yes, her mother remarried. More than once. Her family came from a line of criminals, but once her mom was released, she was born. Her mother was shot to death, so she only had her locked up fathers. Gabrielle ran away into the mountains, hoping she'd be able to use her power of hypnotising to stop people's tries. It didn't work, it never did.
  9. I clutched the wand tightly against my chest. The sharp edges dug into my skin uncomfortably through my homespun shirt, but I remained still. I was hunted again. I was always hunted. Everyone wanted the wand, but I couldn't give it up. I knew if I did, I would die.

    Footsteps behind me caught my ears, and I looked back. Again, it was the man in silver armor. I flinched away, but he caught me by the shoulder.

    "You won't use that wand again!" He snarled. So many times before, he had asked, he had pleaded, he had begged with a gentle face. This time, instead, he grabbed and raised his sword. "You've killed too many people! No more second chances!"

    As before, I raised the wand and held it between us. Unlike before, a cold thunk resounded through my arm, and I watched it fall away. It hit the ground as I stared dumbly. I wasn't dead. It was no longer held by me, but I was alive! I looked at my savior and smiled. "Than-" The word cut off, and the ground rushed toward me.
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  10. Be careful what you wish for.
    She warns them time and time again. With all granted wishes comes the undesirable consequences. But do they ever heed her advice? Of course not. Do they ever realize that their petty desire is just that – petty and pathetic? Absolutely not.

    I wish to be the richest man on Earth.
    A desire that seems to occur again and again. Humans are so predictable. But, with money, there always comes the loneliness. The betrayal. Everyone wants to be the richest. And everyone will hate anyone who managed to obtain more money than they have. What was the human saying? Right, money can’t buy you happiness. Well, that is true, but they left out something else.
    Money can buy you misery.

    I want to be the strongest!
    The strongest in what, she would ask. The strength of courage? The strength of love? No, they’ll answer. Just the strongest and the best. She cocks an eyebrow but says nothing. The strongest in the world. The strongest in what? The strongest in nothing. With this strength comes a wasted wish. With this strength comes an ability no man have ever seen before – with this strength, comes death. Because only when you are dead, are you are capable of everything.

    I want to be beautiful.
    Ahh, the exquisite common desire. A way to be held dear by everyone. Yet, despite being loved by everyone, they will forever be loathed by everyone. Everyone is dazzled by them and perhaps, everyone will want to be with them. But everyone will hate them for being that beautiful. And to top it all off, there will always be someone even more beautiful. Someone who triumphs and is held much more dearly, after all, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and they will be cast aside to nothing when they are no longer loved or hated.

    Do they not realize the consequences? She grants them a wish. A single wish. That is her only desire, to bestow upon humans the one thing they desire the most.
    But with this desire, also comes hatred. Instead of the happiness she wants them to have, they receive despair. Instead of benevolence, they see her actions as cursed. Instead of seeing her as a God, they see her as a Devil.
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    How precious she was, his little sister. The little angel, more brilliant than the stars on a clear night, more beautiful than the clearest spring day. But oh so delicate, he could see it in the way his parent's held her. So tender, he only held her once. Cradling her in his arms like he had watched his parents do. Anytime she had started to fuss he would hold a finger to his lips. He wasn't supposed to be here. Momma and Papa would be oh so cross with him.

    He could only watch from afar. He got to have a little sister but she would never know she had an older brother. At least not until she started to fall. She was to tiny, to frail, to soft, those things that had made her precious were slowly destroying her. Oh how it hurt him to see her being pecked away, like a handful of barley corns faced with the hungry chicken. Bit by bit, she was gone, his precious little sister was being eaten alive. And how it destroyed him.

    He could let her fade, he would make her stronger, he would help her shield her light. No one in the world would be able to harm her light. But first he needed an army.

    He would come with soldiers and weapons and death and he would provide her with the rocks with which to build herself a shell. And when all was said and done he would cry tears of joy as her sword buried itself in his ribs. Because his little sister would then be strong, more brilliant than the stars, more beautiful than the clearest spring day. And stronger than the worst tyrant.


    working on another one
  12. The world seems to have always been at war. Whether it was on the battlefield, or through the means of economics, the world's leaders have never seen eye to eye. Freedom breeds open forums for discussion, which leads to disagreement, which leads to war. Dictatorship leads to repression, which leads to revolt, which leads to war. It's a vicious cycle that, no matter how you twist or turn it, always comes back into itself.

    That's why I needed to break the chain; introduce something the world had never seen. Never known. An evil so apparent, so abrupt, that it had to be dealt with as a whole, or risk losing everything. Humanity only knows true peace, true companionship, when it has no other choice. It is what defines us as humans, and is the key to achieving peace. It has occurred in mere moments in the past; most recently at the end of World War II. The world, having defeated the Nazi war machine, was at peace with itself.... until the dust settled and the leaders began to bicker once more among themselves.

    So I'm going to give them an evil they can't ignore, that they can't simply defeat. An everlasting evil lording over them, keeping them up at night. I will cause them to sweat and panic; to be always on edge and wary. And through this fear, they shall know love and trust of the men and women around them. Through this, they will be at peace with thy neighbor, for they don't have the time to fight. Through the hell that I shall bring upon them, I shall bring them peace. I shall be the Devil that delivers them to God.

    (I went with a more abstract approach, hope you enjoyed ^^)
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