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Are you gonna participate in this contest?

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  1. GREETINGS IWAKU! We are going to be testing out a contest with REAL PRIZES to give out to our awesome members. If this contest goes well, we'll be hosting a series of contests in the future! They are designed with the goals of creating more content on Iwaku, or helping to challenge and exercise your imagination. The prizes this round are sponsored by Atabyte Hosting!

    For this first contest you will create a CHARACTER that embodies or reflects an Aspect from the Iwaku Zodiac.

    How To Enter

    On Wednesday, August 6th the submission form with automagically open for submissions.

    Pick one of the Iwaku Zodiac aspects to use as your character inspiration.

    Fill out the COMPLETE CHARACTER BIO with your character. You can add more information if you want to, but you must fill out the basic requested fields.

    You can only submit the form ONCE. So make sure it's finished and ready to send.

    You can only submit ONE character too! Make it a good one!

    You must be a registered member as of Today. This way drive-by registrations don't steal the show.

    You have until Wednesday, August 20th to send in the submission. The form will automagically close when the deadline is over.

    The Voting and the Prizes

    The will be TWO drawings for winners!

    The first will be a MEMBERS VOTE on their favorite submitted character. There will be a poll that everyone gets to vote on. The owner of the characters will be anonymous. Don't tell anyone which character was yours!

    The second will be a STAFF CHOICE on their favorite character. A team of staffers will go over all of the bios (minus ones that belonged to staff) and vote on their favorite character. They won't know who they are voting for either! So shhhh.

    And the prizes? Our two winners will get to CHOOSE between a copy of Minecraft, a $20 gift card to a popular establishment (like Steam or Amazon), OR 6 months of free webhosting with Atabyte.

    On AUGUST 6TH click here to submit your character!
    You will get an error message until the 6th! We'll post a reminder up when the form is open. :D​

    If you have any questions, aaaask!
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  2. Whispers from the sake corners of the room .. My. My.

    Interesting !! ^^

    I already had picked what my chara is going to be based on xD

    Although, @Diana it's a funny thing cause of what I saw in the Zodiac and based on that I will make a chara, it's almost similar to one chara I already have created for a role play xD

    I can adjust and make some changes, will that be alright when the form will be up ?@_@

    Also.. I don't do it for the prize as I wouldn't do anything with it to be honest xD. Just for the fun of it.
  3. Adjust as you please! As long as no one is stealing characters from each other, it should be fine! O_O
  4. I'd totally do this! I don't think I'd be very good but I'd give it a shot :]
  5. Alright! XD. Good then!~

    Wait.. How could we steal each other's characters though? @.@
  6. I figured $20 at amazon just about anyone would use. I am sure I can figure something out.

    Old roleplays?

  7. Pdfffftt I Never shop on Amazon since I got anyways Two shopping Centres in the town I am now lol

    Money is not important to me for that matter as an prize xD

    Ehh.. Old role plays ? ^^

    My chara is being used currently in a RP. I might use her with some adjustments ;)
  8. Haha, I agree with @PureKor that the prizes don't really interest me that much, but I'd still love to give it a shot. :)

    I'll just have to think of a character, which will be hard without seeing the layout of the application. But that might make it all the more challenging. Regardless I'll see what that ol' brain of mine can do!
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  9. Sooo needing a bit of money. Def trying this out :o
  10. I... I can't resist. Prize or no prize: challenge accepted.
  11. Damn. This is going to be really fun. Are there going to be specific limits on the characters, or specific criteria they have to meet? Or is it a pure, creative free-for-all?
  12. Creative Free for All for this particular contest! The only criteria you have to meet is fill out all the required fields. :D
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  13. Alright then! <3

    This shall be fun, once we'll have the Form to be filled in.^^

    - rubs hands evilish and smirks- xD
  14. Any specific criteria judging will go by?
  15. No criteria for judging in this case! It's simply just gonna be a vote on personal favorites!
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  16. Hmm, definitely considering it. None of the signs are jumping straight out at me, but I'm sure with a little thinking, I can pull something off.

    I have no idea how amazon credit works, so if we're outside of the US, can we still get it, or not? I'm probably still going to do it, if only to challenge myself.
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  17. I'd love to participate can we also draw for this or just creating the character through words?
  18. We should be able to work out gift cards for peeps outside of the US too, it might just take some looking in to. >:3

    And there will be no picture submissions for this particular contest! But there's nothing stopping you from drawing one anyway. XD
  19. If we can't figure something out that you are interested in and able to use I will just send $20 via paypal or another method. I want as many people as possible to be able to have a chance to get a prize they can actually use.

  20. Rises her hand to!@.@

    I am outside the USA to, but then again.. Maybe if I would win I will probably give it to Charity xD
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