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Which character is YOUR favorite representation of the Iwaku Zodiac?

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  1. Howdy guys and gals! :D It's now time for the VOTING PORTION of the character contest!

    You have until the end of August 31st to put in your vote.

    You ARE allowed to vote for more than one character!

    DON'T tell anyone which character is yours or try to campaign for votes. (Even if it's not your character you are campaigning for.)

    If Your Character is not here it means:

    - Your character didn't qualify because you registered on Iwaku after August 3rd. This was one of the contest rules!

    - Form was not complete. We tried to message people to remind them to resubmit!

    - Your form never submitted. We hope that didn't happened to you!​

    The WINNER will be the character with the most votes. If we have a tie, we'll have a tie-breaker vote. Staff are also voting their favorite pick. :D


    Read the character bios.

    Vote for the characters YOU think are really cool representations of the IWAKU ZODIAC aspect they chose to represent.


    MAVERICK (open)
    Character Name: Maverick

    Iwaku Zodiac Aspect: The Shadow

    Job & Role In Life: To find someone he can truly relate to

    Appearance: His face looks like it had been carved from stone with the same emotionless expression on it for most of the duration anyone had seen it. The color of his face is quite pale, but not pale enough to resemble a vampire, his light brown eyes on the other hand are often darting around under the cover of his hood assessing his surroundings. He's mostly seen wearing a plain black hoody with a pair of dark brown pants and matching black shoes. His medium sized, but rosy lips are the most visible aspects of his face, more so than his rather baby-ish looking nose and cheeks. His jet black hair which he leaves at medium length is often tucked neatly away his hoody, hidden like the rest of his face for the most part, a few strands can be seen poking out here and there sometimes.

    Personality: Maverick is often more withdrawn from most of society, liking to observe and assess his surroundings with an blank look on his face for a majority of the time. Other people often observe him only ever really jumping into action when he feels like it. His thoughts on himself are rather low however despite how he may seem on the outside often feeling rather lonely, but not saying anything about it.

    Background History: His parents named him Maverick for a rather good reason as they came to find out; despite being a seemingly normal kid, he often spent time on his own thinking to himself. He often pondered about the things he knew that were occurring around him. It started off being simple things; Why did his parents want him to talk to other kids he didn't even know all the time? Why do the other kids not want to play with him?. These questions were answered soon enough as he grew up, and he came to accept the fact he was an outcast. Often times his classmates just loved to pick on him, doing everything they possibly could to make him angry or cry, and he did for a while, he got angry, he started crying, but it didn't put an end to the cruel onslaught. In the end, he decided one day not to do anything at all, to hold in the feelings he felt, to pretend they weren't even there. Emotion disappeared from his face, and he began to occupy himself with his school work, forging ahead of most others since he wasn't so occupied with the oh so desperate dash for popularity and fame in his school life. His parents still tried to encourage him to talk more to others, and eventually he did when he got to high-school, but not too much. There were just instances where he would feel like joining a debate, settling an argument, or putting an end to an unnecessary fight. It was found that others around him often sympathized with him during these moments, sometimes even claiming they could "see things clearer now" afterwards. However despite this major change in his life he still felt unable to properly relate to another person he's met yet, which still gives him a lingering sense of loneliness...

    DANZA MAY (open)
    Character Name: Danza May

    Iwaku Zodiac Aspect: The Guardian

    Job & Role In Life: Is currently a student, although her goal in life is to prove she has the power to protect her friends.

    Appearance: The most noticeable thing about Danza is her flame red hair. Obviously such a colour isn't natural- rather, she dyed her hair from it's original brunette colour to grab attention. Not only that, but alongside being scarlet, Danza's hair is also uneven on the different sides. While it barely scrapes her shoulder on the right side of her head, Danza's hair flows down to her elbow on the left side. Again, such a style isn't natural, instead chosen to make a statement.

    It also well known that you should never look Danza directly in the eyes, in case you anger her. For her eyes are sharp and fierce, with a glare which can make even the toughest cower. Circles of hazel hate are contained in her thin, but influential, eye, framed my fairly long lashes.

    Surprisingly Danza is quite short in height. I say surprisingly because her imposing stance makes many feel smaller than her, despite Danza actually being the one lesser in size. Most likely this effect is assisted by the fact Danza has mountains for muscles. This chick works out, and it definitely shows.

    The last mentionable thing about Danza is her skin colour. While she is theoretically 'white', in actual fact her skin has more of a grey-ish appearance. Millions of bruises decorate Danza, each always replaced by a new one before they fade away. The only areas un-tainted are where Danza has scars, of which she has a fair few. I'd love to describe the positions of the most prominent ones, but there are simply too many to do so.

    Overall, Danza has the appearance of somebody you do NOT want to mess with. Ever. Which is indeed very true.

    Personality: Danza is an amazingly defiant girl. She is an untameable beast, who won't listen to what anybody says. Always ignoring the rules, Danza only ever does what she believes is right. There is literally no way to change this fierce maiden's will, so don't even bother trying.

    Thankfully Danza is a person with very high morals. She strongly believes that everybody should be treated as an equal, and that people should make up for her errors. Ideally she would like no violence in the world, but Danza thinks that violence is acceptable is it can be used to create a greater peace.

    Everybody who has met Danza will tell you that she is very prickly. While the words she says aren't very polite or kind, she truly has good intentions. People often misinterpret Danza as a cruel person when they first meet her, although really she simply has a fierce attitude in bringing justice.

    Confidence has never alluded Danza, and she very good at speaking her mind. Often she can be too blunt, but at least you always know where you stand with her. Honesty and courage are basically Danza's mantra.

    Danza is also an inquisitive person, but her curiosity can lead her to making rash decisions. Hot-headed, she's easily provoked, which her enemies take advantage of. Until they're lying groaning on the floor, that is, then they regret tangling with this dominant character.

    Background History: In a future era of our world, there comes an invention to trump all others. It is an invention which entirely re-shapes how society works, and is thrice as important as technology is to us. This invention comes in the form of an injection for developing embryo's, giving them a new, unique, power. What the invention is, is magic. As you can imagine, such an invention takes the world by storm. Within a hundred years, magic becomes the most important part of anybody's life. Your magic, and how you use it, defines who you are, and it decides everything about you. Without magic, people would feel worthless.

    Danza doesn't have magic.

    Less than 0.001% of the population are afflicted with a condition which causes the embryo to reject the injection which allows you to use magic. It just so happens that Danza is one of the sufferers of this condition. Would you like to know the suicide rates for people with this condition? It's 72% before the age of eighteen, and another 9% after. As for the remaining 19%, society makes jokes- yes, jokes- about how they're all insane. Surveys show that at least 99% of society has a serious prejudice against those without magic (or 'lessers', as they are commonly called), which isn't a very good statistic for Danza.

    Funnily enough, Danza doesn't like statistics. Or to quote Danza, "People who define themselves with stats can go f*** themselves". All of the odds would be against Danza, if she would accept that there are odds. Which, of course, she doesn't. Instead of just fading away like society wish she would, Danza is dedicated to making as big a ripple as she possibly can. In fact a tsunami would probably be a better description for the metaphor.

    As a child Danza was home-schooled, meaning she didn't have to interact too much with others. This wasn't out of her parent's kindness: rather, they were embarrassed by their abomination as a child. So much so, that the whole 'home-schooled' business was just an act- nobody was actually teaching her. She was simply left alone at home. You'd expect an authority to figure out what was going on, and they probably did- nobody cares what happens to a 'lesser' though. So what did Danza do in the many hours alone?

    She decided to teach herself. Just because magic has been invented doesn't mean the internet has been destroyed, although it's far less popular. Crazily, Danza managed to give herself an unconventional education using just her laptop. With emphasis on the unconventional, as Danza certainly didn't follow any kind of school syllabus. Instead Danza decided to learn whatever the hell she thought would actually be helpful to her in life- no history of art or trigonometry for her then. This meant that Danza could actually focus on what she was good at. And it turned out that while lacked in magic, she made up for it in physical prowess. As the years passed, Danza's lessons took a more physical turn. By the time she was fourteen, Danza was an expert in at least six kinds of martial arts, and she had the physique of a body builder.

    It was at this age of fourteen that Danza's parents decided to send her to a boarding school, so that they could get rid of her for good. It would be the first time that Danza would be properly able to socialize with people of her age. Expectedly, Danza was both excited and worried about this. While it was a chance to end the deadly loneliness residing within her, it was also a chance to become a victim to the 'lesser' hating society. Thus she decided not to leave things up to chance- she's just force things to go her way. Clearly things weren't that simple, but you can have fun trying to tell Danza that.

    Unbeknownst to her, Danza's first couple of minutes at the school would change the course of the entire year. Upon her arrival, Danza was witness to two senior students bullying a younger boy. Now you may or may not have figured this out already, but when you have magic, bullying is taken to a whole new level. Especially if your magic happens to be fire or electric creation, as it was with the two boys. Not pleasant for the younger boy, who's magic specialized in writing.

    Danza was absolutely disgusted by what she saw. There was no way on earth she was letting the two older boys do such a thing. Thus, she walked right up to them, and punched them in the face. Somehow the bullies didn't react well. As you may predict, their fire and lightning were quickly redirected at Danza. Who just ignored it. Oh, it hurt like hell, but through sheer will (and a lot of training) Danza acted unaffected by the pain. I won't go into the gory details, but by the end of it the two bullies were on the floor, and Danza's clothes were in tatters. Thrilled, the small boy asked the unfamiliar girl who she was, and what kind of super magic she had to beat up the bullies without feeling any agony. And this was her reply:

    "I'm only going to tell you this once, so you better listen well dunce-face. My name's Danza, and I'm a f***ing 'lesser'. I'm assuming this bullying c*** is common around here- well, not any more. Anybody who wants it otherwise can deal with me- or try to. I've arrived as the saviour of all you b***** weaklings, and my resolve ain't something to be screwed with."

    At least, that's what the school newspaper claims Danza said. The smaller boy was actually the chief editor of it, and he soon spread news about Danza after she saved him. That event turned Danza into the protector of the underdogs and a**-kicker of tyrants (a self given title, but it was true) at her boarding school. Despite not having any magic, she consistently defeated anybody who wanted to cause trouble, using her stubborn personality, and unbreakable morals. Danza, the prickly Guardian, destroyer of the impossible.

    So next time everything is against you, remember Danza.

    OPHELIA (open)
    Character Name: Ophelia

    Iwaku Zodiac Aspect: The Soulmate

    Job & Role In Life: She works at a flower shop cutting and arranging beautiful flowers for special occasions, and sometimes decorating gardens. But what she wants to do most with her life is find someone to share it with. Love is always something that guide her every action whether it be the romantic kind of love or the love for family and friends.

    Appearance: Ophelia is short but not too short, she stands at about 5'2". Her hair is long with waves that turn to small ringlets at the bottom, and there is a slight red shine to hit when the sun hits. Her eyes are a beautiful blue color, like that of the calm sea before a storm, with long lashes forming around them making her eyes look bigger then they are. Her lips are full and red, the color of passion. Her skin is pale, but a healthy color with a bit of pink in her cheeks.
    She likes to wear colors that bring out the color of her eyes, usually darker colors, but her favorite color is red. Her fingernails are always painted with such color.

    Personality: She is a follower of her own heart, and she likes to be of help to others thinking that she can help almost anyone. It is not that she is arrogant of her capabilities she just wants to help those in need with what she can do. She is a very artsy person, but she has more than one talent. So many people think her skilled and capable to be in almost any profession, this however always leaves her confused as to what choice she should pick in life. This also affects her decision making in many other areas as well. She tries to be as calm and sweet and friendly as she can, but often times her emotions run away with her. Either this is a good thing letting her fall in love quickly, or her anger, fear, and sadness leave her blind to the things around her she could be experiencing.

    Background History: Ophelia lived with her mother growing up as a child after her parents went through a bad divorce, but instead of giving her a bad outlook on love and marriage it gave her higher standards and wishes for what sort of person she might marry. Her mother was very loving and understanding, and her sister taught her to try to see the good in people always. She has had a few lovers that used her good trusting heart to manipulate her feelings, but she tries not to let bad memories control her. After graduating high school she was still unsure what to do with her life while all her friends went off to college. She fist thought she wanted to peruse art or maybe story telling, but instead ended up working at a lovely flower shop.
    She still lives with her mother who works full time herself, but she tells her self that she is saving up all her money to do something big in her life that will help hundreds of people. That is her hope.

    MAGNUS GNARUS (open)
    Character Name: Magus Gnarus

    Iwaku Zodiac Aspect: The Mentor

    Job & Role In Life: A scholar and librarian, Magus is a walking encyclopedia of fact you didn’t know you needed. He knows where every book is the royal city library is shelved off the top of his head.

    Appearance: A tall but stoop shouldered elderly man, who’s gnarled hands clutch his staff as he walks. His crystal blue eyes twinkle brightly from behind his bushy white eyebrows, though his smile is often lost in the whiskers of his snowy beard. He typically wears loose comfortable flowing robes in jewel tones, usually emerald or gold in hue.

    Personality: A reserved and friendly man, if a bit eccentric, he willingly shares his thoughts and ideas, though he does have a tendency to wait until asked. He can hide himself away in his study for days on end, but always can be lured out by a good story or a free meal. If he points out a problem he will also offer up a solution, he considers anything else to be whining.

    Magus does not like negative and pessimistic people and will not stay around them for long. In his opinion, “A mistake is only an opportunity to learn a new method of doing things, and a problem should only serve as an encouragement to shift one’s perspective.”

    Background History: “History is only important when one intends to learn from it. As I do not know what it is you intend to learn, I see no point in sharing stories simply for the sake of hearing my own voice. Suffice it to say that I have been in my position for many years, I have a number of good friends, and while my son and I are no longer on speaking terms it is still my hope that the issue may someday be remedied.”

    Character Name: Lenore Ravenwing

    Iwaku Zodiac Aspect: The Trickster

    Job & Role In Life: A necromancer with a knack for creating monsters for people through the monster black market. Her goal is to have fun and double cross people when she can, she gets paid either way.

    Appearance: Lenore has always had silver colored hair that goes down to her waist, making her seem the exact opposite of her sister who had golden colored locks. Her hair is sleek and straight and is tied into a braid with a purple bow at the end of her hair. Her skin is the color of moonlight, pale and cold, almost like she is drained of blood. Despite her corpse like appearance, she is a fairly pretty woman. Her face is perfectly shaped like a heart with a pointed nose. Her full lips, that are usually smeared with red lipstick, stand out along with her eyes. Her eyes are a deep red that matches her lipstick, they seem to have a spark of mischief within them which make many uneasy. On her back is two jet black wings that are the color of the night sky and freckled with small white spots that look like stars.

    Personality: Lenore is known to hang around the dead more than the living. She adores her work as if they were her children, giving her a reputation as a weirdo. She's obsessed with taking other's measurements to make limbs like their's. Many see her as just an eccentric mad scientist, but others see the gleam in her eyes as something scarier. Customers even thought she may have been Jack the Ripper at one point because of her medical prowess, but even she is not that crazy. Lenore never really reflects on herself much, when she does, she's happy with how she is. She has never cared for what others think of her love for her undead creations and will in fact try to freak people out who are scared of her. Lenore is also a caring person and appreciates her helper who is scared of her like the others, but not as much. Her helper finds Lenore strange since she always asks to measure him and doesn't understand why she loves the undead so much, but sees her as a nice person.

    Background History: Lenore grew up in a household with her mother, father, and sister. Unlike her sister, Lenore was a fallen angel with intense magical abilities. She was alone most of the time since many found Lenore strange, but it didn't bother her much, she rather liked the quiet. As time went on, her sister became the golden daughter while Lenore was slowly forgotten. Her sister would train to become a guard for the elven queen, while Lenore would read and stay away from others. One day, her sister killed a bird with her wooden sword while training with other guards. Lenore saw this and picked up the dead bird which made the other's cringe. She was distraught after finding the bird was dead and some how the bird began to move again. Out of fear, her sister told her parents and they sent Lenore to live on her own in the woods. Lenore stayed there for many years, struggling with her powers until she decided that that was who she was, it wasn't evil or anything like that. And so she left everything behind and became a vendor on the black market. As she lived there, she soon found someone looking for a job, a boy with white hair and rabbit ears. The boy was nervous around her, but she started to adore him and even thought of him as family. Even now, he can't understand Lenore, but he hasn't left yet and thinks of Lenore as his crazy sister. Lenore now gives people undead soldiers as a job, but will double cross them if she feels like it. Well, she more or less does if she feels like they're doing something despicable or they look at her the wrong way. You don't know what you'll get when you cross her path.

    GENNAH HARLIN (open)
    Character Name: Gennah Harlin

    Iwaku Zodiac Aspect: The Soulmate

    Job & Role In Life: wife, mother and lover

    Appearance: Gennah Harlin has long golden hair, light green eyes, pouting pink lips in an oval face with lightly tanned skin. The body of a working woman with full hips and ample breasts. Whenever her husband enters the room it lights up with her warm smile and an over all feeling of warmth pervades the room.

    Personality: Gen is a cheerful woman that loves a good joke and laughs from the heart. Humming and singing is one of her many charms and her husband loves to listen as she tells stories and sings lullabies to their babes at the end of a long day.

    Background History: Gennah was born, married and still resides in the Providence of Varlin, a peaceful country that is known for its rich farm lands to the West and abundant forests to the East. 'With such bounty, why leave?' Was her husbands response to a query made by a traveler. In good times he plants grain and reaps it, then sells it at market but when the crops fail, as they do from time to time, he then goes to work for the forester and does wood working, harvesting trees or planting and tending new ones. There is always good work to be found for an honest man in Varlin! While her husband tends to man's work, she cooks, cleans, mends, gardens, feeds and cares for the livestock and tends to the children during the day and then her soulmate at night.

