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  1. Faust : Magicians rp






    Never Let Me Go

    Never Let Me Go

    Never Let Me Go



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  2. Never Let Me Go

    My Hour Glass Never Runs Out

    "Welcome back Demara, or may I call you Dem?."

    "It Doesn't really matter to me."

    "Alright, well I have about an hour with you, so why don't we start where we left off from. You were going to tell me this dream you had."

    "It's not a dream."

    "Of course right, well anyway , go ahead and start."​
    I was born in April on the 28th. I had a twin brother named Jacob. We were born 30 minutes apart, but Jacob came out first, so he was always bugging me about me being the youngest. Our mom was an accountant and our dad was a police man. At the time I had black hair and emerald eyes. I was skinny compared to Jacob. He was big and strong, had a lot of muscles and worked out nearly everyday. I was the princess and he was the prince. He helped me at school, clubs, when I got into fights. He was my best friend. The things started to change. When I was 6 I could see things others wouldn't have imagined. Just by a single touch I could see others past, their memories, their pains and sorrows. I could even see Jacob's. Somehow Jacob understood what I was going through even if I didn't say anything to him. He tried his best not to touch me, and kept others away. He understood whenever I touched someone it was painful and that it'd hurt. Everything was fine, no one got hurt and memories didn't flow into me as much as they did before, until 2 years later. The relationship with my parents grew worse as their work hours increased by the month. It was either one getting upset for not getting enough attention, or the other getting upset because the lack of understanding. Family dinners were tense and moody. Eventually our mother started going off the handles. Constantly harassing Jacob, she grew angry for him trying to protect me all the time. Our father got irritated at me because I was weaker than Jacob. He wanted me to be stronger, but Jacob didn't want me to be. Our family started tearing apart. Mom was always yelling and going off the handle, father was forcing unnecessary thing on me and eventually turned abusive when I would deny him. Jacob grew distant out of fear from our mom. Jacob did't want her to harbor hate for him, but he didn't want me to suffer.

    After the change school had gotten harder. The pain had came back, and I grew enemies faster than a lion chasing a zebra. Everyday someones memory flowed into me, and everyday I experienced pain unlike any other. Around my third year in middle school I had gotten into a fight over the expression on my face after someone touched me. They started wailing on me when all of a sudden Jacob came to rescue me. The principal came minutes later and deemed me and my brother as the culprits. We were suspended from school which angered my father more than anything. My mom furious for Jacob coming to my rescue struck Jacob. I was going to help but our father pulled me away. In that moment I could see everything, his past, his memories , even his emotions. I remember pulling away and hitting my head against the table. A vase was on it and it had fallen down on top of my head. Jacob tried to reach me, but our mother grabbed my wrist to pull me away. Like our father, her past, memories, and emotions flew into me.

    The most painful thing was what I saw. Both of them hated their lives, hated their positions. Our father disliked being in the force and wished he was a doctor at a high school. He wanted to marry a busty blonde with green eyes, not a woman with brown hair and brown eyes. He wanted a girl and three boys, three strong boys. He wanted to live in a three story house, have a dog named rover, and later down the road be locked in a three way affair. To him we were mistakes, something that just came with the package of our mother. He was too late in pulling out on the wedding, and out of guilt for being late to the wedding, he just decided to go with it. Our mother didn't want to be account, she wanted to be a Nurse in Nevada. She wanted to marry a doctor with a good chin, red hair, freckles. She wanted four girls and three cats. To her we were a hit and miss. She pulled a card from the deck and it wasn't hers. The only reason why she went through the wedding was because she thought if she didn't she'd just be a lonely cat lady. It was clear though, that both of them didn't want us. The word hate lingered in my mind as I could hear their whispers of disgust. Finally as everything calmed down and they left the room, Jacob had came to my side. Though as my heart wished for comfort , it's wish was denied. Jacob's memories and thought flowed into me. 2 years of never touching each other and the day we can touch was probably the most depressing time of my life. He to was brewing with hate and anger. He was upset that he was born into this family. He was angry that he had a crazed mother with no ambition, a father that expected to much and was overly greedy, then me a younger useless brother who would have been better born as a female than a male. He thought of me as something that needed to be protected so he himself wouldn't fall to ruin. He even had thoughts of taking me, me a male? He really wanted me to be born as a girl , so much that he cursed my form every time he saw me.

