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  1. Hello! I've been feeling very motivated lately, and I wanted to give this whole commissions thing a try.

    I am nowhere near being a professional, so don't expect a Mona Lisa. However, I do feel like I have some degree of skill, and practicing will only make me better at drawing.

    I draw anime, chibis, and semi-realism, so no animal oc's. Humans with animal characteristics (cat ears, a tail) are fine. I can either draw an OC of yours, or just a character from a video game or anime. I will draw couples, but not a group of people.

    So if you want your character drawn, then just shoot me a message ^^

    Here are some samples~


    Of course they haven't been inked and finalized yet, but this is what the sketches will somewhat look like.

    If you want me to draw your character, fill this out:

    Facial Features: (Do they have narrow eyes? Will they be smiling? How about beauty spots and freckles? What about their ears, are they like those of an elf?)
    Clothes: (a picture would be nice, but if you don't have one, just give me a through explanation of them. Don't forget the shoes!)
    Body Structure: (Are they skinny and small? Or tall and lean? Are they fit? Do they have strong muscles?)
    Expression: (Will they be smiling? Will they be angry? Sad? Mischievous looking? Daydreaming?)

    When I have a sketch finished, I will PM you, and if you need any changes, they will be done.

    Just reply in the thread, and I'll get started as soon as I can!
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  2. Name: Jedidiah
    Gender: Male
    Age: late twenties
    Facial Features: short yet shaggy hair just long enough for it to get in his face. strong brow with a vertical scar breaking up the left one. deep set eyes that are almost almond shaped. high cheek bones, a broad nose, and a cleft chin. lastly but certain not least a mennonite shaped beard trimmed in close and thin.
    Clothes: If you cant tell by the name and the request for a beard he is a rancher. so a straw hat atop his mop. a flannel button up shirt with the sleeves rolled up under a worn out looking pair of overalls with one shoulder undone. work gloves on his hands and heavy duty boots on his feet.
    Body Structure: really tall more from his legs than anything else. wide shoulders and a barrel chest. strong muscles but not morbidly so. has a gut that tends to poke out his middle but again not morbidly so. he is just a thick dense heavy set man that looks like he could crush a car on his own just as much as cuddle with basket of puppies.
    Expression: a pround open mouth grin looking over a good days work on the farm with a hand on his hip and the other propped up on the handle of his trusty spade sunk into the ground next to him.
  3. Name: Malaya
    Gender: Female
    Fecial features: wavy,dark brown hair up to chest length, greenish blue eyes ,pale skin and freckles
    Clothes: band black graphic t-shirt, green flannel shirt, blue jeans tied around waist , combat boots, and cap
    Body structure: thin, tall, and no waist line
    Expretion: nutral
  4. Name: Crono Killemall
    Gender: Male
    Age: Looks like he's in his later twenties.
    Facial Features: Greenish yellow unkept hair going down to his neck, pale blue eyes, ghost white skin.
    The Capt'ns jacket (open)
    image.jpg (Cuffs unfolded please.)

    White button up collared shirt, Black pants, black belt with golden scull buckle, black pirate boots, (IMPORTANT) black and white striped bandana slanted to cover his right eye.
    Body structure: Tall, lean but not muscular.
    Expression: Friendly, closed mouthed smile. Waving with one hand while the other his behind his back.
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  5. Name: Jericho Sangrayal
    Gender: Male
    Age: 30
    Facial Features: Very angular features. Wide almond shaped eyes, straight nose, thin eyebrows. Has a stubble beard. Face is adorned with ornate tribal type tattoos (Forehead is aligned with small glyphs of all types). Mouth is symmetrical with slighty larger lips, straight teeth. Hair is moderate length and slightly wavy that cover the tops of his ears. Ears are medium size with small lobes.
    Clothes: Leather jacket, white collar shirt, loose tie. Loose fitting black pants with black combat boots. A large axe is strapped to his back. He wears tight driving style gloves.
    Body Structure: Tall, about 6'2 in height. Muscular but lean.
    Expression: Eyes ever so slightly squinting in a distrustful, solemn stare.
  6. Name: Nora Patel
    Gender: Female
    Age: 20
    Facial Features: Nora has more of a heart shaped face. She has round, average-sized, brown eyes with long lashes. Her skin tone is very fair, making her thin, bright pink lips stand out. Nora's hair is about jaw bone length, black, and very curly. Her hair is worn in a style that does not show her ears.
    Clothes: CommiNora.jpg (Something like this, only the top would be dark green, the shorts would be dark brown, and her boots would be pastel orange.)
    Body Structure: Nora is a little short, with an average weight and a somewhat broad build.
    Expression: Nora's most seen looking perplexed or in deep concentration, as she is looking for a cure for the deadly virus that ravaged her country and possibly the rest of the world.