    PARADOX (open)
    Character Name: Paradox

    Iwaku Zodiac Aspect: The Rebirth

    Job & Role In Life: Tactician

    Appearance: Paradox is a fairly young man in his mid to early twenties. His body shows few signs of his military service, and he bares only a few battle scars. He also carries the sign of his house, a raven with a cobra wrapped around it, as a tattoo on his left shoulder, and an eye tattooed on the back of his neck. He stands tall when compared with the others around him, at six feet and three inches in height. To complement his height, he is very narrow and pale, giving him an almost ghostly appearance to people seeing him from a distance.

    Upon closer examination, what some would mistake for a monster, they find instead a considerably more pleasant visage. His black hair hangs down towards the middle of his back, tied neatly to keep it out of the way, and while he does bare facial hair, he keeps it neatly trimmed in a thin balbo style. His eyes are a dark shade of grey, and seem to emanate calm, which carries over into his general behaviour as well. The only visible scar he carries is marked along the right side of his neck.

    Despite the heat of the region he is engaged in, he finds himself uncomfortable in lighter clothing, and so most frequently he wears long loose fitting outfits, to allow breathing space. His coat, which is his most valuable article in his opinion, is in matching with the rest of his Uniform, being coloured in blacks and dark greens, with trimming in silver, to signify his status within the army. It's slightly worn, and has a few holes here and there, some of which have been stitched together to provide extra pockets.

    Personality: Paradox is well... A Paradox. As a tactician, he fights in the battles rather than hiding in the tents as would be expected. He is a very calm and methodical person, but is prone to bouts of frustrated anger. He's also considered highly brilliant, but he never has any explanations for his answers. He survives primarily on intuition, which has served him well so far in his career and his life. This has also helped him considerably in one of his other goals, which is to help those who need it.

    Paradox frequently finds that he draws a certain kind of person to him. The ones who don't wish to live anymore, the ones with such heavy psychological scars that they have a hard time functioning, and even those who just can not seem to find their way in life. They come to him and he tries to find a way to help them. Most often it is through his intuition that he finds the answers to secure a better life for them.

    Other times however, he taps into a more spiritual side of things, reaching out with what he can only assume is his soul, to the other person. From there he can find out the core of who they are, and help them change it. He knows there is no such thing as magic, and he doesn't believe in any gods, but he has come to realise that there is something out there that he can't explain. He doesn't understand it, however, he knows that he can use it, and so long as he uses it, he's helping people. Of course, the other side is still there as well, and he feels that he could destroy people the same was as he helps them, and the temptation is always there.

    He is often regarded as an enigma, or a monster, depending on who you ask. He has also been a healer and a friend to others. What is known is that he holds no feelings of superiority for his rank, and considers all others his equal, including those above him, as well as below. It has been rumoured that he made a pact with some demon or devil to get him where he is, but the truth it, nobody knows much about him, and nobody tries to figure him out.

    Background History: The name Paradox was never really the Tactician's name. His real name was given up when he entered the military though, and so he goes by the name he was given by those who met him. He began training when he was very young. Coming from a military family, it was expected for him to follow suit. What wasn't expected was that he take the path of the tactician rather than the soldier. He became regarded as a great leader of his soldiers, though he never wanted to be. He never cared for commanding others. His innate skills however essentially directed his actions towards the role he now fills.

    When he isn't directing soldiers, or preparing for whatever next war his king declares, he frequently finds himself hiding out in bars, drinking, and gambling, and trying to forget about his troubles. It rarely works. Instead he finds himself hearing the stories of others, and their issues. He helps where he can, and finds that helping is the only time he truly feels like he's doing anything worth doing.

    The last battle he fought was in the deserts of a very old civilization. The people there resent him. Terribly. He cannot leave his tent outside of battle very often because he is constantly at risk of assassination attempts by the locals. This hasn't stopped him from helping people however, as the soldiers often come to speak with him still. He does what he can for them, though he expects that it won't help much. Many of them will die in the next battle. His greatest hope is that this war would soon be over.

    Character Name: Edith Lockston

    Iwaku Zodiac Aspect: The Rebirth

    Job & Role In Life: Though Edith still searching for his own purpose in this life that keeps knocking him down, he manages to rise up again and continue searching. His own personal goal aside from eventually finding his purpose, is to help others. Longing to understand them and their ways. Questions as to why we're all imperfect and yet judgemental constantly echo throughout his head. He looks down at the young youth in his arms, just done being birthed into this world. He cradles the child with care, knowing it's his job to welcome them into their life. Keep them safe until they are ready to make their jounney to their home. And yet he understands that more than anything, we will never fully understand each other or our own ways.

    Appearance: Edith stands 5'1, quite short for his gender and ripe age of twenty four. His eyes resemble fresh summer leaves so green and bright. Accompanied with his long eyelases that are dark as night.

    His hair freely flowing and matching to his eyelashes, is long and straight. Like a knife's edge, it hangs just off his face. Covering a portion of that pale skin and freakled face. In comparion to his baby pictures, many people would agree he holds the same face. Aside from those facial piercings that slice through his pink plush lips and button nose.

    His neck is long, peeking out just above his baggy black shirt that hangs loosely off his skinny body, though no bones poke out through his skin. His small arms are covered by dark string and fish net gloves.

    A checkerboard belt hugs his hips, hanging off them just so to represent his thick black pants. Pocket's among pocket's design the pantalones fabric up until those rocker boots come into play. Hugging his ankles tightly in a mess of tightly wound black laces and leather that comes to hug his small feet.

    Personality: Many people would describe Edith as an outcast, a mute that never speaks a word and keeps to himself. Always silent and emotionless, they think of him as a statue and nothing more.

    But Edith knows there's more to him that other's can't see but fully understands the imperfections of humans. As imperfections are all he is made out of.

    He treasures his close friends though some of them become easily angered by Edith's out right description of them but he doesn't allow it to pierce through his heart for he knows to trust his own instincts.

    He has been knocked down so many times, he finds the strength to stand again and refuses to let petty words be the reason for his own downfall. He has earned the right from the years he spent clawing his way up and grown through the lessons he has learned.

    He still longs to find who he is but understands it's a life journey, he dreams for someting more each time he stands up again. But alas he understands he will be stuck on Earth until the day he is finally released from life.

    But he finds comfort in staring at a new life, wondering just what they will go through in this life and how they will get over it. But he holds faith in the young child and hopes they will get another chance at Rebirth as he did throughout his life.

    Background History: Edith was born out of wedlock to a young couple who originally didn't plan on having a child, much less a family of their own. But as far as disappintments go, Edith was originally supposed to be a girl or at least that's what the Doctor told them. Which is the only explantion for why he had such a feminine name but upon finally being birthed and idenfied as a boy. His parents immedatily put him up for adoption but all was not bad.

    Edith was adopted by a homosexual couple and grew up in Tennsesee. Being a child with two father's Edith learned how to be accepting and understanding at a young age. But he never thought himself any different from any other child. Parents were parents no matter what gender after all.

    He was showered with affection and attention all his life, despite him having a natural personality of being shy. He stood along the side lines his whole life, watching how others intereacted with each other and heard the whispers among the streets that were indented to stab others in the back.

    He understand and misunderstood all at once, he never thought himself any different after all. His parents had taught him that imperfections are what make you who you are. Edith began seeing people for who they were, observing them from a distance and allowing his "Science of Deduction" to grow.

    He watched other knock each other down and himself but he always got back up, only to help the other's who got knocked down. He learned to be sympathic and empathic to other's and wanted nothing more than to help other's understand the world as he did.

    He managed to get a job at hospital, involving the assistance in mother's delivering and not only cleaning but making sure the young infant was taken care of before returning home with their parents. He always longs to wonder what future each child will hold and puts his faith in them regardless.

    Character Name: Cassandra Belladonna McKay

    Iwaku Zodiac Aspect: The Shadow

    Job & Role In Life: Captain of the airship The Sparrow, and daughter of Arthur McKay of the McKay Mercenary Company.

    Appearance: Cassandra's 5'6 frame sports muscle toned and trained to fit her lifestyle of fighting pirates. Her dark red hair is always pinned up perfectly in a style that is both fashionable and fit for fighting. She is always the perfect picture of perfection from her hair and makeup to the dress she wears. Her corset is always straight-laced, her shoes are always shined, and her dresses are always perfect. The only un-lady-like thing about her is the tattoo of steampunk-style angel wings on her back, brass and gears flowing along her frame nicely.

    Personality: Abrasive, comes to mind. 98% of the time she is all business and runs her ship like clockwork. She can also be diplomatic, but it’s usually a bit of shotgun-diplomacy. Kind of a “I’ll let you live if you surrender to me” sort of diplomacy that she backs up with a heavily armed ship of very well trained men and women. 1.9% of the time happens when she is around her father. She smiles, she laughs, she jokes, she has fun. She can let her hair down and be a normal person. .1% of the time happens when she steps into her favorite bordello. She still comes across as a bit brash and abrasive, but with the right man she melts into showing her gentle side.

    She is business-minded and strategic, but usually fairly stressed out (not that she shows it). She doesn't show any weakness, really. Ever. She shows herself to be as strong and impenetrable as her ship, despite the deep yearning inside of her to be able to laugh and have fun like 'normal people'.

    Background History: Being the only child of a man who owns a mercenary company, she was gladly groomed for the day when she would eventually take over. She grew up learning tactics, how to lead, the mechanics of airships, how to shoot a gun, how to fight with a sword, how to take a hit and shake it off, how to cope with a crewman’s death, and everything else she would need to learn in order to take over for her father. When she was 12, she was allowed to serve on her father’s ship and on her 19th birthday, she was given her own ship, The Sparrow.

    Her mother tried to push her to forgo all of that and become a lady, drilling proper etiquette into her head as much as she could, desperately trying to find her someone to marry. It got so bad one year that Cassandra simply stopped coming home. Her father had to step in and get her mother to settle down, insisting his daughter should marry for love and not so a man could take over the business.

    She mourned her mother’s death, but was secretly glad the planned meetings with men would stop. Her father just wanted her to be happy. And she was, for the most part. She had her job and she loved it. She suppressed her own loneliness and paid it no mind as much as she could until finally breaking down, about once a year, and turning to the bordello she had found once in her teenage years that she enjoyed.

    Character Name: Elizabeth Ann Mason AKA Lizzy

    Iwaku Zodiac Aspect: The Ally

    Job & Role In Life: Works in a Warehouse on the night shift putting stuff in boxes.

    Appearance: Medium spikey bright sky blue hair, deep brown eyes, she has a slight crook in her nose but has a perfect smile. She's 5 foot 6, slightly underweight but she's happy in herself. usually found in a rock and roll t-shirt and leather trousers.

    Personality: She is very bubbly, outgoing lass. She has a very unique loud laugh which if you heard her, you knew it was Lizzy's. She would do anything for a mate; she is always worried she will let her mates down.

    Her close mates cherish there relationship with Lizzy and they know she will bend backwards for them, they try not to ask Lizzy for things, but they treat her out a lot and enjoy her company.

    Her other mates use her and usually runs her to the ground because they can.

    Background History: Lizzy lives by a seaside resort in the UK; she's lived there all her life. She is now 30 years old

    Lizzy had a lot of problems with friends and boyfriends; she has many stab wounds in her back because of it. She treats everyone individually and once she gets stabbed in the back once she loses a mate and gets upset thinking it's her fault. Usually that's when one of her closest mates come in and cheers her up and tells her to forget about them.

    She enjoys her Job, she prefers night work and the pay is good, she never knew what she wanted to be when she grew up.

    The only thing she does for herself is riding the road on her motorbike, which she always does when she gets the chance.

    Lizzy usually gets asks to run shows and events for her mates which she usually ends up doing. She likes to see these shows and events and organising it she'll be there when it starts and it will be free for her.

    Sometimes with all her activities she does half for herself the other half for all her mates she runs herself down and can become ill because of it.

    She has had a few boyfriends over the years but they never worked out mainly because she still runs around doing events and shows, so she's never at home.

    Lizzy has 6 people she can call her closest mates and many other mates, but she was heard a whiff of a rumour that one of her closet mates wants to date her. Now she is debating if she should date him?

    Character Name: Walker Roydon Grey

    Iwaku Zodiac Aspect: The Trickster

    Job & Role In Life: Walker Roydon Grey is an informant for hire. By anyone, for anything.

    Appearance: Walker is a tall man standing at 6'2''. He has a very slender build, but somehow he is very athletic. He has a Black wild shaggy type of hairdo that goes down to the end of his neck. And is tipped an autumn color on all of his strands of hair, making it glow in the sunlight. His bangs almost cover his eyes.

    He has a light-tan kind of skin and autumn colored eyes as well. His right upper arm is covered in an intricate tattoo of a black sun and it ends at where his elbow bends. The bottom of the tattoo covers his elbow section in black flames and distorted tribal marks rise from the smoke.

    His wardrobe consists of a bandanna scarf with a pointy demon like smile print on the front. The smile only shows white pointy teeth clenched together to signify insanity. His fists are shielded by metal plated gloves. He wears a black shirt that hugs his torso, with a turtleneck collar. The shirt is made of an elastic like fabric that keeps it close to the persons body. The shirt has a small left sleeve that covers his shoulder and a right sleeve that covers his tattoo. On the left sleeve of the shirt is the insignia of his village. A patch covers the symbol to help him hide in crowds of rivaling villages. Over this he wears a jacket that is a lighter shade of black with no sleeves and a hood. He wears grey bottoms with a sweat-pant like texture. The bottoms fall fairly close to his legs and are bundled at the openings of the legs against his shoes. His shoes are leather shinobi tabi boots with a smaller sole than the typical boot. The sole is purposely made small to reduce sound and weight. The boots are mainly a dark grey with black trims.

    He carries around a simple Japanese Naginata with a 2 meter handle and 50 centimeter blade. The handle was a burnt brownie type of color and it had a blood red stripe under the hilt that almost blended in with the handle. Ninja spikes are part of his arsenal as well 4 inches long slimming down to a point. He also carries small explosive firecrackers to distract his enemies.

    Personality: Walker is typically silent even when spoken to. When he finds things funny he won't out and openly chuckle, instead he will sit and snicker to himself. Walker will take jobs that interest him voluntarily if his conditions are met, otherwise he will charge double his normal offer. When he gets bored he may decide to con people for money. He will distract them with conversation or magic tricks. He will try to sell them his services and just disappear. He will even just bluntly jack their wallets. Typically seen as a rude person for his actions causes him to be even more sly and slick around others. He has major trust issues only opening up the slightest amount to those who understand his actions.Instead of helping pass knowledge he will mis-interpret his findings and deliver them to his employers. This usually causes more conflict, but Walker is never found afterwards. Even knowing this he has a history of interpreting the best knowledge leading nations, criminals, and the law to victory. This is what keeps his name on the peoples mind. Taking his mis-interpretations as his annoyed response has kept him in business.

    Background History: Walker was born on July 12, 1783 in a small ninja village of Taiyo Kurai in the border region of Rome. Taiyo meaning "Sun" and Kurai meaning "Dark" said literally it is "Sun Dark", but translated it is "Dark Sun". Dark Sun was a village well known for assassination and placed where it was for such "events". Typically a newborn child of Dark Sun would not cry, laugh, or scream in fear of breaking the silence. However, Walker was different when he was born he did not cry or scream, but he did give a small laugh. Seven months later he was able to speak fluent Japanese. A normal child of Dark Sun usual accomplished this after his first year, This was the only milestone Walker was able to learn quicker because he was a natural born observer. Since things like walking and crawling were learned at a normal pace because no one ever did it in front of him for him to observe and understand. At the age of two Walker could walk, crawl, run, and talk. As all children his training would begin at the age of six. He would have four years to make and lose connections.

    Children of Dark Sun were allowed to wander around because the village only accompanied one hundred and fifty people who were all mostly the ages of a newborn to a fifteen year old teen. This was because from six to fifteen you would train from sunrise to midnight. After this you were to busy on missions and living life to be seen at the village. Few people ever saw the headmaster, but all of them saw his daughter. Including Walker. Walker began to speak to the headmaster's daughter frequently sometimes avoiding other acquaintances all together. He would always keep watch over her, when she was being bullied rather than fighting he would talk her way out of situations. When she made a funny joke he would sit and give a quiet laugh. When he got bored he would steal her toys and make her beg for them. People thought he was weird and different, they thought he would also become a great assassin due to the way he acted. He would watch kids train all the time especially advanced classes who trained in chi. At the age of four he got into his first fight. Utterly massacring the kid using the ability of chi. They said he just hit the kid for no reason, that he walked out of his house and swung at him. By channeling his chi to certain parts of his body at specific times he defeated a well respected child. After the event he was known as Kyoki no enba, Ember of Insanity.

    When he was six he already knew what they had taught in his level so he was thrown into a class with the teens. Already knowing much of the technique and style, the excess time of training only allowed for him to perfect the style to the point of illustrations themselves by the age of 10. His moves showed no error with little to no effort. The masters discuss what they could teach him next, they decided he should learn to use a weapon. The following day of the meeting they came to Walker in the middle of his meditation, upside down, on a mysterious rogue redwood tree in the middle of the village, a 90 foot tall tree. They discussed the matter to him and he said he has already been training with a weapon he was given from his father. It was the Japanese Naginata. At the age of fifteen he was a master of the style who had won countless fights and hearts. Though this was true unlike others he never had killed a soul, instead he would record facts about his enemies in a journal.