    So what did I do? I ran. I ripped myself from Jacob's arm and ran. I cursed my family and everyone in it. I wished for time to reverse itself, for me to never have been born. I ran so much that I didn't realize the space around me was changing. I could see blue lights, stars, streams of white, and clocks turning. By the time I realized it, I was in the hospital. I was in the room where my mother was in labor. I felt a stick plunge through my heart as I saw doctors rushing to her side. She was screaming so much and it seemed painful. I was so focused on what was happening to my mom that I didn't realize what was happening to me. My hair had became white and my right arm has became black. When I looked over toward the mirror to get a better look at myself, I had a red hour glass over my left eye. At the bottom of the hour looked like sand trailing down to my chin. Even though my hair changed, I was more worried about my right arm. It was completely black and clock arms were wrapping around my shoulder.

    I was pulled away by my appearance when I heard the doctor say only one made it. I was confused , so I walked over to get a better look. The child in the doctors arm looked like me, but I didn't see the other. To make it worse, the doctors claimed she was dying. I stood there for a little as I watched the color in my moms skin fade. The blood loss was too much and the other child never made it out alive. My mother had died 30 minutes after my birth , which only left my father. Relentlessly I searched through out the hospital for my father. I ended up walking outside to see a nasty car crash. Getting closer I noticed the hand that hung out of the shattered window. In shock I backed away as I could see the head of my father plunged into the window of the other car. When I tried to run away, I returned to where I was before. A small space with clocks. I could hear my wish linger throughout the space of time.

    I can't remember what else happened while I was there. I remember waking up the next day in a room by myself. There were books everywhere, clocks, plates, and dirty laundry. It was nothing like how my old room was. Confused I looked out the window to see a sign saying Chasmer Orphanage. I nearly broke out in laughter as I tried to collect my thoughts. My wish had came true, but at what cost? I had lost my family despite my hate towards them. My appearance had changed, and most of my memories are foggy and shattered. I tried to tell people my story, but I was put in a hospital that was attached to the Chasmer Orphanage. When I thought I had become nothing, someone came for me, stating that they were my guardian. When I saw him, we looked nothing a like, yet others thought we were spitting images of one another. He took me in and placed me in a school for Magicians. He said to me that I was quiet rare and young for my age. He kept me close and taught me many things. He gave me a choice my second year. I could leave or I could stay, he wouldn't force me. I was still so confused with everything , so I left. Biggest mistake of my life. I wound up back in a place for orphans and my old life returned to me. So in the middle of the second year I returned back to the school, to the Dean. I wonder if I had gotten attached...Ah, well that's about it."

    "Interesting...reports say that you've told other counselors this story. As interesting and sad as it stories are just stories. You'r mother only had one child and due to her illness she died right afterwards. You'r hair is naturally white, and your arm was black due to a skin disease. Your father died in the war, and your never had a sibling. This school doesn't exist, you've been in the orphanage all your life. You tried to run away once and came back shortly after. "

    "You all say the same thing."

    "You may need more counseling if you keep spouting these stories. We are here to help you, but we can't help you if your continuing to go with this farce. I'll see you back again here in November. Have a good day Demara."

    Never Let Me Go



    [​IMG]Demara stands to be 5'6 in height and weighs 150.3 pounds. He has pure white hair. The back of his hair stops at the nape of his neck, while the front part of his hair hands low past his chin. Demara has a slim lean build with long legs and medium sized arms. He has soft facial features with thin lips. He has gray and yellow eyes , with a red hour glass over his left eye. Under the hour glass is specs of sand that trail down toward his chin. His right arm is completely black with clock arms wrapping around his shoulder. For clothing he wears a tight black sleeveless muscle shirt that stops before his naval. For bottoms he wears baggy white pants with only back pockets. Demara dislikes wearing shoes, but will wear black sandals during school hours. Over his tank he wears a gray jacket with a furry hood.