    ((I am not sure if you are actually still doing these... This was posted quite a bit ago. Anyways, if you are, please please PLEASE take my commission into consideration. A big thanks for even reading my post. Bye!))
  7. Oh, I like your art!

    Name: Naomi
    Gender: Female
    Age: 18/19/20
    Facial Features: She has large, open blue eyes. Her hair frames her face, but she has thin eyebrows. It is a kind of short face? But not like squished.
    Clothes: (a picture would be nice, but if you don't have one, just give me a through explanation of them. Don't forget the shoes!) She is going to wear simple boots and thick leather gloves that don't cover the full finger and have crystals on them. She will wear a dark large cloak slash dress thingy as well.
    Body Structure: (Are they skinny and small? Or tall and lean? Are they fit? Do they have strong muscles?) She is skinny and kind of tall.
    Expression: (Will they be smiling? Will they be angry? Sad? Mischievous looking? Daydreaming?) She will be determined/mad/strong/strong/strong

    This is for a DND game I am playing and I found her at other ages (below) but cannot find her at this age! It's frustrating and after hours of google images I turn to you. :) She starts out (kiddi) super innocent and nice and that never really leaves but she gets kind of bitter ish?

    Young (like 12/13): [​IMG]
    Middle Young (like 14/15): [​IMG]

    Thanks so much! You rock!
  8. [​IMG]

    Name: Lenora Blair
    Species: Human (With powers)
    Age: 24
    Gender: female
    Powers: Teleportation