    When it came time for Walker to leave a ritual that was done for all leaving members commenced. This is how Walker received his clothing and tattoo. The headmaster's daughter Riu was among these people. In the ceremony, the master's inscribe a tattoo that relates to your title to begin. Then they give you a uniform that resembles your character they decided Walker was Free Insanity, so they gave him clothes that did not restrict his body and a bandanna to match. The final part of the ceremony was survival, only 20 may take the ceremony at a time and only five may leave. Everyone ganged up on Walker, but studying their weaknesses he was able to kill them all including Riu, the last one to slip off his blade. It was the only ceremony where only one survived. He was given the title of Kyoki no shukufuku, Blessing of Insanity. His tattoo remained because it matched his title.

    A job board was displayed outside the headmaster's quarters. The only one's listed were that of assassination. Walker was bored with the ideal of killing he wanted something new, something that allowed him to see the world and it's true ugliness. He wanted to observe the world's madness and treasure rather than diminish it. He walked into the headmaster's quarters before anyone could stop him. Once inside a raspy voice said it already knew of his thirst for knowledge. A shadow gestured towards a wall where a candle magically lit. On this wall were different job offers. He took the one on a current war between two city-states. They wanted someone to scout out the enemy territory and report on it's defenses.

    Five years passed and Walker had completed more than a thousand jobs and explored and recorded events from more than 40% of the world, as well as learned more than 26% of it's languages. He planned to do one thing no one in Dark Sun had saw in ages. Relax. He returned to his village no one, but the masters, elders, and headmaster knowing him. The first person he visited was his headmaster. Who allowed him to stay. He greeted his masters and excused his intrusion. His last stop was his home. He stayed for a week before leaving at nightfall at the end of that week. No one saw him leave, but everyone noticed the flowers beautifully placed on Riu's grave.

    Walker walked on smiling underneath his bandanna scarf headed for the Western Continents where native tribes he heard about resided, known as Aztecs and Incas. He would have to learn their language if it wasn't based off another.

    TZILA SOFER (open)
    Character Name: Tzila Sofer

    Iwaku Zodiac Aspect: The Shadow

    Job & Role In Life: To teach others about themselves.

    Appearance: Only one word can truly describe Tzila: pale. Everything about her lacks color from the hair upon her head, the skin that covers her body, even the humble clothing she wears. This...creature, for lack of a better description, also appears to be blind. A simple cotton cloth is worn around her eyes, keeping them hidden from the world. It is never, nor ever will be, removed, so no one really knows what's underneath. Tzila is a very slight being. She's a mere 5'3'' and hardly weighs 100lbs soaking wet. Although she has a humanistic form, one could compare her to a bird.

    Personality: Tzila hardly ever speaks. Time is preferred spent alone, self evaluating, reflecting, or reading and writing,. However, when forced to interact with other being, Tzila listens well and is able to give insight to a different perspective that many may not have thought of originally. For Tzila she most easily connects with Rebirth. There's something about the way they rebound so easily that initially draws Tzila in and the way they're able to see into the soul that keeps her there: she doesn't have to explain who she is.

    To others, Tzila barely exists. Her way of life almost seems dead to the world. To Tzila, this is the only life for her, solidarity. How can oneself know who one truly is unless left alone to find out? After all she's been through, Tzila knows who she is and why she does the things that she does. Even while being drawn to Rebirth, Tzila will always be a solitary person, who longs for knowledge and who, secretly, wishes to share her knowledge with the world.

    Background History: Nobody really knows how Tzila came to be, she just was. This small, blind, creature roamed the earth for centuries, loving every bit of it. There were so many beautiful things that seemed to bring her spirit to life, but there was an impending change that would forever alter the way she saw the world.

    Tzia was never one to pay humans any mind: she ignored them and they ignored her. Until that fateful day came upon her. She was sitting alone, enjoying the life around her when an undetermined amount of humans came from nowhere and everywhere at once and began their tirade upon her peaceful life. It started with little things, moving her stuff about, just out of reach, pushing her here and there, harmless really: Tzila could handle it, but it started to escalate. The pushing became shoving which turned into hitting. Tzila felt both the physical and emotional pain. Why would these creatures harm her? She had done nothing wrong, had left them alone and yet, they still sought pleasure in harming her.

    This once open spirit started to close in on itself, started to doubt existence, the presence of real good. Tzila withdrew from the world and made herself her own little underground dwelling. It was here, amidst her self loathing, that Tzila fell in love with books. Books couldn't harm her, they helped her mind go places that her body couldn't. Of course, being blind, Tzila didn't read...she consumed. One book at a page at a time. After consuming more then one delicious bit of information, Tzila thought to herself. "What am I doing with what i have learned?" This thought, this one measly little thought, was what started her on her journey into herself, into who she was.

    Tzila began to crave books and with every book she consumed, she would rewrite into beautiful sculpted, bound, copies. There was something about them that Tzila was able to use to learn about herself. To figure out who she was a being. Understanding crashed into like an ocean wave and although she understood why the world worked the way it did, she had no empathy.

    Despite the fact that Tzila now seemed to loath any living interaction, she would leave her cave like dwelling for more things to consume: and leave her creations for other beings to find

    NASHIRA (open)
    Character Name: Nashira

    Iwaku Zodiac Aspect: The Rebirth

    Job & Role In Life: Job: astronomer/illusionist. His main motivation in life is to show Equinox, that saving him wasn't a waste it time or his resources.

    Appearance: Through the day, Nashira is a creature with gilded, iridescent skin in gradient shades of sunrise; carnation hues, golden tones, oranges and ambers. He stands tall at a base height of six foot-three, further extended by the sweeping glassy horns that make up a foot& half. His body is immaculate, devoid of any scars& blemishes and his physique mirrors one that has been toned over the long years.
    When the sun sets, Nashira becomes a man visibly ambiguous. His Caleum ancestry, tones his hair a brownish auburn, with striking green eyes peppered by shades of blue. His skin pales, becoming thoroughly littered with winding tattoos, the dark wind-marks curving about his right eye only to reappear again at the throat& yawn down the remain of him.

    Personality: Nashira died while he was still a young boy both physically&mentally. Because of this, even as an Caelum he tends to be incredibly nervous& anxious, blunt and has been unable to properly deal with the fact that he is much larger&more physically mature body under the Rebirth's rule.
    Nashira isn't an angry person-in fact- he is far from it. He loves Rebirth with every fibre of his being for giving him a chance at a new life& freedom.

    Although not wholly benevolent, Nashira is an incredibly patient man, and is notably difficult to anger. If at all possible, he will avoid conflict, choosing instead a choice of peaceful negotiation. Some might call him reserved with his emotions, but he would rather call himself " Serene in all situations."

    Background History: ~ Before the fall.~ & ~ After the Fall.~

    •" Only you Can Set Me Free,
    From the beast I Dwell and let the saints all burn in Hell..
    Oh, Darling but I am just a Blur..•"

    " I died when was sixteen. Had a knife thrust into my chest ten times before I fell, for the first time. I don't remember much of that life, the one who come before my plunge into the sea. I fell from the sky of a Summer day, crashing into the blue-green waters that surrounded Caleb. I sank towards the sand, surrounded by a ring of rocks, and bubbles which popped all around me as I kicked toward the surface; I could see the sun shinning down upon the water. My vision of the sun flickered as the brown cords multiplied; they were all woven together, falling lower&lower swaying only slightly with the movement of the waves. Within moments, they had pressed themselves into my naked flesh, pushing against my bones, my shimmering skin. Dragging lightly against it with the water, causing it to redden&tingle as it tightened around me, trapping me, chocking me. I thought I would be stuck there forever. But there was a gentle tug on that which bound me, coming from above. Within seconds, I could feel the net being dragged out of the water; my body being pressed more tightly against the rope cords. For soon enough,my horned head was poking out of the surface of the water. Then I felt the sun's gentle golden rays upon my flesh for the first time. I could hear people shouting, but at that time I didn't know the words, just as the net had flattened against the boat's deck unfurling to let me free, as I coughed several times.
    One of the man tossed me his tunic, and with some difficulty I put it on. After that, I simply sat on the deck in silence listening to the voices of the men shouting one to another. However, when the sun finally set, I shifted into the being I once was in another life. That simply caused the fishermen to stare even more; whether it was due to my beauty or their own superstition, I cannot be sure.
    That night, since I had nowhere else to go, one of the braver, young fishermen, Equinox, took me home with him. He tried to feed me, but I would not eat, instead, exhausted, I simply slept. When he returned the night from another day at the sea, he seemed surprised to still find me there. Soon realising that I had nowhere to go, and next to no knowledge to my name, he begun to teach me to speak Lyam and tend to the house while he was gone. Once I mastered the language, I begun to take lessons at a local university, as I took lessons in Astronomy& Hypnotism; hoping to finally understand the stars I so loved to gaze upon each night. I was thankful to the stars, and thankful to Equinox, the man who took me in when I had no shelter. The one man who took time to teach and nurture me, when he did not have to. It did not took me long to realise that I Loved Him, but each time I tried to tell him, show him, her push me away as though he was afraid or simply did not loved me back.
    It was for that my selfish need to be loved by him in return, that I took up Hypnotism at University, only to realise, that true love cannot be ever fabricated and even with magic, I never really stood a chance. Yet, even after I had made the realisation, I kept on going, hoping against all hope that one day I would become powerful enough to alter the predicament I found myself in. A predicament in which I was in Love with a man who had saved me, taught me everything knew, but did not feel the way I felt about him.
    Years went by in which I studied, I even started to enjoy the things he was interested in, to show him that I cared and loved him so much. Until one day, a storm rolled in catching Equinox when he was out at sea. He was tossed overboard, and was soon lost in the ice-cold, churning waters; those who had survived, come to visit me as the storm had cleared up and told me what had happened. I remember, I cried for several days, before finally deciding is best to finally move on with my life, see what there is to see.
    From Mmeltiva, I travelled across the land, until I had reached the high mountains. I did settled there for a few years, continuously studying the stars and even begun to practice the usage of a sword. Then, I'd moved on to Shinsya, where I was taught everything I should ever want to know about Illusion. It is there, that I hope to learn even more about the world, the people in it, from the perspective of those who have been strangely removed from things, it seems. "

    MARCO TOSADA (open)
    Character Name: Marco Tosado

    Iwaku Zodiac Aspect: The Guardian

    Job & Role In Life: He works as the manager and a cook in his own restaurant, Tosado's Mexican Restaurant.

    Appearance: Marco Tosado is in his late forties, and has the completion and wrinkles to match, His hair is jet-black, greasy, and he always keeps it combed to the left . His eyes glow a hazel brown. He has a small, yet bushy, black mustache, and big, bushy eyebrows. Almost every day he wears the same outfit: a greasy white T-shirt with the restaurant logo in the upper-right hand corner of his shirt and pale, baggy blue jeans to match.

    Personality: Most people think of Marco as a stubborn, hard-headed jackass, but once you get to know him a bit, you will see that he is instead an honorable, loyal, and trusty steed. He sees himself as giving the people love, it may be tough love, but love all the same, and he will do everything in his power to protect those he loves.

    Background History: San Francisco, April 20th,1964:
    Marco Tosado was living the life of an average US low-class Mexican family in a tenant around 30 minutes from Downtown. There he lived with his Dad, Juan Tosado, and his Aunt Maria. His mother was killed a year after his birth from a local gang shootout.
    He had siblings too! His two year old brother, Hector Tosado. And one year down the road, he would have an adopted younger sister and brother! Twins! Their names were Fernando and Elisa Lopez. Together they lived a stable lifestyle: Walking to and fro from school just in time for their Aunt Maria to come back and finish baking assorted sweets that can be smelled from a mile away. She bakes them so good that even some of the neighbors come over for a taste! No one knows her secret of doing it, just that she does. His father Juan works hard at construction, helping in building the things most people would never believe of doing! He doesn't come back until very late at night, In which he would greet each of the children with a warm hug and gave Maria a kiss on the cheek before he went straight to bed. The life was hard-work, but it was still nonetheless nice and calm...
    Most of the Drama for Marco began when he was sixteen, one of the local gangs in San Francisco, The Red Diamonds, became very power in both influence and weapons, and started making appearances and propaganda all over the place. Nobody ever dared walk now, most children and even some adults used the School Bus or carpooled with those who had cars. Fortunately for Marco, his older brother Hector was quite intelligent, and had a well-paying job. He managed to buy himself a car for all of them to ride in. Marco usually drove, for he is the better driver. They usually pick up two people: a small,shy African American girl named Haley, and a tall, curly-haired 'American' named Colin. Haley never spoke; Her mother did all of the tanking, while Colin was the direct opposite. After picking the two up, they would all travel quickly to the high school and proceed to class.
    Colin ended up being friends with Hector, as they are both very intelligent and talkative. It also became quite annoying very quickly when the two talked. Sometimes, it would bother Marco so much that he'd stop the car and threaten to throw them out if they didn't shut up, and Elsa would laugh at them, for he would never do that to his brother.

    San Francisco, October 18th, 1980:
    About a month into that high school year, a group of The Red Diamonds drove up to the front lawn of the school, burst out through the doors, and pulled out several guns, pointing them at teachers and students.
    The whole school froze.
    six of them were teenagers, and they were masked, but one of them was an adult. He apparently the leader of the group, and he shouted in a heavy french accent to anyone in the school who could hear him. "I WANT EVERYBODY IN THE GYMNASIUM....NOW!!!" Everyone scrambled and ran for their lives toward the gymnasium. Marco was at lunch with Fernando and a few of his friends when he heard this, and the first thing he did was grab his arm and rush to the gymnasium, hoping to find Hector and Elisa there as well. It was total panic as everyone feared for their lives, some people tried to run away, but those people were shot and killed,and it made Marco scared. But not because those scary men had guns, it was because those scary men with guns might kill those he loved, and he cannot come to let that happen.But he kept his cool, pacing in a brisk walk toward the gymnasium with Fernando in tow. Fernando, on the other hand, completely broke down, he was wanting to make sure his friends were safe, but Marco was better. He puts family in front of friends, even though his family was currently lying on the floor bawling his eyeballs out. He finally gave up on dragging him, and picked him up stating that, "If you want to sit there and act like a baby, than I will carry you like one!" Eventually he went to the gym and placed Fernando. His eyes were lifeless and he turned white, completely traumatized, Elisa came running in a beeline toward Marco, pushing anyone else out of her way. Her usually braided, sleek black hair now looks like she was struck by lightning, all over the place and frizzed. Her usually neat, black-and-white school uniform is now teared and unbuttoned, and a spray of red was on her white blouse, it was undoubtedly blood.
    She ran over to him and gave him a long sweet hug, "Oh I am so glad you are here!" and it made him feel safe, but fear quickly came upon him as he wondered something;
    "Oh no. Oh no!"
    "What?" Exclaimed Elisa with a tilt of her head.
    "Did you, by any chance...see Hector?" He looked at her hopefully.
    She froze at his question, and slowly backed away from him. "No...I didn't!"
    Marco stroked his hand through his hair, and nodded in frustration "NO! nonononono... WHY! WHY IS HE NOT HERE!?!?" Elisa started to cry, and she sank down to the gym's floor next to Fernando, gently stroking the back of his head to calm herself down. Soon, everybody was in the gym...well...mostly everybody. and soon the gang members started shooting their guns in the air and everybody sat on the ground. The group leader shouted at them ferociously, "QUIET!!! ALL OF YOU!! Alrighty, here's the situation. You are all hostages to The Red Diamond. We are currently working out a deal with your principal and the police. As soon as the deal goes through, you will be free to go, If it doesn't...well, consider your fates sealed."
    Small gasps and whimpers were heard at those last few words.
    "I will be leaving now, but I will be leaving these guys here just in case you get... restless. Now I have a few rules for you before I take my leave: You are only allowed to speak freely, nothing else. If you do so much as stand up, you will be shot. Now, Goodbye!" he waved and left the gym. As soon as he left, everybody started whispering about numerous things, but Marco didn't care for that, he only cared about Hector, and Elisa's blood stain. So he asked. "What happened with the shirt?"
    She broke down again, screaming here and there, causing some attention, Marco tried to calm her down, but he did not know how, so he just stood and stared at her, causing quite the scene and making him look like the bad guy. With people staring at him with furious looks and terrible whispered gossip about him. Eventually it came to the point where one of the guards waved a gun and forced them to shut up. So, he proceed to ask again, this time, not as a question, but as a command; "Tell me what happened to your shirt."
    She shed a tear before speaking, "It''s not mine!" He smiled "Well I am glad to not hear that it's yours...but if it isn't, than who's blood is it?" She managed to answer before crying again; "It's Haley's! She couldn't hear what they were saying to her! She's deaf! That's why she was so damn quiet all the time! She did not know how to respond to our freaking conversations dammit! If only they would've understood that, they could move her here, and she would still be alive..." Marco placed his hand on her shoulder "Speak no more, It'll be all over soon.
    Soon enough, it was all over. The Frenchman came back and talked to all of the scared people; "I got my deal! You are all free to go!"
    A surge of relief washed throughout the school as people rushed to get as far away from the scene as possible. As for Fernando, Elisa, and Marco, they traveled back home, in hopes that Hector was magically there, but instead he saw police cars in front of the tenant. They all slowly walked toward the site, and soon enough, was interviewed by the nearest cop.
    "Do you live here?"
    "Do you go to Jeremy Saltem High School?"
    "Are you in any way, affiliated with The Red Diamond gang?"
    "That's a should be...carry on inside!"
    That last comment seemed weird to say, especially for a police officer. They proceeded into the room and was met by their dad, Aunt Maria, Colin, and Hector!
    The next few minutes was filled with pure happiness as both sides were surprised to see each other. More questions and answers followed, and finally, a big dinner put up by the other people in the tenant for the Tosado's to eat, which was very kind of them.
    That day was a day to remember, a day to last.
    The Jeremy Saltem High School Hostage Situation was one of the biggest events on the news at that moment in time, it lasted for three more months before the media stopped talking about it: 14 students killed, as well as 2 additional teachers. The deal went through, resulting in $350,000 and the allowance of The Red Diamond gang actions, symbols, and customs throughout the school.
    Things only got worse from there, school was always filled with violence and fear, but it's okay since Marco butted himself in harms way, making more people fear him out of anybody else despite his small size. Fernando and Hector occasionally disappear at night, going off to do 'miscellaneous' things. And none of them couldn't forget the terrible fact of doing one stop less to school every day from now on. Life was spiraling downhill for the family, and Marco thinks it's his fault as well. On the bright side, Marco and Elisa became as close as anyone could ever be. But the low point hasn't came yet...
    One day, those two went out to do their 'usual' business, but this time, Marco and Elisa went out with them, turns out, those two were speaking with actual Red Diamond members which ticked off both Marco and Elisa; "Meddling brats! I'll show them!" He whispered aloud. He really wanted to mess them up right now, kill them for doing this, doing drugs is understandable but gang business? That is a whole different story, and Antonio just won fly with that. As soon as they traveled back home, alone. He ran out of an alley and scared them. Marco scolded them, badly, "What the hell are you IDIOTS doing?"
    Hector frowned "Nothing..."
    Fernando, on the other hand smiled. "He did nothing...for he was to chicken to do it!"
    Marco's head started to turn red, he was really mad. "What did you do?"
    Fernando smile grew wider, and pulled out a gun and waved it at them in triumph. "What do you think I did?" Just as Marco was about to smack him upside the head he pointed it at him. "Don't you even think about it...I'm in control now!"
    Elisa came out her hiding place too, screaming "No! Fernando! What are you doing?"
    He smirked "Leaving this so called 'family'. We aren't even family! We are adopted! Come with me Elisa! We can leave and find our true family, together!" He laughed a bit. Elisa frowned at him. "You're not my brother! Marco is! He may not be my biological brother, but he sure is my Brother! And you...your'e just crazy!" Fernando's smile turned into a frown as he then gritted his teeth. the gun shaking in his hands. "Y-You take that back!" Marco went in front of her, and Fernando got even more scared, "Look Fernando, she'll only take that back when you are done with this gang nonsense. Now just stop...and drop the gun." Fernando stepped back and shouted at him, tears falling down his face like rain; "It's not nonsense...ITS POWER!!"
    'BOOM!' He fired his gun at Marco, and scurried away into the shadows, never to be seen again. It hit him in the upper-left side of his chest, spurting a bit of blood here and there, and he crashed to the ground, the scene fading away from him, his last scene were of Hector and Elisa crouching down at him, shouting words he couldn't hear...
    A few hours later, Marco awoke in a hospital, luckily, the damage from the bullet wound is minor, and he should be fine and out of the hospital in two days. However, he was still very upset about what happened to Fernando, and he just could not let that go, he kept thinking to himself 'Why did I do that? None of this would've happened if I had just did it a bit earlier...If only I did it earlier...' The thought constantly reared its ugly face to Marco, and it hurt his head a little bit more every time he thought about it...
    Two days later, Marco was well and he left the hospital, although he would've rather stayed there: it had very good food.
    Two weeks later, a major gunfight with The Red Diamonds and another local gang occurred. There was a total of 17 people dead. Fernando Lopez was among them...
    Juan fell sick and decided to quit his job and move as far away from that place as possible, they eventually moved into a cottage in Charleston, South Carolina, there he lived with Marco, Hector, Elisa, and Aunt Maria. But terrible news struck them. Juan Tosado has been stricken with a terrible and incurable case of lung cancer, and is expected to die soon. But as luck may have it, he survived longer than The Red Diamonds, which were overthrown by a major police crackdown on the gang, resulting in a war that killed 68 people. But in the end, the SFPD won, and The Red Diamonds are nothing but a haunting memory of violence.
    But in the end, the disease finally caught up with Juan, and it killed him.
    Juan Tosado died on December 9th, 1991.