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  3. Never Let Me Go

    Full name

    Trinity Spade

    Demon name:



    Pooch (A common nickname many people use for him. Anyone can call him this.)
    Cebby ( A nickname only those close to him can call him.)


    Trinity appears to be 19 but his true age is 458.


    Greece, Athens



    Demon info
    What kind of demon are they:
    Tier 2

    What does their true form look like?:

    Trinity takes on milk white like skin that's soft and feels like stretchy leather (latex). His short hair becomes longer, stopping at his heels. He has two small black horns on top of his head but placed further in the back. In this from he gains a bust size of 38 c, but he still has his "men parts". For his attire he wears black thick straps that wraps underneath his bust, down around his waist and toward his lower half, over his bust underneath his arms, and then around his neck up toward his face covering his mouth. For shoes he has a pair of boots that's rims are black. His fingernails are also black along with his eyelashes and his tongue. His eyes take on a light orange hue, but turns red when his mood changes. During his mood changes red veins branch out from the corner of his eyes. While he's in this form the bunny he holds becomes a white ball with cat ears. It's eyes are stitched in an x formation. It has large canines and a wide broken mouth.


    Additional powers :

    Superhuman Strength
    Enhanced Endurance

    Do they hunt humans either for fun or food?:

    Mainly for food. Most tend to think Trinity is a Glutton.


    Trinity uses slim daggers that he pulls from out of his shoes, out of his mouth, and out of his hair.

    "What doesn't kill you becomes dinner."

    Is your character religious at all?:

    Trinity doesn't believe in religion and gets angry when someone forces it upon him.


    Innocent and Gullible
    Trinity is a boy that runs off of hunger, common curiosity, and rumors fed to him. Never abused or treated as trash, he was surrounded with gentle people that cared to him whenever he needed something. Sheltered, Trinity can come across as ignorant and uneducated. A cry baby, dependent on others, and easily wounded despite him being a demon. The same applies to him as being gullible, easy to fool, easy to trick. You can fool Trinity into killing someone without him knowing your true intentions. You can make him a pawn, and he'd just think your trying to take care of him. You could say Trinity is like a doll that is spurred on by sweet words, food, and nurturing. You can use him for anything just by giving him food, or telling him he's a good boy.

    Passive Aggressive
    Trinity hates being rejected, refused, or ignored. If he has a question, he wants it answered. If you say no, he'll want you to say yes. Trinity will go as far as to hide important things from you, destroy things. He'll pout and whine, throw tantrums and if you want him to do something, he'll procrastinate about doing it. He'll end up avoiding you, making your life miserable or irritating.

    Cry Baby/Tantrum/Clingy
    As sweet as he is , Trinity can snap throwing deadly tantrums that leads to broken limbs, blood loss, death, anything. His tantrum is usually caused by lack of attention and care. If he gets attached to you, then he'll expect you to stay near him at all times. He'll assume he's the only one you care for. If he sees you with another he'll throw a tantrum. If you hit him, yell at him, ignore him, he'll throw a tantrum. This makes people distant from him and try they're best to not have anything to do with him. Some usually send out their pawns to deal with him, so if they happen to die, it wouldn't be a big loss.


    -Board games


    -Being ignored
    -Lack of attention

    Any family?:

    Trinity San: Trist sant is a group of succubus that owns a small brothel. Trinity was raised in the left wing of the brothel with them. "Susan, Mary, Betchem, Dalla , and Riven."

    Currently non, pm if you want to

    Never Let Me Go

    Never Let Me Go





    Hair color:


    Eye color:

    Original: Red
    Contacts: Blue


    Trinity has a small build with long arms and legs. slender and very little muscle, his body was meant for speed and agility. Very agile and flexible , he can squeeze through things, and behind his body in ways others wouldn't.