    Height: 5'2"
    Weight: 119 Lbs
    Hair: Long, Blue hair (usually tied up)
    Eyes: Green
    Body: Toned (No where near to having abs), Hourglass figure
    Attire: Whatever seems to look good, mainly t-shirt and jeans (or asgardian looking attire)
    Boyfriend: Loki
    *** Does NOT have that nose ring like in the picture
    ((If it is closed or you dont want ti do mine its okay :) ))
  9. Name: Mikayla Crowfield
    Gender: Female
    Age: 17
    Facial Features: She has smooth features and a small mole below the left corner of her bottom lip.
    Clothes: Ripped skinny jeans, Plain charcoal grey t-shirt, leather jacket, and high top converse.
    Body Structure: Hourglass figure
    Hair: Dark brown hair with chunky blonde highlights. Hair goes to the middle of her back and is relatively straight with a few slight waves and side bangs.
    Expression: Something kinda seductive
    Skin: Tan
    Eyes: Dark brown
  10. Name: Selena
    Gender: female
    Age: 19 years old
    Facial Features: she has bright blue eyes with a sort of cyber like look to them, and wears glasses with black frames, she's pale skinned with dark eyelashes, and a thin swipe of like blue eyeliner over each eye. oddest thing about her, is a dark burn on the base of neck on the shape of a dragon, and lines running down her neck and on the side of her neck, she has ears like an elf though shorter.
    Clothes: a dark blue jumpsuit with belts on the hips, and they have glowing lines running down the top and around the neck and on her gloves, it's a shiny texture...but if your into that that's fine. the color of the lines are yellow, but can seemed dimmed in places, she wears black boots with a star on both sides.
    Body Structure: tall and skinny, sort of lanky in places.
    Expression: kind of depressed and kinda....confused.
  11. Sorry if I'm being rude...I don't know if this is still going but if it is then here...
    Name: Raven (Rave) Haruka
    Gender: Female
    Age: 14
    Body structure: She has long brown hair that is tied up in a bun/knot thingy with a dark green ribbon. Her height is 4'6, and has green eyes that match her ribbon. Her frame is petite with pale skin.
    Facial expressions: Eh, she's a prankster, with a small smirk and an evil glint in her eyes
    Clothes: You find her wearing dark green leggings that also match her eyes and ribbon, along with a dark brown loose fitting short-sleeved shirt that reaches her mid-thighs, since she's short, and she prefers to be barefoot. She used to be a knife-thrower in a circus if that helps with the outfit.
    Personality: She likes to play games, especially with her throwing knives, but she usually is just worried about not getting caught stealing anything, since she is a thief.
    Specifics: She has a wooden mask similarly styled like the one in the picture, but instead of feathers there is a small group of roses and small vines that cover the entire mask, with the exception of the eyes of course. If you could maybe incorporate this somewhere, whether she's holding it or wearing it. If not that's alright...
  12. Name: Shadow
    Age: 15
    Facial features: Shadow has a scar over her left eye due to an accident at a young age. She has pointed teeth and red eyes.
    When put under stress or pain that cut eye will bleed. Most the time she would have her hair over that eye.
    Clothes: Shadow wears a leather jacket, black skinny jeans, studded gloves, and combat boots.
    You can draw her with or without a hood over her head.
    Body structure: she's skinny and small.
    She looks almost weak, but everyone knows otherwise.
    Expression: this can be up to you.
    Her dad has always abused her. He's the most powerful demon in hell and only feared that she'd be stronger.
    So you could draw a kinda pained expression.
    But she learns to stand up to him no matter the pain and eventually does get the power he so feared, do you can do angered expression.
    It's up to you.

    ...hope this is still going. But thanks in advance
  13. WANT

    Name: Ithric Thompson
    Gender: Male
    Age: 19 or 21(he varies)
    Appearance: Click for me CharaHub His eyes are actually rather dark, but light. Think of it like a mid tone purple. And his hair is legitimately white. He's decently tan, and for his tattoos, I don't care about the back one, but if you can draw him in a semi-loose tank top that shows off the ice wraith, that'd be great.
    A better description of that tattoo is from tail to head, it begins on the back of his hand, and works it's way up in a clockwork fashion (if you look at your own arm, it'd first move to go around towards his thumb) until it reaches his chest, then it stops.
    Expression: Oh my god knowing Ith, he'd probably have major sexy eyes. Like, hella flirtatious.
    Position: Prefered if I could get him sitting down, legs spread with his arms on his knees, and some type of drink in his right hand. Usually, he only drinks alcohol or Dr. Pepper, but you can surprise me c:

    Name: Teresa Agnes
    Gender: Female
    Age: 18 - but she looks a year or two younger
    Facial Features: Teresa has freckles, 'burning blue eyes', 'skin as pale as pearls', 'tar black hair'(that's long and wavy), and 'perfect pink lips'.
    Clothes: Nothing specific comes to mind, other than basic and ragged. Everything would be very worn and torn up a good bit, in my mind. Shoes would probably be some beat-up sneakers.
    Body Structure: Teresa stands at roughly five and a half feet, being 'thin, but not too small', and with long legs.
    Expression: A few likely ones would be annoyed/frustrated(Maybe with a tad of a flustered look. Probably with her arms crossed in this case), calm/serious, or with a sly grin or smirk and a generally amused expression. Sorry I'm so indecisive
    Personality: Typically, Teresa is rather serious and calm.. But also thoughtful and caring. She's brave, confident, and very protective of others. Especially those she cares about.
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