    ~A few years later~

    Charleston, South Carolina, Janurary 25th, 2001:

    Its been nine years since his dad passed away, and Marco still sits at home , with only Aunt Maria now, as everyone else has moved on from the house to live their lives elsewhere. Elisa works as a banker, and lives alone in an apartment. Hector reunited with Colin, and they work together making 'Computer Programs'. Marco still doesn't know what those are, but he makes a lot of money doing it, so it must be important. Hector even got married! Sure it was through one of those 'drive-thru' cheesy marriages, but a marriage is still a marriage, and his wife is pretty hot as well, although her name is quite hard to remember....Mjoll was her name, from the name Marco assumed she's European or something like that. As for Marco, he toned down on his grieving for Fernando and Juan, and that's a good thing, for he can finally get over his depression and try to help the family he has left. He ended up stuck with Aunt Maria in the cottage, sure it's peaceful and stuff, but it sucks. He works as a metalworker in a factory, and this is the third job he's gotten; the other two he got fired from due to picking a fight with everyone he sees, and he's about to get fired from this one too! For the same reasons! He sits in the kitchen of the cottage, cooking his 'world famous' Tamales. It was a warm Tuesday when he gets a phone call from Elisa, It also appears that Hector was also on the other end, which surprised Marco, since he lives in Seattle and Elisa lives in Charlotte; two opposite ends of the country, but alas they were there, and they started talking to Marco;
    "We have a surprise for you Marco..."
    "Elisa, you know I hate those."
    "Oh, trust me, you'll love this one."
    "Marco, do you remember the wish you made on your 30th birthday? The one about a better job you wanted?"
    "To make my world-famous tamales my own restur-Oh no, you didn't!"
    "Yes Marco, In fact we did!"
    "We've finally mustered up enough money together to buy a restaurant to make your world famous Tamales! Now they better be world famous like you say they are, or else I'm gonna beat you senseless!"
    Marco Laughed "Okay, I'll see you later." After that, he jumped for joy, hugged the very old Aunt Maria, who smiled back at him. and just in time to, for the very next day he got himself fired from the metalworking job...

    Tosado's Mexican Restaurant, Charleston, South Carolina, April 20, 2013:
    Marco has been running his restaurant for 11 years now, and he loved every moment of it. As it turns out, His tamales are world famous, and even attracted a few celebrities to make his restaurant quite famous. What made it even more famous was an argument challenge: If you can beat Marco in an argument and it didn't happen often, you and your family's meal would be free of charge! The restaurant works well up to this day, and Marco feels finally accomplished.
    One of the cooks, a young woman, tugged on Marco's arm;
    "What is it you want?" He shouted. "Someone wants to see you."
    "Well tell them to wait! I am cooking!"
    "'s Elisa."
    He dropped everything at that moment, and ran toward those front doors, sure enough, there she was, Elisa,still beautiful and young as ever, who came all the way from Charlotte to meet him. Along with her, Hector and his wife, Mjoll, along with Colin and his wife, Sally, who went through an even harder journey all the way from Seattle. Sitting in a wheelchair next to them was 89 year-old Maria, still hobbling about and alive. Still smiling at him as he did when he hugged her when he got the restaurant. Everyone else in the restaurant got up out of their seats and all of the cooks stopped working and joined the crowd staring at him. He looked at them in confusion, he didn't know how to reply in such a situation. They all then started singing to him:
    as everyone started cheering, Marco stood there with his mouth agape, tears swelling in his eyes.
    He fulfilled his purpose.

    BEAUTY (open)
    Character Name: Beauty

    Iwaku Zodiac Aspect: The Ally

    Job & Role In Life: Transport the bodies of the deceased from wherever it is needed. My purposed to make that final trip of the departed party one that makes them not only look their best but also leave a lasting impression of style and class to which they were knowing for when they were alive.

    Appearance: I am a 1959 Cadillac Hearse. The shiniest Black you have ever seen with gleaming white wall tires and 20” rims. Chrome appointments throughout and custom interior of cream and navy blue. Over the years I’ve had some upgrades to my engine and such but the rest of me remains true to the style of 1959. Complete with the tailfins of the one and only year that Hearse where made with tailfins, I feel very special. All those that wish to go out with a little panache if you will, reserve me for that last ride and even in this modern age I’m well-love and admired.

    With my classic ivory curtains within and white lined interior my windows are always clean and hardwood is polished almost every day. My drivers have changed over the years but the pride remains and the standard to which I’ve been kept has never faltered.

    Personality: Now over the years I’ve been known to have a little attitude when the temperature drops but who wouldn’t? Its rather difficult to start when your oil is sludge. At any rate I’ve also been considered to be the most dependable and loyal car to the fleet and very proud to call myself the longest standing member. I’m also one of the most beloved. Panache is written all over me but thankfully not in ink, just in how good I look after a wash and wax. I know it and love it. Not to honk my own horn, because I won’t it’s just fun looking good and being clean.

    Everyone loves to sit inside my warm interior on cold says and warm up or relax on hot says when I’m parked in the shade. No matter how they have tried my AC will not work but that won’t keep them away. I’ve been driven in high temperature and will continue to do so. I’m loyal to them as they are to me.

    I’m Proud to carry on for the ones that no longer walk with the ones that love them. I want to ease their suffering and bring smiles to their mournful faces. Even if it’s for a single moment when I turn the corner and they know that I’ve come through for them. They have that one last good bye. I’m there. That is my duty and I’m so proud to offer my service.

    Background History: Beauty is her name and she was given that name by the sales man at Roland &Roland Cadillac dealership in 1959. She was the top of the line Hearse and for the money she was the best on the market. Custom interior and chrome wherever they could put it, she earned her name. Well received by the funeral home and all its clients she went to work right away and was in high demand with all the boys coming home from the frontlines. They were a funeral home known for having contracts with the local Navy base and Army. She was proud to serve the military families the most. It was a sad time for many but with her coming up the drive it ease the tears just a little. Something about her white wall tires and soft white curtains gave the families just a little bit of a hug as they said their last goodbyes.

    Put to work from day one Beauty was the work horse of the Patterson Funeral Home and Mortuary for over 54 years. As the years went by she started to show here age and soon others were purchased to help ease the workload. After a while she just became the show piece of the home while newer models were used since they were more fuel efficient and had air condition. Beauty was never parted with however and every once in a while she was requested for a military funeral or special request by a family and that was what she loved the most.

    Being cherished and enjoyed for what she was even when it was a very sad time in a family’s life. There was a little bit of joy. All the others just didn’t have what she did. Her grace and style. Something about her called forth a manor of presence and respect. She was a beauty and still remains as such. Forever leaving an impression on the lives that she carried as did the souls that were given their last ride within her reverend interior. Completely memorable and forever a classic, beauty remains in everyone’s hearts just like those she served in their final days this side of the green.

    LI XIAO FENG (open)
    Character Name: Li Xiao Feng

    Iwaku Zodiac Aspect: The Trickster

    Job & Role In Life: Jobs change as a person changes. But being a performer is in his heart. To make people happy is what he loves A performer is what he always will be. But right now he's also a waiter.

    Appearance: Li's face is often what people would call 'cute.' A rounded face. His wideset brown almond eyes that hold a sparkle of mischief in them, like he knows something you don't. His nose has a small bump at the bridge, which he claims to be an imperfection caused when someone punched him. And his smile, his smile is always plastered on his face, whether it's a small, secretive smile or a bright smile. More often than not, they're a smile for his audience, but a smile nonetheless.

    His hair is longer in the back than the front, falling over his shoulders, while his hair in the front just reaches his chin. His bangs are generally long, as to cover his forehead. His hair tends to make people find him a bit feminine, not that he really cares. The colour of midnight, darker than other people he knows. If there is one thing he is prideful of, it's his hair

    People really do find his face to be quite adorable, and though his hair is a bit too long, it matches him. But beneath the hair, that frames his face so perfectly, there is a scar. Thick and white and ugly, reaching from the top of his ear to his chin. He's always been good at hiding it though.

    His friends, his family, they all seem to tower above him. He just barely reaches the height of 5'2", you see. He literally has to look up at people, whether he likes it or not. With a thin build, he truly seems like child.

    Being the sort of person who burned up easily, Li tended to avoid the sunlight, preferring to live with the artificial lights of the night, or at least preferring SPF 110. Due to that, he's always had pale skin, like the porcelain china dolls that he saw occasionally, giving him the nickname 'China Doll.' Not a nice nickname to him, it's far too feminine in his opinion. But fine, he can live with a feminine nickname.

    Personality: ✘Innocent?✘
    "I dream of a happy ending, where I find my beautiful princess and live happily ever after."
    A dreamer at heart, who lives in fantasies of happy endings and perfection. However, even he can tell that fantasies are fantasies, and no one can have perfection. He understands that everyone, including him, has problems. But for everyone he meets, he'd put on a childish grin and act oh so innocent. But is he really? He is not sinless. He is not an angel. He is not the child he pretends to be. So is he really?

    "Will the truth truly set you free?"
    Despite what people say, lies are an important part of life. Lying to spare the feelings of others, lying to spare their own feelings, lying to stay out of trouble. You see, if no one lied, the world would be in turmoil. People would fight, they's tell everyone every terrible thing they think. Isn't it just so much better to lie, even just a little?

    People always seem to find it amusing. The way that he always manages to smile and laugh off mistakes always ends up making other people smile and laugh too. He never seems to be bothered by mistakes and problems. Being frustrated will just ruin everything, but just smile, and laugh, and you can always get through things.

    Of course, though, it can be strange to people when he's always so cheerful. There have been countless times where people have gotten angry at him because he wasn't angry or sad or in any way unhappy at times they think he should be. His reaction to thos angry people is to smile some more. The few times he had actually been seen crying could be quite disorienting to people.

    So he appears happy. He appears to be friendly, and sweet, and childish. But is in his mind, what do you think he's thinking? Does he really show you that he thinks the way you think he does? No. See, Li can live with just his own thoughts. It's simpler, he doesn't need to explain things over and over like he does when he talks to people. So he might listen to other people's thoughts, might celebrate or mourn with them, but his thoughts are always what he cares about the most.

    ✘Hard Worker✘
    "If at first you don't succeed, try until you do, or die trying."
    Li had always been one to try to be at the top. As a child, he'd rarely watch tv, going to informational books ahead of his grade level. He's try his best to have perfect grades, he'd join extracurricular activities. When he got older, he'd also go out to volunteer, in between his part-time job, of course. He'd work for hours on work, which were all advanced classes. Honestly, it's because of his parents. They always told him to work his hardest, to be the best. So, no matter how often he gets hurt, gets frustrated, gets upset, he will always try his best to be at the top. At least, most of the time.

    "Special? Me?"
    Although he grew up being told that he was much better than other people, Li hardly thinks that. See, everyone has something good about them, whether it's their eyes or their writing or their money or their thoughts or anything else. And despite the fact that he had grown up in a privilaged family, and he had his talents, there would always be that one other person who will beat him. He may have problems at times, but that doesn't mean he can moan and groan and act like his problems are the biggest problems in the world. Because they aren't.

    Background History: 1994, April 4. So, 4 is considered to be an unlucky number in Chinese, due to it sounding like the Chinese word 'death.' But it was on that day that Li Xiao Feng was born, and surely that couldn't be considered unlucky? But, his parents managed to make it like that anyway.

    "Surely, it must mean that he will have a short life," claimed his mother.

    "No, it must mean that he will bring death," corrected his father.

    So they treaded carefully. Being more protective of their child, being more careful themselves, because numbers can clearly predict the future. But, after a few years where the admittedly too small for his age Li didn't die, and neither did anyone around him, they relaxed a bit. Not a lot. But a bit.

    As he grew up, he was taught the expectations of his family. They didn't like people who were 'immoral and sinful,' or useless people like homeless people. People without the amount of money they had were clearly lesser beings. Li was expected to be a good child, get perfect grades and join sport teams and do anything to keep his reputation good, because then his family's reputation would be good. At least he never had a sibling to compete with.

    His parents were protective, but they were hardly loving. Protection, after all, never required a hug or a kiss or praise. They could leave him with the monsters in his closet, as long as they protected him from the monsters outside.

    So, Li did everything his parents asked. He got perfect grades. He tried his best to be sweet and nice to everyone, although the only people he was really 'friends' with were the people who his parents deemed to be a good person to be around. But despite that, he really wasn't hateful of people like his parents. Other people that aren't 'good' for him were nice.

    From a young age, his parents had him go into many extra activities. Sports, music, dance, acting, he did as much as they thought he could handle. After all, it was good for a person to be well-rounded. So he did those, and he actually found them to be the most fun out of any lesson he had to do. He liked when he went to competitions or recitals or performances, and he did things right, and people complimented him on how well he did. It was really the greatest thing, to be appreciated.

    As the years went by, the work got harder, the practices got longer, the stakes got higher. And his parents just kept pushing. "We want the best for you," they'd say. "And with just a little work, you can get that."

    But his grades just got lower, his performance in everything became lackluster, and he still had no idea what he wanted to do in the future.

    "Work harder," his father chided.

    "You can go far in life, as long as you try," added his mother.

    Like he wasn't trying already. He tried so hard, and he tried for so long, and sometimes he just wished he could stop trying. But, see, he never told his parents that. They were kind enough to support him after all. Besides, he knew that other people had a hard time with things too. He was sure that beneath ice-cold facades, his parents had problems too, that they never spoke of. So, he never said anything about it.

    The one time he spoke up about how he felt about things was right before he was supposed to be finding out if he made it to college. His parents had already sent in applications to their list of possible schools for him, without asking him what he wanted. So, for once, he'd really had enough.

    "I don't think I'm going to university," he told them. "And don't worry about taking care of me, I have money. I can move."

    And the reaction had been just as he expected.

    "Why would you not want to go to university? You could do so well in life, why are you taking it all away?" asked his father, truly confused, like he really had no idea why a person wouldn't want to go do more schooling.