    Personal attire:

    He loves wearing short shorts (black/tan/white) with knee high Victorian boots. For tops he wears sleeveless vest with bunny styled buttons and a bow that's tucked underneath the collar. He adores wearing top hates with a bow on the side and a playing card tucked in.


    He has a scar on the nape of his neck.


    He has a serpent wrapped around breast on his tongue.


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  4. Name:
    Gender: Male
    Sexuality: "If you can tame the sea, then you can tame me." Pansexual
    Occupation: The president and CEO of a computer company that builds, sell, programs, and creates new software.

    • ~General~

      Phi Anderson


      "If you can tame the sea, then you can tame me"

      The president and CEO of a computer company that builds, sell, programs, and creates new software.

    • "God of the Sea : Poseidon"

      Poseidon was the god of the sea, earthquakes and horses. Although he was officially one of the supreme gods of Mount Olympus, he spent most of his time in his watery domain. Poseidon was brother to Zeus and Hades. These three gods divided up creation. Zeus became ruler of the sky, Hades got dominion of the Underworld and Poseidon was given all water, both fresh and salt.

      Parent relationships (s):​

      • Poseidon was brothers to Zeus and Hades​
      • Poseidon had married Nereus's daughter, the sea-nymph Amphitrite.​
      • Poseidon was father of the hero Thesus​

    • Poseidon's Trident


    • Powers
      Kings Command
      Similar to his father, he has the ability to control bodies of water , both fresh and salt. Because he is still growing, he can only command small bodies of water (i.e river, lake,). He can also command whatever lives within that body of water as well.

      Brother's in Arms
      He can take on similarities of different types of fish. Such as becoming shark like , with a tail, fin, and sharp razor teeth. He can also take on a piece of a fish such as the tail or the ability such as the electricity of an eel

      His body is immune to the cold and heat, being completely invulnerable to direct and indirect effects

      King's Wager
      He is able to cast 4 bubble around others including himself. These bubbles give the person its covering enhanced durability, making the persons physical durability (ability to endure/resist damage) is extremely high, allowing them to take numerous blows of internal or external assaults before succumbing to the effects.

    • Familiar
      Jee & Dee

    • ~In depth~

      ~ Tactful
      ~ Childish yet caring. Combining the two he's good with cheering people up
      ~ Trustworthy "Be it a secret or trusting you with my life, I give my all to you, I hope you do the same"
      ~ Dependable "If you can't do it, I will..Oh don't worry, I'll take care of it"
      ~ Supporting "I'm not very good, but the least I can do is hold you up!"

      ~ Acceptance. "Your lying, bottom line."
      ~ Anger. "Why don't you shut up! "
      ~ Clumsy "Ah...whops, dropped the vase that held a demon..ahah sorry"

      ~ Swimming
      ~ Watching tv/Playing board games
      ~Taking care of animals, both land and water alike
      ~ Water (Will be found laying in the tub often)

      ~ Meat
      ~ Egotistic people
      ~Not fond of Land, always carries a spritzer bottle
      ~ Loud noises
      ~ Being pulled from his alone time

      Phi has short white hair that stops to his shoulders. He had long bangs that tend to cover up both of his eye, if not clipped to the side. He has a small tan , and pale spots around his arms and legs. If someone were to ask what were his most attractive features it would be his blue and golden eye. Only one has seen his eyes shift to a light blue with tints of green and that was during several events where he tried to kill someone out of anger and when he tried to save his lover. Phi stands to be 5'7 and weighs around 150.3 pounds . He's very small in size and lacks muscle, but what he lacks in muscle he makes up for in strength when it comes to holding on to things and brains. Phi usually wars a black undershirt with a white sleeveless vest over it. He wears a black or red tie , with white or black shorts and white or combat boots that are never tied. He is often seen carrying a transparent umbrella with a rainbow handle even if its sunny outside. Phi also likes to wear sweat bands on his right arm and have his fingernails on his left hand painted blue. During the night he loves to wear seahorse onse's.

