Character Commissions (Updated)

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  1. I'm a Digital Artist, so all works will be fully done in Photoshop. You may recognize my work from devianArt, and I'm also the creator of the upcoming Visual Novel, Auburn Sunset.​
    (Casually plugging my Steam Concept for anyone who's interested)
    Steam Greenlight :: Auburn Sunset

    All Payments accepted through PayPal. Message me or Comment to request your commission.
    (Prices listed are in USD)

    My Style
    - Anime
    My typical drawing resolutions are
    2000x2500 Portrait
    3000x2000 Landscape

    What I Will Draw
    - Anime/Manga/Video Game/TV/Movie Characters
    - Original Characters
    - Partial Nudity (including fanservice, yaoi and yuri)
    - Monsters/Animals (provided references)
    - Robots/Cyborg/Androids (provided references)
    - Concept Designs
    - Logos and Banners

    What I Won't Draw
    - Anthros/Furries
    - Mechas
    - Explicit Nudity/Gore

    1. @Zadok shadows (COMPLETE)
    2. @Wizardess of Nightscape (COMPLETE)
    3. @Fendisteel (COMPLETE)
    4. @Enchantress Cataleya (COMPLETE)

    $7 Sticker
    + $5 For Every Sticker

    $10 Lineart
    $20 Coloured
    + $5 Background


    $12.50 Lineart
    $31 Coloured
    + $25 Additional Coloured Character
    + $5 Background

    $20 Lineart
    $40 Coloured
    + $31 Additional Coloured Character
    + $5 Background

    $50 Coloured
    +$10 Background
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  2. Updated commission prices. Full Body and Lineart Options are now available.
  3. Ha, saw the banner and knew this was yours
  4. Then the banner is doing its job (▰∀◕)ノ
  5. wish i could afford to pay you to do anything
  6. Well ideally, what would you like to buy?

    I also accept partial payments, so you don't need to pay everything up front if that's a problem.
  7. Ooh, VN dev! Hi! I got a game through Greenlight but still waiting for our coder to finish up the bugs...

    Good luck!!
  8. Aww thanks! I'm going for the actual Greenlight next month, so I'm going to need all the luck I can get haha.
    And what's your game, so I can check it out? (✿╹◡╹)
  9. Palinurus

    Remaster for a game jam product a while back. I was a lead writer for it, was fun stuff.

    I get a kick out of OELVNs so I'll give you an upvote when you're on Greenlight. 8D
  10. Hello I am an aspiring youtuber who is trying to get his channel off the ground. I feel that having a custom banner will help my channel stand out, but digital art is not something that I am familiar with. I was wondering if this could be something that I can commission from you. The optimal image size is said to be 2560×1440 so it would be a landscape style I guess. I understand that this isn't exactly something you have posted that you can do, but if it is possible I would like to possible prices for something like this. Thank you for your time.
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  11. Mhm, I do graphic design commissions as well. I just didn't include them here, since I figured more people would want character art.
    I just finished designing banners and buttons for a Twitch channel actually, so I can gladly do this for you. I'll message you privately about pricing.
  12. Well, after a month of working myself to the bone, I'm happy to say my playable Demo and Greenlight are live!
    Your vote would be much appreciated! ^^

    Steam Greenlight Page
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  13. I would like to commission you to draw my Code Geass character with a canon Code Geass character, however, I would like to know something before I finalize this. I would like to know if I could pay you on Friday, cause that is when I get paid. Would that work for you?
  14. Yep! I usually give clients 15 days to a month to pay, depending on what's easiest for them.
    I do wait until at least a partial payment before I start working though, and Friday is completely fine with me.

    We can discuss your commission request in a PM, if you'd like to finalize this.
  15. Are there still spots open. Theres something I would love to gave drawn if possible.
  16. Yep, the spots are still open. Feel free to PM me with details of what you'd like!
  17. I will thank you
  18. Updated with new example art.

    Currently finished drawing for everyone so far, so I'm open for more. (・∀・)/