    "How could you be so selfish?! Do you realize how this would look on our family? You could ruin us!" exclaimed his mother, losing her ice-cold demeanor for a moment.

    Li had just smiled and packed his bags.

    The place he chose to go to was the sea. He had gone to a beach before, once, and he had loved the feel of the sand between his toes, the waves lapping against his ankles when he stood on the edge of the water. He' spent that day running around, finding seashells and running in the water, while his parents watched under an umbrella, a safe distance away from the water.

    And now, years after that, he was back. Maybe not right by the beach, but he was close enough that he could go there whenever he liked, could feel the sand and the waves whenever he fancied.

    He was living with his friend, who his parents never would have liked, as he was both gay and had less money than Li. It was fun, giving him that little feeling of rebellion that was awfully nice after years of listening.

    He earned money by working as a waiter in a restaurant close to the beachfront, and on breaks he'd take walks on the boardwalk, watching people doing street performances. They always seemed so happy. Li would've loved to do what they did, performing, having people cheer and compliment them. But he needed money to help pay rent for where he lived, and doing street performances weren't the way to go.

    And so he continued working as a waiter, long hours ending with going to a not quite familiar place and passing out on the couch because his friend had claimed the bed, then waking up early to get to the restaurant and help set up for the day. Some days, he really didn't want to smile. But if he didn't want to, all he had to do was fake, one, cut one from ear to ear.

    Perhaps going to university would have been easiet. But then again, then he would have had to live on, listening to his parents forever. So, despite hardships, he's sure he'd made the right choice... Right?

    Character Name: Mizaru Kasahagi

    Iwaku Zodiac Aspect: The Soulmate

    Job & Role In Life: To find her one true love, and fight evil bad guys and monsters

    Appearance: She's 5ft.4in. Has a tan complexion and Has long white hair that curls to her thighs, ice blue eyes, sexy pink lips, curves and big boobs, she likes to wear jeans and a tank top with heels, she has black ears and tail because she is a Neko.

    Personality: She has a bubbly personality, cheerful unless she's fighting bafd guys or monsters

    Background History: Mizaru Kasahagi is a black eared and tailed Neko who comes from a poor clan named the Kasahagi clan. She was married off as she was one of the daughters of the head chief of her clan and her father. In order for their clan to stay safe and her people to survive she had to be married to the Kasahagi clan's son. His name was Ichiro Kasahagi. He died 2 years after they got married of a war he headed into it and died. She had no feelings for him but she wept for him and his family he wasn't a bad guy at all. Just misunderstood as her life went on she became cheerful again and started talking to people again. She is a 20 years old widow now looking for a second chance for love

    KIBO RITCHII (open)
    Character Name: Kibo Ritchii

    Iwaku Zodiac Aspect: The Trickster

    Job & Role In Life: She is an Artist. Her goal is to find the place she truly belongs, And to one day have a Family.

    Appearance: Pale skin.
    Long brown hair, that comes to just below her shoulder blades and bangs that are always sorta messy.
    Green eyes, and rather long eyelashes.
    She also has Cat ears and a tail, due to a curse from a Demon.
    FLAT CHESTED (>.> Had to put that out there)
    She is exactly 5''4 in height.
    She weighs 105 Pounds.

    Personality: : What she thinks of her self:
    Happy, Shy, sort of a loner. Weird, Accepting, Kind, a joker, She loves playing jokes on people she knows.
    Sad, Competitive, Strong willed, She can also laugh at herself, if she doesn't laugh at herself who will?

    :What others think of her:
    Fun, Kind, Lonely, Striving, Trickster,
    Brave, Sad, Clumsy, Spaced out a lot, A fighter, Strong willed.

    Background History: Kibo was once a normal girl, living in a small town in the country side of Japan, despite her ears and tail. She had many friends. She was very open back then...When her loved ones were there..
    But sadly her Mother died, soon after her big brothers left...Until only her and father Remained. He only remained by her side, he promised never to leave her. But I guess after a little while..He just broke with out his beloved wife. He attempted to murder Kibo and only stopped because a neighbor heard her screaming and called the cops.

    Kibo was then put into a foster home, Adopted by a rich woman who had a son A year or two older than her, Sadly the boy disliked Kibo. It was probably her ears and tail...
    Her adoptive mother was always very busy, and she was ignored by her Step brother.
    So she took up painting, it was a way to vent out all the feelings she had, Sadness, happiness, anger, laughter, joy, hate..All of them.
    So she wished to become a real artist to sell her art to people, is her dream. though she has a long way to go, she will make it one day...She just knows it. She will forever laugh and smile to chase all the bad away..After all she is a Trickster, she can always laugh at her small pranks or even at herself.

    ALMAREA (open)
    Character Name: Almárëa

    Iwaku Zodiac Aspect: The Shadow

    Job & Role In Life: Spirit of the Enchanted Tree

    Appearance: In legend it says the spirit of the ancient tree looks like a woman, beautiful and mesmerizing like something you've never seen. With brown bark skin, hair of rustling leaves and glowing green eyes, they say looks thin and is about five foot seven. Donned with a gown of Ivy and moss, she has a saddened stare full of heartache and loss.

    Personality: The Last of Her Kind - Almárëa is alone in the world and knows nothing of the way of humans, with the belief that there are none others like her that she has seen. The tree spirit wanders alone trying to understand the other species of this land in search for the rebirth of the child who she had cursed. Many look upon her with fright or bewilderment, some believe her to be a god or an ancient messenger from the earth itself.

    Self-Loathing - The spirit is not proud of what she has done and often scorns any bad behavior toward the human race. If anybody is cruel unto her, it is a punishment for the evil deed that she committed.

    Iron will - She will stop at nothing to find the child that she wronged, to apologize and ask for forgiveness and is determined to stay alive until she does.

    Empathy - Although ancient the tree is very kind, she has learnt from the lesson that has been taught to her and understands feelings now more than she ever did.

    Fury of the Earth - like her Kindness, the spirits anger upon seeing a hurt child will trigger her into anger. Almárëa will do anything she can to protect that child from harm and when forgiveness has been begged for, she will consider granting it.

    Background History: The cracks of the earth shuddered as my roots emerged from the grasp of the mothers coils, I name myself Almárëa the silent and powerful protector. Bound to chains of loneliness with only her whispers that guided me and the murmurs of ancient tales the elves made to warn their kind to stay away from me.

    On the day you were born I was asked to look into your eyes that smiled up at me, and your mother begged something of me.

    "Oh great tree, I ask that you bless my child for that which is to come. Prepare him for whatever trial that he may have to overcome...please, make him strong."

    I remember it well, I did not know then what I do now.

    The blessing I placed upon you was a curse, a curse that took all my wretched feelings away from me. So that I could live my purpose without a judgement clouded by emotion. To make the pain of immortality drift from me, my selfishness got the better of my waning heart.

    Countless years went by as you were bound to me, the visions of the things I had seen, the memories of the pain and sorrow that surrounded me. After all the things you had seen and felt, the torture you felt instead of me. For some reason you reached out, you touched me.

    Like the soft breeze against my leaves I remember your human hand tracing around the rough ridges of my bark skin and your small green eyes gazing up at me. I know that if I held the feelings that should have been mine, I would have cried. For the first time in my life someone had considered me, and all I did was watch the tears came rolling down your face, it was you who felt that pain. Day after day you would cry to me and I would listen, like a scholar that reads a book you told me everything, I knew it word for word but nothing came to me; I could not console you.

    Now you are dead and the curse is gone, I know what you felt for me. You knew that it was true, I was alive, that you were me and I were you. A fool I was to think that eternity would be easier if I had someone to shoulder my burden, I was wrong. Here I remain to this day, trapped in a wood with your love and your hate with the wish that maybe one day I will find you and beg that you will forgive me.

    In your memory I shall leave this forest, to search for you. Once a life a lost it will always be born anew. I know I do not deserve to be shown mercy... but there is one thing I will always want to ask you "how can I repent?"

    TOMODACHI (open)
    Character Name: Tomodachi

    Iwaku Zodiac Aspect: The Ally

    Job & Role In Life: Barista/Superheroine

    Appearance: Tomodachi is a 3 ft. tall humanoid with shiny silver skin. She is completely hairless from head toe. She has pointed ears that are long and thin. Her eyes are big and round, akin to the angelic gaze of a child. Although they show no visible pupils, they emit a calming glow of blue. Her lips are a dark shade of grey; the lower lip has a natural pout to it. There's a mature shape to her form even though it is short and small framed. Her bosom is small sized, no bigger than what you'd expect an A cup to be. There's not much shape or tone to her arms and legs. The tips of her feet are separated into two big toes that a 'V' of space in between. Her hands have four fingers. What she uses to cover herself is a one-piece outfit she arrived to Earth with. Its default color is charcoal, but the technology built into the suit allows it to change for camouflaging. The particles of her suit work in sync with her metallic skin so her entire image can blend in.

    Personality: Tomodachi is nothing but sweet and friendly. Her bubbly behavior is infectious, especially after she's had coffee to drink. Seldom do you see her alone; she feels more comfortable when surrounded by others. Her harmless appearance makes people feel more at ease around her, though children and animals seem to be the crowds she's most popular with. She's reliable, honest, and gentle. Her sensitivity to human emotion drives her to console all who are depressed, discouraged, sad--any negative feelings, really. Making them feel better means she'll get to feel better too. When she's sad, she loses her ability to float or use her powers. Fortunately, this is easy to remedy through simple acts of silliness.

    Background History: A creature from deep space has landed on a foreign planet. She was discovered in Japan by a pair of young boys with only a three year age difference. They kept the alien a secret and visited her in a shelter they built on the other side of the fence. She slept in a handmade house built from sticks, stones, ropes, and other handy materials the boys learned to put to use. The two named her Tomodachi; "friend." While she got better adjusted to the new environment, she lived off of the human food gifted to her each afternoon.

    Tomodachi eventually had to leave. Once she felt in tune with the weather, language, and gravity she felt ready to explore. She wasn't happy being the secret pet to these kind little boys who she didn't want to get in trouble. They said their goodbyes during a crisp autumn evening. She was given a Pokemon backpack filled with treats, as well as a crayon drawing made by the youngest of the boys. He drew himself, his brother, and Tomodachi holding hands like best friends.

    When the goodbye was said, Tomodachi studied humans in secrecy. There was quite the variety to get accustomed to. Understanding them was important, though. Her heightened empathy otherwise brought nothing but confusion.

    Eventually, she found where she could fit in. She developed an obsession with coffee since her first time being given one. Tomodachi disguises herself as a freckled face red head girl with alabaster skin when she's working at the cafe'. The name her human identity goes by is Lisa Kingsly. Not so much is it to hide her true self; she's known to freely roam in her alien form wherever it's acceptable. At work though, she agreed it would be best to blend in when on the job. She does the same during all events that require professionalism.

    Other than that, her work is in the field. Tomodachi possesses special abilities that can boost the strength and morale of her allies, particularly her Zodiac brethren. (Yes, in my mind, all the Iwaku zodiacs are a team of superheroes. >__>;) There's an aura to her that provides calming effects. With enough focus though, she can manipulate the aura to lend different types of support, such as healing or strength boosting. Tomodachi is purely supportive, which gives her a damage level that's too low to count for anything. However, she is capable of being something like a battery to someone. By attaching herself to another body, she can offer a surge of power that could make your abilities better. Even if your ordinary, you'll be able to run inhumanly fast, or you'll be able to throw a deadlier punch. Whatever it is you need, Tomodachi is the ally to turn to.

    Character Name: The Shadow Walker

    Iwaku Zodiac Aspect: The Shadow

    Job & Role In Life: Protector of those who would die before their time. (Rogue reaper)

    Appearance: The Shadow Walker, known simply as Shadow by the few who know him, has the ability to alter his appearance using the shadows. However, he has a few forms in particular that he appears in most frequently.

    Human form:
    Shadow's most common manifestation is the form he had while he was alive. He stands at 5'11" (181 cm, for those who aren't on the American system) and weighs 145 pounds (66 kg). Though he has drifted through existence for countless centuries, in this form he appears 17. He is tall and fairly lean, typically clad in an unzipped black hoodie with the hood down, a black t-shirt, and loose black jeans with chains linked to the pockets. He has dark eyes which shift in color, a tattoo on his right arm of the Japanese word kagé, and an unruly mop of black hair which reaches to the base of his neck.

    Hybrid form:
    When his hood is up, Shadow begins to show some of his reaper traits. Although his figure doesn't change, the shadows within the hood cause his face to change, his features constantly shifting. When he speaks, is not his own voice, but an omnivoice comprised of the souls of the deceased.

    Reaper form:
    In times of absolute necessity, Shadow takes on his true form. In this form, the atmosphere around him becomes dense with shadows, creating the same effects as his hood in his hybrid form. His hoodie expands into a long black cloak, shrouding him completely aside from the large skeletal wings protruding from his back, spanning roughly 9 feet across.

    Personality: Shadow's personality differs depending on his mood. Sometimes he seems happy and outgoing. Others, his true nature shows through and he seems cold and distant, closed off to others. Regardless of his mood, he is strong-willed, determined, unconcerned with his image in the eyes of others, and fiercely dedicated to whatever he believes in. Others see him as a guardian, or as an enemy to be feared. He sees himself as a failure giving everything to be redeemed.

    Background History: Shadow began his existence as a human named Arrow. He was born the youngest of 5; four brothers, and one sister. His father was a hunter who spent all of his wages at the in, drinking and whoring. On the rare occasion that he did come home, it was to beat and rape his wife. Arrow's brothers were large men; carpenters, hunters, woodsmen, you name it. They worked hard to support the family, but their mother blew their earnings on pointless trinkets, excuses to temporarily forget about their father. In distress, Arrow's brothers turned their aggravation towards their sister. They forced her into prostitution in attempt to accrue more income. As Arrow grew, it became apparent that he was much smaller than his brothers. His brothers beat him, told him he was worthless, that there was no use for a man who couldn't fell a tree in five swings. His sister harassed him as well, jeering that no woman would ever marry a walking toothpick.

    Sick of the pressure, Arrow fled from his home. He ran to the woods, quickly learning to survive on his own. One day, however, he came across a girl who seemed a few years or so older than him. He approached her and found that she was in the woods for much the same reason he was. She told him that she came to them to relax on occasion to escape her family. She was a skilled hunter, and supported her family, despite the abuse and mistreatment they gave her. Arrow invited her to join him, but she declined because of how much her family needed her.

    As time went on, Arrow became close friends with the girl, whose name, he discovered, was Summer. She taught him to hunt, track, fish, and kept him company on occasion. He looked up to her, and after a while, grew to adore her. On his 16th birthday, she taught him how to carve stone into knives or spearheads. Delighted, Arrow spent several months painstakingly crafting a knife which he gave to Summer as a gift. When she received it, it was clear that she loved it from the moment she set eye on it.

    Over the course of the following year, Arrow began to notice that he was falling in love with her, little by little. Despite rejecting the fact, though, he accepted it. After all, she had been all he had for years, and she had given him a reason to enjoy a life that, as he saw it, she had saved on multiple occasions, be it while they were hunting, when he almost ate a poisonous berry, nearly falling from trees, and countless other things. Why shouldn't he love her?

    Although he didn't know how to address it directly, he began making small advances whenever he could. To his relief, rather than being instantly shut down, their relationship began to grow into a budding romance. As they grew closer, he began to see the damage that had been caused by her stress.

    Arrow began to do what he could to take her mind off of her troubles, drawing her attention away from her family. However, shortly after his 17th birthday, there came a day when Summer didn't visit. That night, Arrow ventured back to the town that he had left years ago and combed the houses, eventually spotting Summer through a dusty window. He attempted to open it but found that it was locked and the handle inside was broken off.

    Barely put off, Arrow picked the front door and silently slid inside, making his way to her room. Finding her door locked as well, he picked it and entered to find Summer curled up on her bed, sobbing. He quietly got her attention and held her, eventually calming her enough to learn that her family had found out about her trips to see him rather than to hunt. He discovered that they had taken the knife that had their names carved into it, and locked her in her room.

    Arrow quickly searched the house and found the knife, returning it to her in the knowledge that he wouldn't be able to stay until morning without the risk of getting caught. Despite her protests, he left, promising that he would return the following night. He locked the doors, covering all signs that he had been in the house at all.

    After spending the following day in anticipation, Arrow returned to the house a few hours after sundown. He picked his way through both doors once again, but the sight that greeted him when her door swung open shattered him, mind and spirit. Summer had hung herself from a beam in the ceiling, and the knife that Arrow had carved protruded from her neck. There was a small cut on her wrist, and a piece of paper on the bedside table that appeared to have been written on with blood. It explained that the pressure had been too much, and that the added touch with the knife was so that she would have a piece of him with her as she went..

    Clutching the paper, Arrow sprinted towards the forest as fast as he possibly could before fully breaking down and losing his restraint. He spent days floating in the darkness in his mind, constantly thinking about how he had failed to save the life of the person who had saved his.

    Within a few months, he had managed to push it back enough to at least function. He became an assassin, hunting down the criminals of the city for the bounties on there head. One day, however, as he was collecting proof of a kill, he was confronted by a tall man in a dark cloak. The man introduced himself as Grim, and told him of a prophecy; "A harbinger of death shall one day surpass Death himself." Then he offered to take Arrow under his wing as his apprentice under the terms that Arrow assassinate his family to prove his devotion.

    Intrigued, Arrow accepted, given that his family didn't hold much worth to him. After carrying out the task, Grim appeared to Arrow again, this time in possession of the souls that had been released from the task he had carried out. Grim used the souls to transform Arrow, turning him from human to reaper. Rather than becoming a natural reaper, however, the damage that Arrow's soul had recently sustained caused him to attain unique abilities; rather than becoming a simple reaper, he became the Shadow Walker.