      Distinguishing marks
      ~ On his lower waist is a mark that looks like the top half of a trident.

    • ~Relationships~

    • ~Other~

      Phi was a nonchalant child who expressed nothing for anything. His foster parents Brando and Haley tried there best to get him into some school activities and went as far as to bribe both him and the coaches to force him even if he said no. Phi rejected the money, but the coaches were persistent and kept nagging Phi. At one point the coaches in all fields had gotten physical with Phi. The track club would tug and pull him into the locker room, while the soccer and tennis coach would grab at his clothes and hair. Eventually the members of the clubs started getting angry for all the attention the coaches were giving him. Like a pack they cornered Phi and attempted to give him both a verbal and physical being. Lucky for him, a coach had jumped in to stop the fight. Strong and firm, the coach grabbed Phi by the collar and led him to his club room that was in a different build than the rest. Phi angry and stressed tried to flee from the coach, but instead was tossed into a pool of water. Phi slowly dropped to the bottom with his eyes open as he looked up toward the figure of the coach that was standing on the landing. Phi felt something change in him that day. The water was home to him, warm and loving. He opened his mouth to laugh. Kicking off his shoes he started to swim under the waters. It was 5 hours before he had came back up for air. The swim coach was sitting eating a burger when he saw that Phi was smiling. "There's that smile." Was the words Phi would never forget.

      A year later during his sophomore year, Phi joined the swim club. His foster parents were happy and were willing to drop as much money to the swim coach to keep him in there. The swim coach refused the money and told them that he signed up willingly and enjoys the club. His parents were shocked, but cared not for an explanation. Phi was smiling and was actively going to club activities , that was all they wanted.

      Phi graduated top of his class and swim captain for the club. Phi left for collage with 20 medals, 10 certificates, and 10 trophies along with his name plastered on the wall of fame. His coach retired from the high school and decided to go teach at the same collage Phi was attending. During Phi's freshman year, Phi moved in with his coach and started a relationship with him. There relationship went on for a good 5 years. Phi had graduated with a bachelor and masters degree in computer science. Once again he was captain of the swim team and brought victory to their school. Phi had then left to pursue his dream of becoming a contestant for the Olympics swimming team. During the trials a young boy who seemed to be younger than Phi had caught a cramp in his leg and started to drown. His lover told him to leave him and finish the trials. Phi was shocked by how cold his lover was and decided to save the poor boy. Swimming to rescue him, Phi used his abilities to allow the boy to breathe underwater without panicking. Grabbing him, Phi swam back up top to set the boy down. His lover was upset and started yelling at Phi. The trials were over and Phi had missed his chance in entering. Hurt by his lover, Phi pushed the coach into the water out of anger. Holding out his hand, the water began to swirl to his command . "FREAK" He hard people scream out.

      Phi didn't realize till the last minute that he was attempting to kill his own lover, let alone using his abilities in front of others. Pulling his hand away, he had left with haste. Gathering his things, Phi made sure to leave the state quick before anything else bad happened. A few months later , Phi saw that his old lover was on tv explaining to the reporters on the experience he had during his life. The coach made sure to express his hate an disgust to him, and even said that he had come on to him, forcing him to lay with him.

      The past was the past and Phi had moved on. He had started dating a woman named Martha who was the head of a computer company. His actions had long since died out and the new of it was buried under other acts like bombings, and kidnappings. During his time his time with Martha, Phi learned to be caring and childish. Martha claimed that he was to uptight and too serious. Their relationship lasted for a few months before Phi decided to end it. His decision wasn't because she was bad, but because he didn't want to her. There was a certain incident where they were at a company party in a luxurious hotel. They had the pent house with a pool out on the balcony. Martha was swimming in it when some drunk employee crashed into the glass that kept the pool secured. Martha began to fall, so Phi quickly rushed in to save her. Like before the water had bent to his commands. Wrapping around Martha, they pulled her in and into the house. Like before Phi could hear the words of Freak and even Martha was afraid to be touched by him.

