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Can April draw? **be honest! this is for prosperity**

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  1. For those who got that princess bride reference in the poll, clap clap, well done.

    Hey! It's April! I made one of these earlier, but it was quick and short so here is my long winded (not really) free Commissions thread. Thing. Anyways. A few things for you to know:
    - these Commissions are FREE, if I take too long, I'm sorry. But I do have a life and such to carry on with but I will do my best to get things to you in 1-2 weeks, unless specified.
    - I can turn you down. Just for my sanity and so I don't beat myself up because art is the one thing I am a perfectionist about.
    - If you request a female I can promise at least decent results, but my male characters are works in progress and not my best. But I will work hard to at least give passable results.

    That's about it for big important things. I just have some info about the style I do, and then se examples!
    Style; Manga, my realistic needs lots of work unfortunately
    Color: I will do sketch, black and white, or color
    Skill: 6/10 I think
    Medium: pigma micron, pencil, and color pencil
    image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg

    **please note! if you request a landscape or object, I can do realistic, I just cannot do realistic people.**​
  2. Can you draw Faith Connors from Mirrors Edge?
  3. hun wood you be able to draw me a request if no its ok
  4. Can you draw me a Neko anime style please :D meow