    As promised, Grim taught Shadow how to use his powers, and how to reap souls. However, after he had completed his training and began taking tasks as a reaper, he discovered that there was corruption among the order of the reapers. Rather than collecting the wandering souls of the deceased, Grim had begun taking mercenary contracts, trading money for lives turning the order of reapers into the ultimate hitman agency.

    Disgusted, Shadow fled from the other reapers and became a rogue. All alone once again, he thought back to what had happened on the tragic night that had changed his life. He decided to take it upon himself to protect those who would die before their time, be it from murder, suicide, or even from being the target of another reaper. He found power in his new resolve, and set out on a new journey to return a favor he could never repay.

    "I am the guardian. I am Death. I am Shadow."

    JAMES CROSS (open)
    Character Name: James Cross

    Iwaku Zodiac Aspect: The Herald

    Job & Role In Life: James is unemployed in the regular sense of work. You might say that his purpose is to live as best he can in the life he was given. One might notice that his goal is to protect the innocent. One might even go as far as to say that he is a good man.

    Appearance: James is in his mid forties. Hair covers' much of his body and a peppering of silver has begun to set in on much of it. He finds himself unable to keep a cleanly shaven face. Somehow, by noon of everyday, he is distraught to find that a stubborn militia of stubble has occupied his previously smooth jawline. He often cover's much of his body with a large trench coat of dark brown leather. He also adorns a wide, black, hat that easily conceals most of his facial feature's.

    Beneath his military boot's and unnecessary layer's of concealing cloth and scarves, hides his body. A not entirely human body either, for atop his head and beneath his coat lay two animal like ear's and a tail that clearly belongs to some variety of wolf. His left Canine is slightly over sized and lays outside of his mouth at most times, and his eyes glow an eerie shade of gold.

    His muscles are defined and his stature is daunting. He has never met anyone who was truly comfortable with their initial meeting. Perhaps it was the intimidating aura he naturally puts off, or maybe it was just an illusion of distrust, created by the other party involved with the meeting. Whatever it was, it had caused him to become rather detached in most of his first encounter's.

    Hmm, I feeling like we are drifting onto a topic more appropriate for the next section.

    Let's move on then shall we?

    Personality: James is secretly insecure. He tends to ignore this by choosing to look into the insecurities of others, rather than delve into his own internal issues. The practice of this method of escapism has caused him to notice a few things.

    The first being that most people are not worth his time, and, that no matter how much he may try to interact with them on deep levels, they will never return, or care to return, interactions of the same nature.

    You see, James has realized that people are content with their existence, and that he too is content with his own. He has noticed that no matter how many times a man's father makes a mistake, that it will not prevent him from making the same one. James has also noticed that he too is effected by this mind set, yet in a slightly different way. You see, despite having full knowledge of his own shortcomings and the short comings of others, he chooses to sit by and watch, observing instead of do what he knows only he can do. Show them the better way.

    This outlook has him putting on an appearance of cold welcoming to the humans that surround him. Most of them are even fooled by it too. The majority believe his smile to be a true one, they believe that his "Good Morning"'s and "How do you Do"'s are heartfelt and sincere. These people could not be more mistaken.

    A few of the humans he interacts with see the truth behind this mask. They usually choose to answer these question with a snide remark or comment regarding the falseness and obvious lack of luster to his statements. Something along the lines of "Now why don't you tell us how you really feel?" or "Please stop with the smile, I can clearly tell that it is making us both uncomfortable." To these people James usually replies with a nod and a smile, before heading on his way once more.

    Fewer yet of the humans he meets from time to time see beyond even that. For they see the man behind the truth, and they do not wait for him to begin the greeting. They instead take over, greeting him with the same Cold welcoming he greets others with. At times it is in a condescending tone, at others it is in an understanding one. It is these people that intrigue James the most. He sees them as extensions of himself, and often pursues them without quite knowing why.

    Perhaps it is in search of something familiar, a grounding of sorts for him to feel comfortable with for a while. Or maybe it is something more, something truly unexplainable with human words..

    Background History: Now, at this point you must be rather confused. Allow me to clarify something that Can only be clarified in this particular section. James, is immortal. Or at least that is what he believes, for as long as he can remember he has never once aged a single day, nor has he ever once died. These facts have led him to believe that he will one; never age, and two; never die.

    For simplicities sake we will operate under the assumption that he is correct in this believe from here on out.

    James was never born in the sense that humans' know, or at least, he does not remember being born in that sense. The earliest memory he has in fact, is of a ritual. This ritual was apparently a necessary requirement needed to make his existence possible on this world. Everything before this apparently paramount ceremony is lost to him. Nothing but a void fills that section of his mind, and he chooses to ignore it rather than poke into it's curious existence.

    He remembers a circle of hooded beings, what he now recognizes to be human men, muttering something about 'god' and 'fertility'; but to be entirely honest James could not easily make out what it was they were saying. After a short while he began to assume they were muttering about him. At this realization James looked into his own self for the first time. He noticed a vast similarity between himself and the beings that surrounded him. Well, physically at least. He began to wonder on what exactly it was that the words they used meant. Question such as "What is a god?" or "If I am a god, what am I?" began coming up in his head and he did not find his inability to answer them at all enjoyable.

    He heard mention of something known as a 'Cross' just as one of the men gestured in his direction with a strange wooden sculpture that appeared to be to beams with a man hanging from them. Not knowing that what had been held in front of him was indeed known as a 'cross', he assumed they had been talking about him again.

    After the ritual had closed and he had been allowed to roam freely he found himself referring to himself as 'Cross' when asked who he was.

    The name stuck.

    Over time he has encountered many different types of humans and non humans and judging them based on his own understandings at any given point in his life. He also found himself exploring many new and interesting lands as he traveled the world in search of the thing he had apparently been summoned to do. Find the true meaning to human life.

    For many years the answer to this question alluded him. Mostly because he did not fully understand it. After many decades of searching however he eventually came up with an answer. However, when he presented his employers with his response they were anything but happy. They instead sent him out again, in search of another answer, one that they could accept.

    Many more years past and when he returned to his employers with the same answer he had given them decades ago, they threw him out once more. James continued this charade for a long while, unable to comprehend why they could not accept his answer. He had done his duty, why did they insist on casting him out time and time again?

    It was all so pointless, and the irony of it all made him chuckle at first, but now it just makes him cringe.

    You see he had come to realize that the human existence was pointless, that it had no evolution, just the repeat of the same story over and over again; and now that his own life had taken on that same characteristic he couldn't really be bothered to accept it.

    He finally realized why his employers' had been unable to accept that their existence was pointless. This was a fact that could not be told, it had to be learned.

    The saddest part being that most humans did not have the time. Most humans died well before they even realized that they should be wondering about why they existed, yet alone actually wonder about it.

    So James shook his head and disappeared. He never has and never will return to his employers' side. Instead he chooses to watch for those who discover their meaning for existence independently. To these people he gives his blessing, for James is the Pagan god of Luck, Fertility, and Excess. Even though he himself has none of these things..

    MR. THORNTON (open)
    Character Name: Mr. Thornton

    Iwaku Zodiac Aspect: The Shadow

    Job & Role In Life: Deaths Secratary; determine who is hell and heaven worthy.

    Appearance: A very Dapper man, well trimmed face and dressed. Jet black hair slicked back most times, with ice grey eyes that's well suited to his look. He has a dingy pale complexion, but clean with the face of a 20 year old. Tall strong structured figure of about 6'0 even, but his weight was light enough to almost give the image of a lanky man. His key feature were his tattoos, roughly seen on his left hand is a well drawn tattoo of a skeletons hand that would go up to his body. And only when seen in a mirror, does the rest of his tattoos form. A detailed skull on the front of his face, along with the rest of the skeletal system matching up to the rest of his body.

    Personality: With his luxurious suits cold wits and devilish smiles, most people find this mysterious man a good thing to avoid. Yet he is known, or better yet, only known, as a community helper. So he was oddly well liked and feared all at the same time. He had respect, which he cared nothing about. He was cold blooded inside, only a few little passions for the humans world. He was reserved and a upright gentleman, but when faced with compassion he found it unnecessary to his goals. He always keeps his eye on the prize when studying the humans quirks. But he isn't always lifeless, he has a wonderful knack to be creative and using a dry humor.

    Background History: He was born as he was, with an expansive understanding of life death and his surroundings. The grim reaper, death, was seen as his boss and father figure. Though, within the years of his training death was more or a goofy figure head to Mr. Thornton. Knowing death personally was a real pleasure and a pain, and to him it was his only true companion. After his century of training(who knows how old he is), he was sent to the human world to watch the lives of the highly good, and the people damned to begin with. He was meant to only observe and not to interfere. But every once in awhile he finds someone on the fence between the two, and who's to say he can't give them a little push?...

    Character Name: Caryn (Carra) Kramer

    Iwaku Zodiac Aspect: The Ally

    Job & Role In Life: Her main goal is to rescue her best friend, Anastasia

    Appearance: /Caryn is a young girl, about seventeen years of age, although when asked the question, she'd only answer vaguely before changing the topic of discussion. She looks seventeen, though, so let's roll with that. Despite being seventeen, Caryn is pretty short, standing at 5'2", or about 157 cm. She has a sturdy and curvy figure, and is a strong girl, with muscles built up from years of sports and a variety of martial arts activities. Most of her 125 lb weight (~57 kg) is muscle mass. Despite her small stature, she could probably fight, and win, against most other people. Her skin is bronzed in color from spending so much time in the sun, and she has a few scattered birthmarks and small scars that are largely unimportant to her. Her facial complexion matches the same skin tone, albeit a little bit lighter, with a smattering of slightly darker freckles across the bridge of her nose and cheekbones.

    /Carra has a generally pleasing, yet hardened face and expression. She has upturned, wide eyes that are a strikingly dark indigo color, and dark lashes of a medium length. Her eyebrows are neat and curve gracefully over each eye, although they are a little short and small. She has soft cheekbones, with a smattering of the aforementioned freckles across them, with a slightly concave nose, the tip and nostrils small, leaving only a small nasolabial crease, although when she smiles, dimples form. In a neutral expression, her lips are slightly downturned, giving the illusion that she is perpetually cross or stern, which isn't always the case. Her straight bangs are parted and reach just down to the tips of her lips, framing her face, with the rest of her dark brown hair ranging from shoulder length to her mid back, her hair getting increasingly longer as it reaches out from her bangs. She has one lock of untamable hair that stretches out past the rest of her hair and curls under her chin.

    /Caryn typically dresses in dark clothing, with the exception of light baby colors (blue, green). She regularly dresses in her favorite navy blue hoodie, which she has worn so often that the edges of the hem are graying and a little frayed, the strings stained and ragged. She wears the hood whenever it isn't dreadfully sunny, saying that she prefers the silence the hood provides. Underneath, she'll dress in a t-shirt of nearly any kind (be it a school shirt, a plain shirt, striped, or even a gaming or movie shirt) and she alternates between black colored jeans or pants and old pairs of jeans, the knees usually worn or torn, the hem just as ragged as the hoodie. She occasionally puts on a little bit of dark eyeshadow, or light lipgloss, but it isn't a priority for her.

    Personality: /Carra has been a headstrong and steadfast girl since she was a mere child, her determination making any goal possible. There were times in her youth where, when denied access to the cookie jar atop the fridge, she would spend hours trying to find a way up to the top, once stacking books and boxes to climb up onto the counter, and further, to the fridge. To Caryn, "Impossible" is not a word, standing always by the mantra of "If I can think it, it can be done." She likes to challenge herself with new goals, being a person that needs advancement and adventure to feel happy. Caryn is also incredibly active; keeping herself moving constantly is part of her daily routine.

    /Besides advancement, Caryn also enjoys helping others. Her parents encouraged her to be charitable and extroverted, a trait she carried with her through to young adulthood. She's the first person to help you collect your books when you fall in the hallway, and immediately moves to protect people and help, as if it were instinct. She is incredibly loyal, although not necessarily brave. Caryn would never admit it, but in a serious situation, if she's not directly involved, she would rather forget about it entirely than risk her life or others, even for a greater cause.

    /Caryn is generally kind and patient, and works well with children, but she is not without her limit. Angry Carra is frightening, no matter how short she is- she doesn't so much as raise her voice as she sounds threatening, her expression distinctly cross and upset. Her outburts are usually short lived, followed by apologies. As a rule of thumb, she attempts to be polite in all circumstances, but like everybody, she has pet peeves.

    Background History: /Caryn was born in Boston in the spring of 1997, and she lived there with her parents until the modern day. Her parents, Nicole and Robert Kramer, worked at nearby colleges, and they lived in a highrise apartment building in the middle of the city. Since Carra was young, she showed interest in sports and soon began participation in soccer and softball, and later as she grew older, a variety of martial arts and lacrosse. She was an average student with an average life, nothing exceptional or out of the ordinary.

    /She met her best friend, Anastasia, in kindergarten, and the two were inseparable for years. Ana lived with her parents, brother, and elder sister in an apartment complex nearby Caryn's own, making it easy for the two to hang out and do whatever kids do in their free time. They were close all the way through high school.

    /It was the night before their junior prom. Ana was sleeping over at Caryn's home, an activity they often did, when a phone call came in to Caryn's parents. Ana's house had burnt down, and they were asked to house Ana until her grandmother could pick her up. Her family was inside of the home when it burned down. The cause was chalked up to be a kitchen fire, but Ana, overhearing her grandmother talking on the phone a week later, discovered that it was an arsonists work. She also learnt that her younger brother hadn't died, but had been kidnapped.

    /Ana met with Caryn and told her of her intentions to both find her younger brother and the arsonist that killed her family. The two traveled around the city, digging up clues from the ashes of her home and attempting to find the killer. In a garbage can in the park opposite Ana's home, they found an abandoned gasoline can- through a stroke of luck they managed to find the store it was purchased from, a small Mom and Pop store, and while Ana distracted the store clerk, Caryn found the sales history log, finding several names of people that had recently bought the same brand of gasoline. The following week they spent trying to track down the people on their list, but then Ana went missing, her grandmother dead.

    /Since, Caryn has been trying to track down Ana.

    LIET (open)
    Character Name: Liet

    Iwaku Zodiac Aspect: The Guardian

    Job & Role In Life: Military bureaucrat

    Appearance: Once a front line soldier, now a bureaucrat; Liet wears standard military khaki dress. The pattern is well stitched to his frame, but it betrays his decaying physical ability. A beret sits on sand-blasted, greying hair. The pupils are forever contracted in the midday desert sun, giving him an air of constant scrutiny and skepticism. His facial features are sharp, cheeks sunken, and his bony, calloused fingers impatiently tap on the desk, admist the backdrop of howling desert winds on his canvas tent.

    Personality: "You stand accused of slaughtering a village in the southern wastes. How do you plead?"

    "Not guilty."

    "Your defense?"

    "My actions were completely within standard military practice. I came to a conclusion based upon available evidence and disposed of the village according to our laws on cults and religion."

    "Nonetheless, it stands that you murdered civilians ... "

    "When I wiped that village from the maps, I did so under the direction of the law created to protect our citizens from the their poison. I acted in good faith. Are you persecuting the lawfulness or the morality of my actions?"

    Background History: My tale is not one of rags to riches, like a soldier who steals a march, or a miner who finds a vein of gold in his clay pit; it is much more ignoble happenstance. When I stumbled upon the column of warriors winding their way through the desert, they only followed two rules: listen to your leader, and kill anyone who does not. I simply did as I was told, and plowed a bloody path through the scattered tribes sprouting from the sand. Desert weeds with fragile roots, we easily united the three main features of the yellow ocean under the Tsar's rule in under two winters.

    I am a man with little physical ability, except for whatever fortitude runs in my veins from a forgotten ancestor or ancient benefactor. Perhaps, you could claim, that I have outstanding fervor to make up for the enfeebled state stemming from my childhood. Just like baptizing a child, my mind, born and raised in solitude, was indelibly marked with the first philosophy it came across. I accepted the leader's reasoning as my own, his cause as my cause, and his dreams as my dreams.

    For the next one hundred years I followed him, because he was the first one to tell me what, and how strongly, to believe. Somewhere along the way I may have developed a conscience. Perhaps it was during the time I extinguished the last vestiges of guerrilla resistance from the great sands, by pouring molten iron from bottomless crucibles until I turned an entire horizon into smoldering glass and screams. Or perhaps when my bodyguard, sacrificing herself to save me from the fifty-ninth assassination attempt, exposed the lie of our love to me. She was the fiftieth one that tried to kill me, a tribal woman whose entire culture in the desert was wiped out by my Inquisition against their desert faiths. She spent five years patiently planting and nurturing seeds in my chest, and tore out more than my heart when they were blooming at their fullest.

    Slowly, my ardent loyalty to the Tsar's cause tempered into a fanatical type of nationalism, an axiomatic type of nationalism buried so deep in me that I ceased to be myself, but merely became an instrument of the populace - the law. I became numb to myself, and evolved into a machine whose only purpose was to efficiently execute matters of state. Could I ever have claimed to be myself, or have I just been a piece of flotsam in the grand destinies of others?

    I do not remember much about my childhood. Some lucky people have a few bright spots, clear recollections of seemingly mundane events. I do remember the cold; I was a sickly child, and spent an uncountable amount of time that way. Looking back, I suppose that it made sense for me to follow warmth. My first experience with heat was a dead body. The moment I placed that piece of meat in my mouth, and I am not even sure why I put it into my mouth in the first place, my stomach was lit by the strangest sensation. My body tingled from the inside out to the fingertips and toes with fire.