      Phi left Martha soon after the incident happened. He moved states once more and set up his own computer company. Phi is know known across the states as one the second best computer company. His employee' s love their job and look forward to coming in everyday. Within his office is a big tank of water that he spends his time in when he's on break, or when he doesn't feel like working.

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  5. The wolf attacks with its fangs, The bull with his Horns. ​


    • Name:
      "I'd rather not say. Between me and you, the names a bit stupid."

      Dimes Aniva Tempest , casually named Data from time to time.

      " I'm probably older than you but younger. Somewhere in the middle I guess, or maybe somewhere under your age but above anothers."

      Dimes was 19 when entering the maze

      "It's a pretty place, the name doesn't match the scenery though. Can't find my way back home , I always need a guide ahaha"


      "You're kidding right? Ugh...Female. I have a 88c bust size, my hips are really wide and I have a thick ass, but when you write that down, spell thick not with a ck but with a q."


      "If I find you attractive then you're attractive...but not like that would matter. Ah but for some odd reason I can't not stare at a guy's crotch. If it's big , I gotta see it ya know. Its like when your trying to pick which fry container has the most fries, so you get a scale out to weight it...."


      "Why do you want to know? I mean...not saying I'm a bum or nothing but...I mean...well...Lets just say I did a few things here and a few things there, did stuff over there and sneezed my way to here."

      Graduated from High school ,fears collage so interns with his uncles lover Dorthy at a computer company. His job is programming and software designs. ​

    • Sign:
      "Your a bit dull." "Huh...oh sorry, was thinking about things." "Like what?" "A world crafted of candy and cheese."


      "What I see I want, what I dream I can create. Your world is dull, but mine is a utopia of impossibilities. "

      "I forgot hold on...oh there it is, pffttt how can I miss it. Its on my right hip."


    • Hair:
      "It's your typical Man hair. "

      Dime has messy dark brown hair that hangs downs in front of his eyes. The back of his hair stops at the nape of his neck instead of touching his shoulders.

      "Can't you see them?"

      Baby blue eyes.

      "Do you have a ruler I can borrow?"


      "Can we use one of those truck scales. I've never been on one."


      "Eh, I was never the first pick during team sports."

      Dimes has a slender frame. He's not very muscular and can be considered average.

      "Ah...well there are days where I would rather wear nothing and then there are days where I just want to wear socks."

      Dimes has an odd obsession with tight sleeveless tanks even though he has no muscles to show. He wears them in white, black, and blue with black baggy pants and white sneakers. He has a pair of black goggles that he wears around his neck just for fashion.

      "Ehehhe, I rather not say."

      Dimes wheres a choker with the sign of Gemini, the sign he admires the most.​

    • [​IMG]

      Good Traits

      Loyal: Whether your a friend or a lover, Dimes will never betray you. To him your equivalent to his world that he keeps locked away in his head. If you turn evil, he'll turn evil. If you want to kill someone, he'll do it for you. Your life becomes top priority and he will do everything in his power to see that you live a happy life.

      Independent: Dimes is capable of doing many things on his own and can do them quickly

      Positive: Dimes is very optimistic in low situations and will try to make others see positive as well.

      Bad Traits

      Dependent: Even though he is independent, Dimes still relies on others, so much as to say that he is ok being alone, but would love to be alone with another.

      Indecisive: Dimes is horrible with picking between multiple things and keeping multiple task on track

      Stubborn: If he wants it he wants it, if he thinks its this, he'll think its that. He'll go through hell and back to make sure what he says was right and if it's wrong, he'll throw a small fit.


      Sweets (Skittles, starburst, chocolate)
      Board games
      Rough housing ​


      Large bodies of water
      Being wrong
      Things changing
      Insects that fly
      Loud burst of noises ​

    • [​IMG]

      Dimes doesn't like looking directly at people, so he often squints or looks down to avoid eye contact.

