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  1. Hello my name is dirk and I think I can draw
    but anyway
    here we go

    some of this art is really old, so... yeah. I'm going to be adding more examples, don't worry!

    • No depicted NSFW content or nudity.
    • Please give me writen or drawn references. If the reference must be written, please be a little detailed, not just "red hair, blue eyes, pale skin".
    • If I don't feel comfortable drawing something, chances are I will drop it. I may try and reach an agreement, so please don't get mad.
    • If you would like to share or repost my drawing, use the watermarked version outside of Iwaku. Inside of Iwaku, feel free to use the unwatermarked version!
    • If you see someone (for some reason) using art I made for you as an image for their character, please direct them in my direction.
    • Be patient! Your commission will probably take time.
    • I would like to be payed first. Extras (like speedpaints and such) can be payed for afterwards.
    • I use PayPal, and ONLY PAYPAL.
    • Genderbends
    • Alternate Universes
    • Ships
    • Poly relationships
    • Incest relationship
    • LGBT related content
    • Furries/Non-Human Animals
    • NOTPS from fandoms I am in (if you want a fandom related piece)
    • Old people or really young people
    • Racist/Homophobic/Sexist material
    • People or OCs without the permission of the person
    • Heavy gore
    • OC x Canon characters
    • Childish fandoms
    Now for my garbage.

    Traditional Sketch Refs - $3.50 per character + $1.00 for flats

    This is old and sloppy, but I will clean these up at no extra fee.

    Digital Line Sketch - $3.00, $1.50 per character in same shot + $1.00 for flats


    Characters of higher complexity will be $5.00.

    Full Colour Head/Shoulder Portrait - $10.00 + $5.50 per character in same shot

    Full Colour Waist Up Portrait - $15.50 + 7.00 per character in same shot

    Animated Character Gifs - $16.00 for picure and first animation + 5.00 per extra animation
    Sorry, I don't have any examples yet >_<
    They will look kind of like these but a lot better.

    Backgrounds besides gradients/patterns: $2.00
    3D Filter: $1.00
    Morph/Glitch Effect: $3.00-$5.00 depending on how glitched you want it
    Speedpaint: $7.00
    Stream: $10.00
    Speedpaint + Stream: $15.00
    WIP Shots: $0.50 per shot after three
    Complex details (this is a very loose description, but I will tell you when a drawing is complex): $2.00

    The only free thing I will do is colour lines that you drew. I wanted to include that because I have got questions on it. FREE!
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  2. @OhLookAFanboy - Hello there! I'm whisper, and I just wanted to let you know that another cool way of making gifs is through photoshop. You can separate the layers and save it as a gif on Internet Explorer (or another web browser but my school commonly just save it to Internet Explorer) so that all you have to do is copy and paste the link here in image URL.

    Additionally, Your animations turned out really good and I like your color choices! Anyway bye bye for now and if you'd like to know a bit more about photoshop and how to do this just let me know and I'll tell you more about it!

    ~ Whisper.
  3. I actually made those gifs I long time ago, and I've gotten way better at animating with After Effects. But thank you for the feedback!
    Also I don't have enough money to get photoshop, so I would if I could.
  4. No problem, it's great work! And since you can't do photoshop you can also try image flip, I've only used it once or twice but my friends who are more into digital media love it when they're doing projects at home, so I'd recommend checking it out just so it can be easier for clients to show/present the gif. Last but not least, Have fun with your future projects! I'm sure you'll make wonderful art for everyone in the near future and I wish you the best of luck!

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