    I quickly learned that not all things granted me the same buoyancy. Dirt and sand were grimy things that hurt my teeth. Plants were chewy and juicy but did nothing for me. Only meat pealed the cloudiness from my eyes, cleared my head and let it consider the world at large. Did I understand, back then, that acquiring meat meant another had to die? No, not necessarily. Before I ate meat for the first time, I was not even able to distinguish between life or death, drifting around in a permanent stupor.

    You can imagine that once you have tasted wakefulness that you would from then on desperately avoid the specter of dull mindedness - it is death and death exactly. Around this time, my memories were punctuated by a mad fear. I wandered the tundra between meals of flesh, searching for the next sweet mouthful that jolted me into clarity for one cycle of the sun and moon. I moved with uncertainty, my entire period of alertness spent looking for the next piece of meat to continue it. It was a miserable and unsustainable existence.

    My life began in earnest around the time where meat suddenly became scarce. I also became very aware of the air becoming very cold once again (so, logically, it had been about one year since I discovered meat). Before I tell you what I did, let me preface it with two excuses: one, I was scared of going back to the way I was. Two, my dulled wits may have played a role in my next action.

    I met another like me. By that, I mean that I had gazed into still pools of water before, so I knew what I looked like. When I jumped them from behind, I was surprised by how weak they were, despite my own state. They seemed to struggle with all their might, but I held them down easily. I was hungry, I desired it. The meat. I went for the neck, a place sized for my jaws, and ripped out a large piece of meat. I dug my teeth noisily into body until their struggling stopped and their eyes glassed over. It was pure elation.

    With my heightened awareness, I heard the whistling of the arrow and felt the serrated head bury itself into my shoulder. Pain followed, and then another form of fear. I fled, fled fled fled, through the snow, away from the snow and cold, until the crunchy tundra turned into sand and the winter moon was replaced by the summer sun.

    I did not have time to contemplate my actions, or why they were chasing me, but I knew that the ones who had fired an arrow into my shoulder were the same ones incessantly tracking me through the tundra.

    Day after day I fled. I sprinted forward during the night, while they came during the day. Every time I closed my eyes at dawn, wedged in between rocks or covered with snow in a small dirt hole, I was plagued by visions of waking up to daggers in my chest. The continuous stress of being the prey took its toll on my body. I tasted the meat again in my mouth when I threw up into the snow.

    I kept running, stumbling higher and higher. The air grew thinner and colder. The hunter's footsteps grew fainter. One day I could no longer hear their footsteps in the ground. I made my way through the mountain pass and gazed upon the yellow ocean below on the other side. Waves of sand blew on its surface. Land fish dove in and out of her waters. Far below me, a thin line of black ants meandered about. They were the warriors I would stumble upon.

    Twenty winters later, I was firing arrows from a recurve bow, on the saddle of a desert antelope that leaped from dune to dune.

    Now, at the hundredth anniversary of the Nation's founding, the Tsar is lost in his fervor. For the first time in my life, I will have to rise in defiance against his directive. I scheme on my own. To ensure my people's future, I will raise a compassionate general for the next hundred years of our nation. I do it for my wretched love.

    I'll let you know when the story concludes.

    Character Name: Shiro Higurashi

    Iwaku Zodiac Aspect: The Guardian

    Job & Role In Life: Chairman and CEO of Higurashi Industries, Inventor, Eldest among the 6 Higurashi siblings

    Appearance: Shiro stands out among other people because of his moppy white hair, pale complexion and heterochromic eyes; the left being blue and the right being red. He has an average build, not too skinny yet not too muscular at the same time. He can usually be seen donning a white lab coat over a black turtleneck shirt, brown pleated pants and black loafers. He rarely ever leaves the main branch building so he seldom changes his fashion style. On the rare event that he does leave his office, he would merely lose the coat and stick with everything else as he views dressing up for other people as a waste of time and effort.

    Personality: To most people, the White Cicada is an enigma. Being someone of high status and intelligence, Shiro acts formally and sternly most of the time as he interacts with people. He has developed a Stoic attitude towards life as he has experienced the most hardship after the untimely death of his parents. This hardship changed his initial carefree, outgoing and friendly attitude into a reserved, analytic and serious one. He was awakened to the reality of life and all its darkness. This event also forced him to make unpopular decisions which earned him the grudge of some of his siblings. Still, he had accepted this beforehand for he knew that being a villain would help his siblings not to become the person he is now.

    Though at first glance, he treats his siblings apathetically, deep down, he hates taking this approach for he still loves his siblings dearly. In fact, he has devoted all of his actions for the sake of his siblings.

    Background History: Shiro's childhood was initially not filled with any care and worry. He spent his days playing with his siblings, and making new friends with almost everyone he meets regardless of age or gender. However, unlike a typical child of his age, he had already exhibited precociousness in his intellectual ability. He claims that this is due to his parents being both highly esteemed researchers that hail from prominent universities. They used their wit in the sciences and their cleverness in business to establish what would be later known as one of the most influential companies in the world. Since his parents were prodigies to begin with, he merely states that he just inherited their unique intellectual prowess.

    Being the eldest among 6 children, he cared a lot about his siblings and loved them dearly. His siblings also have a great relationship with him as they would even enjoy the company of each other even if Shiro had already stepped in his first year of high school. His younger sister and the second eldest sibling, Shione adored him the most as she looks up to him as a role model. She would also cling to him most of the time, which he finds slightly frustrating but mostly sweet and comforting.

    In the story of his life, he considers his high school days as the most memorable for everything that changed him to the person he is now occurred during that time. It was his first day of high school. Everything seemed so foreign to him since majority of his educational background was spent at home since he was homeschooled by his parents. Concepts such as Clubs, Student Councils and Disciplinary Committees were a foreign language even if he knew what they were and of their existence. He hard a hard time adapting to his new lifestyle as he was mostly scorned by fellow students rather than admired for his intellect. All except for Amane Hisakaki, the Class Representative, whose outgoing and carefree attitude became instrumental in helping him feel like he belonged. Not long after their initial meeting, they quickly became best friends and the two of them would often spend most of their time with each other's company. Gradually, Shiro began developing feelings for Amane however, those feelings never had a chance to blossom.

    Fate has a cruel way of reversing the wheel of fortune whenever she feels like it. In Shiro's case, his parents met an untimely death when the plane they were on crash landed in the Atlantic Ocean, leaving their 6 children orphaned at an early age. With no experience and resources to care for his siblings, he had no choice but to send them away to relatives and close friends of his parents. Despite their strong protests, specially by Shione and Hiromi, the Second and Third Eldest, he remained firm with his decision, shattering all of Shione's admiration and respect for him in the process and unintentionally instilling in their minds that he has abandoned them. Despite this change in their point of view towards him, Shiro deemed it necessary for he believes that sometimes, one must become a villain for the sake of the ones you love.

    Shione and the second youngest, Kyoshiro, were sent to Kyoto, Hiromi was sent to Hokkaido while Toshiro, the third youngest and Shiori, the youngest were sent to Nagoya.

    As for High School, he saw to it that he graduated in his freshmen year, leaving behind Amane and what could have been the start of a promising relationship. His intellect also proved to be enough to pass College over the course of 1 year but he spent 4 years on 4 kinds of Courses namely, Sciences, Engineering, Business and Medicine. Albeit, his journey in achieving all these was met with a lot of challenges, most of which came in the form of earning money for living expenses. He had to shoulder working on different part-time jobs at the same time just so he could earn enough money for his School fees and living expenses.

    Once he graduated Magna Cum Laude from all 4 courses, as stated by his parents' last will and testimony, Higurashi Industries would be transferred under his name and he would assume the position of Chairman and CEO. Using the knowledge he has gained, he brought the company to its golden age by making some developments to field of Medicine such as a cure to Alzheimer's Disease and Muscular Dystrophy. He also made developments in Architecture and invented highly-advanced weaponry, though only some were ever released for military used and none released to the public.

    It took 5 more years to establish a name for himself and raise his company to a legendary status but after the arrangements he considered as necessary have been prepared, he took back his siblings so that they could be a family once more. Some of them, of course, expressed some form of retaliation, especially Shione who had come to despise him for having the nerve to take them back after he allegedly abandoned them. Hiromi, on the other hand, welcomed him back into his life. The others, however, treated it with indifference.

    Currently, Shiro is guiding his siblings from the shadows in order to make sure that they do not become like him... deprived of his childhood and stripped off the right to live a normal life.

    AMARANTH (open)
    Character Name: Amaranth

    Iwaku Zodiac Aspect: The Shadow

    Job & Role In Life: The observer, the watcher, the shadow at the edge of your vision, the final nightmare

    Appearance: Amaranth was once a man, a young man that might have being beautiful. Alabaster skin, that bore the pitted scars of torment. Thin and graceful like a swan, long blonde hair that was the colour of honey nestled within the small of his back. His blonde hair also is parted in two bangs, eclipsing and obscuring his face. His face itself was soft and fine, effeminate and womanly. His lips were slender and his nose was delicate and his cheek bones were fine and high, his eyes were long lashed and slightly slanted. His eyes however marred his look, his eyes were the eyes of a doll.. cold and dead.

    When he embraced his destiny with blood stained hands, his looks were slowly corroded by the hand of time. Flesh fell away- never knowing the pain of ageing- and showed gleaming bone. His long hair became thin and space, matted and filthy and his once fine clothes became nothing more then rags. He became not flesh, but an undying man of bone cloaked within shadow. The only thing remained the same were his eyes, his still dead eyes.

    Personality: “I am the one who needs no company, I am the one who seeks no companionship. I was once broken, I was once nothing. Now I am everything, yet nothing at all. Upon myself I am neutral, I nether love nor hate myself.. I simply am, I simply be. I gaze at my past self and do not see beauty, I only see weakness. Once I was full of ambition only enhanced by an insecurity that nearly destroyed me and destroyed all I might have loved. Might is the key world, even back then I was dead to the world. Emotion was something I rarely felt, I was a very cold man.. and now the cold is all I ever feel, yet I am strong.. I have overcome, I have transcended all forms of existence.. I am complete now...happy now.”

    Amaranth was never a vain man, in fact he was the opposite. His looks meant nothing to him, what he was insecure about was his sense of self in relation to others. This isolated him from making friends, many saw him as aloof with a chip on his shoulder. In reality he just wasn't sure how he could relate to others, so he didn't even try.

    He was once emotionally weak and not confident, he was once prone to be hurt. But that was when he was a child and full of hope for the world and himself, as he became a young man and had his dreams and hopes beaten out of him.. he stopped feeling anything at all, his body became numb and his heart became hard.

    The young man became arrogant in preserving the sense of self- the Ego- and keeping it protected. The experiences in his life made him strong, they made him unbending and uncompromising to the world. He became cruel and merciless, he became his ideal of a man. He would not be changed, any words spoke against him had no effect upon him and any who dared speak against him would be silenced once and for all.

    He was business like and brisk, meticulous and calculated. He was not impulsive nor was he spontaneous, and if he was it was an action that was out of character for him. He lost the feeling of fear and could no longer feel sadness. In fact all he felt now was hollow, made hollow from the very thing he always wanted.. a heart of stone, the ultimate judge.

    Background History: all throughout his life he was told he was useless, he was badly abused by both his parents and made to feel worthless. As a small child it greatly effected him, and one day while tending to his wounds and watching the other children play happily he realised something. He could never be like them, he could never understand them. That was what caused a rift between himself and others, that single thought that would change everything.

    Eventually he stopped trying to please his parents, he stopped caring about their words and actions. In fact he twisted them around and turned them into strengths, he grew from his experiences and learned how to such not just his parents but all people out. He would often pick up small rocks and feel them in his hands, thinking of how nice it will be.. the day he is made of stone. His parents never saw the warning signs, they never realised that his lack of reaction or emotion was a bad thing until it was to late.

    On his sixteenth birthday something snapped within his heart, and he realised that now would come the ultimate test to see if he was strong..if his sense of self and will proved greater then that of his parents, or if he would crumble before them. Upon the same night, he underwent his only test. His parents bodies were never found.

    At the age of seventeen he found out that he displayed an aptitude for magic and decided to peruse this dream, because it was one that he would do alone. The path of a warlock in his time was a path often walked in loneliness and isolation, it was a path he took gladly. If only he trod upon this path it was indeed a dream, if he needed help from others it wasn't worth dreaming at all.

    For many years he'd travel the country, shunning the kindness of people. Many would gaze at this young man, a young man that would pass towns and villages more then once and feel sympathy for him. Many tried to relate to him, many tried to offer him a place in their hearts.. but none had succeed, for the young man's heart had become cloaked in a darkness that not even the purist of lights would piece.

    Dark magic had soaked his soul, and warped his heart. He became powerful, he became an individual who within his own right was a strong and fearsome foe. People tried to follow him, tried to achieve what he did.. but were crushed under the strength of his own will, his will that dominated anyone who was not as determined as he. For though he'd work hard over the years, very hard and allowed much of himself to the darkness. He was unsatisfied and still wanted more, he would never be strong in his own eyes until his heart was made of stone.

    “the flesh is weak, the body is weak.” he mused slowly as he remembered how easy it once bruised. “how can I become strong, how can I become a warlock that I envisioned? How can I be the ideal male, when I am still weak?” he placed his hand to his chest and paused, feeling the beat of the heart caged within his body. “I have not.. given myself to the darkness, my life still ticks.” it was then he smiled, a cruel and twisted smile that would later become the only expression he would ever have.

    At the age of twenty six, he obtained his wish. He was visited by a demon that was drawn to his heart. “I can help you..” the monster said. “I can make you all powerful, I can give you your dreams.. but in exchange I require your companionship.” this was the cross roads in Amaranth’s life, this was the point where things would change forever. “what if I refuse your offer?” he asked the demon who sneered. “if you should refuse me, if you should.. I will still give you what you want, for your will has never faded in all these years.. but.. there will be a heavy price.”

    Amaranth thought about the greatest challenge yet. “do you see all those people out there,demon? All going about their happy little lives..? I will never understand them, I will never relate to them. If I cannot relate to them, how can they ever relate to me? How could you ever relate to me? I deny your offer, I will pay whatever price you wish!” the demon chuckles and golden wings spread from its back. “as you wish, child.. though surely opting to be alone, opting from the challenge I presented is your greatest weakness?” as darkness consumes Amaranth he hears the demon's voice.

    “Go forth! Be my judge of souls, with your heart of ice be the ultimate prosecutor! Send them to my realm and heed not their words, go forth and bring ether their salvation or damnation! Go forth Never Fading one! My Amaranth, my Never wilting flower..”

    centuries passed and Amaranth harvested souls, as all his flesh fell away and all his clothes became rags.. he became cloaked in the darkness, all who cast sight upon his cruel grinning skull were filled with fear because they knew that their final nightmare had come.

    With skeletal hands he stole time, with the scythe and hourglass he ushered the souls to heaven or hell. Eventually all forgot the name the demon had given him, all stopped relating to him and he was left in solitude.

    He became known as the one who dwells in endless isolation. The one who none can relate to, the one who needs no friends or foes. He who does not discriminate and takes all.. The usher of souls and the ultimate judge, his name was Death, who had the strongest will and sense of self of all, and he was pleased.

    BRAN AYERS (open)
    Character Name: Bran Ayers

    Iwaku Zodiac Aspect: The Guardian

    Job & Role In Life: Though his natural instincts call for him to be a hunter of both adventure and information, he has relinquished this dream of his for a dear friend. He is a “trickster”, subtly hiding his guidance and help for his dear friend amidst his pranks and is trying to guide her back home where she belongs.

    Appearance: Bran’s eyes are the most striking feature on his face; with complete heterochromia one of his eyes are a light shade of blue and the other is a murky yellow. His slim jaw and small chin gives off a rather feminine sort of quality, and some tend to mistake him as a member of the opposite sex. He has a very sleek and flexible body with well-toned muscles hidden beneath his thin frame. Upon closer inspection, one could see that he is not all too well nourished and bumps from his ribs and spine can sometimes be seen when he moves about. However, he walks about with such confidence and steady steps that he gives off the illusion of having more physical strength than actually possible with his frail body.

    He dresses only entirely in sleek black fur, as soft as silk and always impeccably well-maintained. Very particular about his attire and hygiene, he spends hours brushing and cleaning his coat of fur every day, leaving not a single spot of matted fur on his person. Despising the idea of any sort of covering on his feet, he always walks the streets on bare feet.

    Though he generally sports a scowl on his face, on occasion his lips are curled up into a faint, pleased smile while enjoying a delicious meal. It is difficult to guess his age, though he is clearly no longer a child, he seems rather small and retains a very youthful look on his face for a fully grown adult. Especially when his eyes are open wide with curiosity as he studies the world, sometimes he can be mistaken to be years under his actual age. Bran is terrible at hiding his true intentions; the twitch of his pointed ears or the movements of his long slim tail revealing exactly how he feels at the moment. He has long sensitive whiskers spreading like thin, uneven fans starting right below his black nose and… Has it been mentioned that he is a cat?

    Personality: Contrary to what some may believe, Bran is an intellectual. He is a calm thinker that enjoys being social towards humans, and the occasional cat that does not mind the oddities he has acquired in his behaviour due to his reasoning overriding some of his minor instincts. Though he would be spouting sarcastic and wry comments if his vocal cords actually allowed for such complex combinations of sounds to produce actual words, he is quite the optimist and rarely feels negative emotions even during dire times.

    He exudes a large amount of self-confidence wherever he, knowing full well that other cats are not nearly as good as he is at deciphering human attempts at communicating with them. Though other cats do not seem to see a need to be able to understand the words of humans, he knows that there are plenty of ways to use this to a cat’s advantage for food and affection.

    For humans, he is a lovable stray that’s oddly amiable and loves being pet on the head. For other cats, he is a freak that struts about with misplaced confidence. Bran himself knows that he is a little bit of both. Through and through, he is a tom before he is a cat, and he is a friend before he is an animal. He knows that dogs are not the only ones that can be loyal towards a friend, and he takes pride in being able to understand the troubles of his human friend.