      The only thing Dimes can remember before the maze was the goggles a friend had given him, the name of that friend is lost to Dimes.

      Dimes likes to have his head scratched.

      Dimes can be emotional at times and will tend to overreact or disappear

      Despite his charming smile and corky nature, when threatened, Dimes has no issue putting down someone. He has a quick switch that can't be easily turned off.


  6. Dimes Tempest

    What is the most resilient parasite? Bacteria? A virus? An intestinal worm? An idea. Resilient... highly contagious. Once an idea has taken hold of the brain it's almost impossible to eradicate. An idea that is fully formed - fully understood - that sticks; right in there somewhere. ~Cobb, Inception


    Hallucikinesis (the power to create and manipulate illusions)
    Grassy Fields
    Sour, Tired, Confused, Minor Headache
    People that are Awake
    The Others that are awake

    "You never change do you? At least be nice to her. She's my girlfriend, it'd suck if my best friend didn't like her." Dimes watched himself sitting slouched over with a pair of black goggles in his hands. "Do you like them?" Dimes clutched at the goggles that rested in the middle of his palm. Silent and uncaring, his eyes looked away toward the static tv. "Congratulations on winning the chess tournament." Dimes clutched the goggles more as he bit the inside of his mouth."Hey my birthday is coming up, you won't miss it right." The voice of a friend played within a dark room with a tv that showed nothing but static. No chairs, no couch, Dimes was sitting on the floor with his legs crossed. "My mom is coming into town, why don't you come by for dinner." The Dimes in the room turned to look over his shoulder where a door had opened up. The voice of his friend had gotten louder and a hand had reached out for him. "You're always mopping, come on Dimes lets go skate." Dimes reached out but hesitated to grab the hand. "Dimes my mom left lets have a sleep over, just you and me." Dimes lit up a bit as he reached for the hand. Grabbing hold of its warmth, Dimes let out a small smile. "Dimes, were getting married...I know it's a bit soon, but won't you be my best man." The hand turned cold and the skin started to peel off. Dimes snatched his hand away to retreat back to his seat.

    "Sour..." Dimes muttered as his arm was over his eyes at the time during his sleep. The air was cool and the wind was friendly to his hair. "Huh..." Dimes moved his arm up a bit to peak out from the darkness he kept his eyes hidden with. "..." Blinding as a light bulb, Dimes shielded his eyes from the blazing sun that stared down at him. "Another dream?" The arm that covered his eye fell to his side as he turned over. The sounds of others flew to his ears making them twitch. "Shut up...stupid randoms." Dimes let out a tiring yawn as he opened up his eyes a bit. The first things his eyes saw were a pair of black goggles. "Ah...he gave these to me didn't he...he...he...huh? What was his name?" Dimes collected himself as he sat himself up. "His name" Dimes looked at the green grass he sat under. Using his free hand he let his finger grace over the blades of grass. "Sleepwalking?" Dimes grabbed at his hair as he tried to remember what had happened.

    If he had recalled he was in his room...and...and he was watching a movie with someone. "Ouch." Dimes groaned as he started to get a headache form all the hard thinking. "Ah I didn't change.." Dimes looked down at his white sleeveless tank and his black baggy pants. Pulling in his legs, he noticed he was missing a shoe. Looking behind him then to his side, he found his shoe upside down a few inches away from him. Getting on to his knees he crawled over to grab it. Dumping out whatever was inside, he slipped it on then got to his feet. putting on his goggles, he let them rest on his collarbone. Stretching a bit, he looked around the place. "Come over here" He heard a voice call out. Dimes looked over toward a group of people that seemed to look confused, except a few who looked rather happy about their situation. Denting his brows, he slid his hands into his pockets then walked over. Trying to stay out of the limelight, he hid behind the man that called himself DeMarco. Dimes hoped that he extinguished his presence enough to where he wouldn't be caught out. Mission one for him was to listen and observe. Maybe everyone did get kidnapped, or maybe this was him lucid dreaming again and his mind decided to take over for once.

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