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So, have you ever joined up a roleplay, and come up with a character, only to have the roleplay not get off the ground, or not get very far? And have you ever had that character stuck in your mind afterward, and realized that (s)he could be used in other roleplays if the right conditions showed up?

I sure have. And that's what this thread is for: Laying out a few of those characters and the ideas and backstory you've got for them, and perusing those of others for interest or even as a springboard for new ideas!

Use any format you want, be it a character sheet, a paragraphic rant, or whatever you like!

This post will hopefully serve as a table of contents showing whose characters are where; I'll put up my several characters later.
Xin's Dead-RP Characters

Okay, so I've got a lot of 'em.

The Bitter and the Strong
This is not a strongly-rooted concept, but it is one I really like. It's two characters who necessarily go together and would have to be submitted to their RP at the same time. The first one is a vampiress with a few unusual traits. First, she loves bitter tastes--the more bitter the better, so much so that she finds human blood to be overly sweet and prefers the blood of more mystical races. Second, she is a very special kind of Medium (as in talks-to-the-dead), one who was at some early point of life recruited into some cosmic purgatory deal. Basically, every once in awhile she takes on a group of recently-dead souls who were not too bad, but not good enough for heaven or whatever. It's her duty to discipline them into working together and being obedient, and in return she gets to use them; this would be her primary method of self-defense.
The other character is a male werewolf. This character is a little less well-defined, but basically there is some kind of romance between the two of them, initiated when the vampiress drank his blood, and liked it. I'm not sure of the exact content of the romance, but I would think something very non-standard and casual, and not really affected much by the general hatred between the two races, as I imagine both of these characters would be outcasts from their kind to begin with.

This character was come up with quite some time ago, and for some reason I thought that Icarus spelled backwards was "Surachi". Since discovering my mistake, I left the H in because the name just sounds good to me. As you may guess, this character is intended to be symbolically tied to the tale of Icarus. He is a son of human parents who was born with feathered wings, and able to fly using them. He became a renowned swordsman, enough to earn a powerful dark-banishing blade, and became a famous slayer of demons or something equally dark and evil. However, at some point his pride unleashes a demon inside of himself which takes control and begins using fire magic to destroy everything he loves, even going so far as to imprison the soul of his (wife/girlfriend/lover?) in a sword, forged in fire produced by his own magic, making some kind of black sword that does something horrible to anyone it cuts. And did I mention this demon has extremely powerful fire magic? Well, he does. Anyway, eventually the human side takes back control and maybe drives the demon out of him, but not before his wings are charred by the demon beyond repair and certainly after he is believed to be quite insane by everyone who once respected him. He then becomes a humble, quiet slayer of whatever it was he slayed before, using both his original dark-banishing sword and the dark sword forged by the demon.

Rixxan is basically a result of an idea I had of playing a pure-evil kind of character who works with good characters anyway. He is some kind of fox-person, either a werefox or a kitsune or something. He is an absolute sociopath who derives pleasure from stealing and killing. His occupation is, at the same time, both thief and assassin. So, you might ask, how does he work with good characters? Well, the idea is that at some point shortly before joining whatever party, he is cursed by some entity to completely obey and treat better than himself the next person who is polite to him. Cue the party member being polite to him.
His existence in any heroic party is kind of a mixed blessing, because he will still do highly unscrupulous things to benefit his "master" if not kept on a very tight leash.

This is a concept of a race of people I had, and I came up with a few characters under it but they have never been in a successful RP. Here's the description that would probably go somewhere in the bio:
The Yttrimone are literally humanoid wolves, sometimes confused with werewolves because of the way they look (make no mistake, Yttrimone CAN NOT shapeshift, and are even immune to polymorph spells). Yttrimone in general are covered in fur and have wolf-like tails, and have a general half-human, half-wolf anatomy, with the exception that they are actually taller than the average human and their tails are much longer than an ordinary wolf's (long enough to reach around to the front of the muzzle without much real stretching), presumably to make it easier to balance on two legs (they're capable of walking either way and usually use four legs only when in a hurry).Because natural fur is generally enough to provide weather protection and cover all private parts of a Yttrimone's body, he sees no reason to wear clothing.
Generally I imagine the Yttrimone being some kind of secluded culture with a completely different language that humans would have a hard time speaking, and the character I play as would be a rare exception who left and learned human language.

(Will edit this post with more when I think of/find them)
I've tried getting to use a Jorogumo character in some game, but it never works out.

The same ends up happening with my attempts to make a ordinary highschool girl who finds a shapeshifting trickster spirit spliced to her soul. I'm sure I'm forgetting several.