    Background History: He cannot recall when it had really began, but he found himself staring at open pages of books. Sometimes he looked at the strange black symbols on top of the white surface over the shoulder of his first owner as the man relaxed on the couch. Other times, there were similar looking symbols standing out to him from pages of yellow and blue (the only colours cats can really see). Eventually and somehow, he began to realize that the symbols had meaning to them. There were patterns. Bran could not tell what these patterns meant, and that fueled his curiosity to learn. He drew closer to humans, tried to listen to their garbled words as more than just patterned sounds and tried to see what he could learn from them.

    Unfortunately, even to this day he could not manage to decipher the mysterious symbols humans looked at on flat pages. He did, however, manage to learn their language. Though Bran could not use words himself, he could differentiate and understand the different sounds humans made. He purred when he was complimented, and hissed when the humans made rude comments, assuming he was ‘too dumb’ to understand.

    Bran was forced to part with his first owner due to the presence of the other cats in the house. Even though his first own enjoyed his presence dearly and loved how obedient Bran was, the other cats despised his presence and fought with him at every opportune moment. After taking Bran to the veterinary twice, and having to take another cat there due to an abnormal amount of swelling from a scratch Bran had given the other tom, his owner was forced to surrender him. Though he could vaguely recall the warmth of his first owner’s lap and deep voice as the man praised him, he can no longer even recall the face of the man that had raised him as a kitten.

    After being surrendered into an animal shelter, he barely managed to escape out into the streets by taking advantage of a careless volunteer that had left the door open while he was let out of the cage for some daily exercise. There were days when he ended up regretting his escape. Food was difficult to come by, and he learned just how ill-prepared he was to actually hunt for his own food (not having had any guidance as a young kitten). But what he lacked with instinct, he made up for with intelligence and was eventually able to commit his plans and attacks to muscle memory. From there on, his natural instincts also returned and he became able to catch even the quickest mice that scurried through tall grass.

    He spent much of his days roaming the streets and listening to people exchange pleasantries in parks. He prefers to stay near older adults or lone elders that respectfully maintain their distance and offer treats on the ground. Children he tends to avoid completely, many of them trying desperately to grasp his tail as he runs away from them. There is but one exception to his. A young girl whom he knows as Mia. Across the street from the park he frequents, there is a bicycle shop run by a fit and lean middle-aged man. Every so often, a small girl and a woman with similar but mature features comes to visit the owner of the bike store. The little girl was Mia. A young child that still talked to animals believing they could all understand her and someone that desperately wanted a companion to keep her company as her parents worked. She brought him delicious canned meals and treats upon her arrival, keeping their meeting at the bike shop a secret from her parents saying that her dad would not approve of her helping out strays. And most of all, Bran enjoyed listening to her speak with him. No other human ever having held such long conversations and be so willing to tell a cat so much about their day or what they had learned in school.

    One day, he noticed something odd about Mia. On her back was a large backpack, filled so greatly that the normally square-like knapsack was bulging round like an irregular sphere with the head of a teddy bear sticking out from zippered top. Catching Bran on her way out, the small girl explained to him that she had gotten in a fight with her parents and ran away from home. He tried hard to get her to change her mind, but Mia had conveniently interpreted his mews and pawing at her shoes as a sign that he too would accompany her on her adventure out into the world on her own.

    Now he must try to guide her back home before she gets into an accident or is found by someone with the wrong intentions. His dilemma is… Though he should try to keep her safe from the dangers of the streets, exposing her to some of them may cause just the right amount of fear for her to re-think her plan and return back home to where her parents are. Apparently pretending to offer her dead mice to ‘eat’, though he is fully aware that human females are not interested in such morsels, is a good way to start.

    Character Name: Jamie Lee Taylor, born Marie Rosalind Frick.

    Iwaku Zodiac Aspect: The Trickster

    Job & Role In Life: Journalist, covering the events of WWII on a worldwide basis.

    Appearance: Jamie has very universal features, that can allow her to blend to match many different situations. With the right dress, the right makeup and the right hairstyle, she can become bewitchingly beautiful. However, if she does nothing with her appearance, she simply becomes average, plain-faced, easily confused with many other women. Her skin is medium-pale, but tans easily, allowing her to range from a slightly dark Caucasian to a light African skin tone. Her jaw is too wide, her nose too short and broad, her eyes too narrow, for truly classic beauty, but none of it is so noticeable as to become off-putting. Her hair ranges between light brown and dark blonde, depending on how long she has spent out in the sun. Her eyes are brown with just a slight hazel tone. She slightly tall for a woman at 5'6” and medium build to slightly slender.

    Personality: Jamie is a content person with profound insights into the character and nature of the people around her. Through the harsh trials of her past, combined with many years of travel and seeing various cultures of people, Jamie has learned about deep truths of human nature. She uses this awareness to write newspaper articles that lead people into an awareness of the unnecessary suffering around human activities.
    Jamie likes to use the following metaphor. Wounds are painful. If left unattended they often become infected, scar, and can cause pain throughout life. Poking at them causes even more pain. However, tending to a wound, disinfecting it and bandaging it, may lead to greater pain in the moment, but will cause the wound to heal cleanly, and leave no scar. Emotional pain is very similar. Ignoring painful events allows them to fester and never properly heal, while dwelling on them only reinforces the pain. Whereas feeling into emotional pain at the moment allows the pain to dissipate, and heal cleanly. Jamie has understood these truths, and has begun to automatically apply them to her own life. The knowledge that she does not need to suffer anymore, and the utter foolishness of her former inability to recognize the silliness of the things she had done, leads to a great sense of relief. With this relief comes joy, and with her joy comes laughter. She has learned, not to laugh in the face of pain, but to truly enjoy the fact that she does not need to dwell on pain.
    Because Jamie understood that her own moments of pain were no different from the moments of pain that every other human on earth felt, she wants to be able to share her understanding of the world with other people. However, Jame has also learned that most people cannot stand to have what they are doing wrong pointed out to them. Either it leads to irritation, or they simply ignore the advice. She has understood that only by leading someone into a situation where they can see how their own assumptions are creating their pain will they begin to notice what they are doing. Jamie therefore creates tricks and traps, to reveal to individual people that their own trials and tribulations in life often stem from within themselves. Jamie points out that picking at a scab hurts by creating a situation where the person themselves rips their “scab” completely open. If they understand what they have been doing, that individual will then treat their scab, their pain, their moments of foolish human nature, and no longer need to suffer for it.
    Of course, not everyone will be willing to recognize what they unconsciously do, and many people become furious with Jamie for leading them into a situation that reveals their own foolishness to themselves and everyone around them. But Jamie does not worry about their anger or their failure to recognize their own unnecessary suffering, as that would create suffering for herself. Instead she accepts that this person may not be able to understand what she is trying to reveal to them. If she is able to, she will set up another trap, and another trap, walking them into the same embarrassing situation again and again until something changes or she is done.

    Background History: Jamie was born Marie Rosalind Frick on July 22, 1900 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania to Alice and Henry Frick Jr. Born third out of five children, only she and her elder brother Daniel lived past 3 years of age. Being the grandchildren of the Steel magnate Henry Clay Frick, Marie and Daniel were raised with every luxury, but also with the expectations of the extremely wealthy society of America. Marie's parents made certain that their daughter was well educated and a valuable asset to the Frick family.
    Marie excelled at languages, In addition to English, she mastered French and Spanish, and then proceeded to learn German and Italian, as well as the rarely taught languages of Chinese, Japanese and Hindi. Her father utilized her gift for languages as a translator during his foreign travels and business meetings. Through this, she traveled the world extensively from a very young age, but only in the wealthy and privileged circles.
    Marie's parents and Peter and Lucille Carnegie, son and daughter-in-law of the Robber Baron Andrew Carnegie, arranged a marriage arrangement between Marie and the Carnegie heir, William Alexander Carnegie. The Fricks and Carnegie's collaboration went back to the late 1800's, but after the retirement of the original Henry Frick, the relationships between the families deteriorated. However, both families were major powers within the steel industry, and this marriage between their families was intended reunite their businesses. William and Marie were married shortly after her seventeenth birthday, and moved to the Carnegie mansion in New York City.
    William was a good, but distant husband, focused almost entirely on the business. Marie managed the estate and family but supported his business as a translator, although with less international travel than in her childhood. She gave birth to William, Jr. a year into their marriage and Maxwell two years later. Three years later Clara was born. Eight years into their marriage, Marie became pregnant again, but this child, Victor, was stillborn.
    When William, Jr turned eight, his father began training his oldest son into the business and took him to the steel factories. Marie had never visited the steel factories, however Will Jr. related stories about the factory that horrified her. So she finally did tour a factory and was completely devastated by what she saw. Her heart broke for the workers, slaving over their stations to create the steel that allowed her to live her wealthy life. Marie tried to talk to William about her concerns, but her husband was deaf to her pleas. Therefore, Marie began to look for other ways to improve the lives of the workers. She eventually connect with the leader of the Union managing her family's steel factory and began to quietly support their cause. So it was that ten years into her marriage, she provided information that lead to plans for a protest at a Carnegie steel factory.
    That morning, William brought both Will Jr and Maxwell along with him to the factory. The demonstration that day turned into a full-scale riot that led to the destruction of the Carnegie factory. Both of the Carnegie boys were caught and killed in the resultant explosion. When William learn of the role that Marie had played in organizing the demonstration he denounced her, and evicted her from the house and family, forbidding her from ever returning.
    In less than a minute, Marie lost everything she had ever known. Her sons were dead, her daughter was taken from her. The life she had always known and loved had been ripped from her, leaving her floundering in the sewer trash. She could not even begin to think, to try and understand what had happened, so instead of trying Marie shattered. She forgot who she was, and what she had gone through, to be left with only a half-functioning consciousness and a deep, all-consuming pain. All she truly wanted was to die.
    However, her body survived, digging through trash and eating half-rotten food, taking shelter in whatever little crevices where available. Those who spoke to her got no response except a blank stare. For one month she lived a half-life, barely surviving off automatic scavenging. But one night she wandered inadvertently into Carnegie Hall, and found a picture of her family, taken several years ago. With that stimulus her memories began to return to her. It was a slow, painful process, but she began to pull herself back together.
    Marie wanted to return to her former life, and to her daughter. However, there was almost nothing she could do to try and regain her position. She was on the streets with absolutely no money, and nothing she could sell to get some. There was no way she would be able to care for herself, let alone return to the standards of high society. She had no choice but to turn to prostitution.
    Her first position was with a low class brothel in the neighborhood. “Misty,” a mispronunciation of the common calling card “missy” became her first name, and the ladies of the brothel were quick to teach a disgusted but determined “Misty” the basic rules of prostitution, and some of the dirt tricks of the trade.
    But Misty was not content with barely scraping a living beneath any man who had the correct coin. Her heart and soul were still focused on her one goal; returning to high society and reclaiming her daughter. With her new understanding of life gained from her weeks in the brothel, she worked her way up to a position as a high-class courtesan - she knew how to be a lady, and she knew how to be a whore. She became La Belle, “the Beautiful.”
    In her new position she learned an entirely new aspect to the wealthy society she adored. When surrounded by their own people, the rich, successful citizens of America acted happy. They put on a perfect face as they compared who had the best, or the most, of anything. But, hidden away in the places where they are not seen by anyone else, the men revealed how miserable they were. Some of them attempted to relieve their frustrations with life by abusing Jamie, while others simply broke down and released some of their pain to her purchased ear.
    La Belle truly cared little for their pain. She knew, to reclaim her old life and her daughter, she needed a very rich savior. Richard Maschoff was the perfect candidate. He was new money, intimately familiar with the nasty world of business and quickly gaining both wealth and influence. He quickly fell in love with her front of devoted sympathy. Almost exactly a year from the time she was thrown out of her home, La Belle was certain that he was only days away from getting a divorce and asking her to marry him. Then, October 29, 1929, Black Tuesday, the massive stock crash that heralded the beginning of the Great Depression occurred. Richard lost everything, and committed suicide that same evening. Once more, Marie was left with nothing. Her plans were shattered, her only hope of seeing her daughter gone with Richard's money and life.
    But this time, she did not shatter along with everything she knew. This time, she looked at fate, looked at everyone around her and their deep sorrow, and began to laugh. She was struck by a profound revelation, and with that revelation came relief from her own suffering. She had learned the truth about wealth, and the human obsession with wealth, and it freed her.
    Those people who were most concerned with wealth, who let the worry and desire for it drive every waking moment, were some of the most miserable people she knew; both the rich and the poor. It was those who did not let money rule their lives who could be happy. Human nature drove people to obsession over money, and that obsession only ever led to misery.
    She, Marie/Misty/La Belle, could never truly be happy pursuing a life of wealth. After all, it was fleeting, and people like Richard and every other wealthy American could lose their money just as quickly as Marie had lost it one year ago. And the inability to accept that changing nature, the lack of anything constant, was what had shattered her before, and what had driven Richard to suicide.
    At that same moment, she was able to release her desperate need to “reclaim” her daughter. Marie understood that her daughter most likely thought she was dead, and trying to drag her out of the only life she had ever known would create far more misery for the little girl than the loss of her mommy. It was the first truly selfless decision Marie had ever made. “La Belle” vanished from the world the same day as the start of the Great Depression, and “Bela” began to travel, to experience as much of the world as possible.
    Travel was Bela's only constant for the next six years. She did whatever she needed to get from one spot to another, working whatever odd jobs she came her way, traveling with people when they would allow, working for her passage at other times. She crossed the US and back again, before using her childhood lessons to become a tutor for a wealthy family as they crossed the Atlantic to France. Her gift for languages came in play once more as she traveled from country to county, across Europe and Asia.
    Somewhere along the line, Bela began to use her own universal appearance to allow herself to better fit in with the locals. Her skin could easily match even many of the darker skinned cultures, while her mid-range hair could be dyed either lighter or darker. Her features were mixed enough that it was very possible for her to be of almost any ethnicity. She became a “local” wherever she went, and watched the people in various cultures in various situations who were all, ultimately, human.
    Constantly watching the people around her allowed Bela to slowly discover other truths of human nature. Her revelation about wealth allowed her to see that the same truth held in almost any situation; people created their own suffering by refusing to understand their own pain. Bela was guilty of it herself, but watching the pain of other people slowly allowed her to begin feeling into her own pains; those of the moment, and the deep-seated suffering lodged within her, and this allowed her to slowly work through her own suffering.
    With this understanding came a great relief. Bela was free of her suffering, and while pain would always be a part of her life, she did not need wallow in it. With this relief came joy, and with that joy came laughter. Even in moments of great pain, like those moments where she thought about her daughter or her two dead sons, she was able to smile afterwords because the pain did not need to constantly remain with her.
    Towards the end of her first six years of travel, she found the odd job that would define the rest of her life. A local newspaper for a small city held an open contest to write an article covering the local fair. Jamie wrote an article, but she knew that the editors would judge her article more harshly if she wrote under the very feminine name of Bela. So, she used the name that was to become her “true” name, Jamie Lee Taylor. By using a gender neutral name, she played on human nature to allow the editors to assume that “Jamie” was a male. Therefore their decision would be influenced by nothing but her writing. If she won they could not rightly accuse her of trickery, since it was their own assumptions that misled them. Her article won the contest handily, as her ability to watch and truly understand the people around her allowed her to put into words those things that the people in the fair intrinsically felt, but could not rationally understand.
    From that point onwards, Jamie continued to write wherever she went. Many of her articles did not get published, but those that did were always pieces that led the reader to realize something about themselves or others they had not understood before. Her articles were not always polite, and that turned some against her writing, but most gladly accepted her strange revelations, even if they came at the cost of the reader realizing their own prejudices as they read. Slowly, the popularity of “Jamie Lee Taylor's” writing began to grow.
    In 1938, three years after her first piece, the publisher for the New York Times managed to contact Jamie Lee Taylor, and invite “him” to join their journalist staff. Jamie accepted, and with great pride the publisher revealed to various members of the board that he had managed to contact and hire the famous writer “James Taylor.”
    It was not until Jamie arrived that the publisher realized that “he” was actually a “she” and that was at the meeting to welcome “his” arrival. By that point he was in a situation that could end in no way but humiliation.
    At first Jamie's laughter infuriated him all the more, but eventually he began to be able to laugh at his own assumption as well. His basic assumptions, the things he did without even realizing he did them, had led him right into this situation, and now he fully understood what he had done, and the fact that he did not need to do it again.
    This moment brought a joyous revelation to Jamie, as well. Before this moment, while she had been able to understand the truths about human nature and suffering, she had been unable to share these revelations with others. She knew if she tried to tell them what they were doing “wrong” they would only get angry at her. But when a person steps into a situation created solely by their own assumptions and recognize it, they might reach an understanding of their unnecessary suffering.
    Of course, not everyone would. But not everyone needed to. Some would, and some would not. But her writing reached all over the world, and would reach many, many people.
    The beginning of World War II marked the end of the Great Depression, and while Jamie's situation in life had changed greatly, her actions and attitudes did not. She still roamed the world, but now her purpose was to gather new material for her writing. The trends she had established in the past grew more pronounced, the revelations waiting in her writing all the more poignant for leading the readers over the edge, tricking them into discovering their own biases, and then using those biases to make changes in their assumptions as the piece went on.
    Jamie is now working to bring subtle changes to people. She does not act to change the world, but acts to bring truth and revelations about life to those who do have the potential to change the world, and make it a less pain-filled place in the future.
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  3. Yes, you can vote for your own character too. XD
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  19. I don't think mine really fits their zodiac to be honest, I kinda went in a really weird angle and story direction with mine (and might have got to absorbed with that) :] but I love everyone elses! :]
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